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The more I know, the more I KNOW!

James I downloaded the videos per your request and uploaded them as well. These are actually the first videos I have ever posted.  (so I have no following, but I know this is just to preserve them ) Now that I know I can mirror those super important videos I see as they cross my path.  I was able to listen to part of the your first link from your post last night.  I also listened to one from Jan 2011 about Adam Z and Tiyan.  That was interesting.

I had read this book about a year ago, after listening to a short interview with this guy    I imagine you have heard of this guy.  There was some stuff that most would think that part had to be fiction.  It certainly opened my eyes to some things. One path seems to lead the the next to the next and now it seems that everything that is presented to us as we grow in this country is one big game for such a minority in numbers.  And how when “we” just the regular guy thinks how healthcare is screwed up, the government is screwed up, the financial industry is screwed up and on and on and on, that person (at least when it was me) could not fathom that it is all related and all screwed up for the same reason and all part of the plan to be screwed up to have power over us.  It is mind boggling, at times, but the more I know, the more I KNOW.

I think one reason that some people have such a hard time believing some of these mind control things is the complete lack of feelings.  Like I think it is the Svali interview (David Wilcock had mentioned here several times in his Financial Tyranny series) she “escaped” from the illuminati (up until no one has heard from her in years).  I remember her talking about how her mom left her in a room for 2 days with no food, water or explanation, and then returned with a man and a pitcher of water and would not let her drink.  People think, “how could a mom do this to her child?” but the mom also had split personality from the trauma inflicted to her, so this alter had no feelings.  And then the killing and torture and sexual abuse of children, how could people do this, but a) not people b) alter doesn’t have feelings.

So I appreciate your story and your interviews with other similar folks.  I am reading your ebook now that I found on your site today.

It would seem you have come a long way.  Most of my interactions with you have  (through the internet) have been online and in relation to the neo, so I see you as someone very confident and also advanced in your spiritual connection, which seems a very far cry from the teenager I am reading about in the beginning of the book.

I find your story very interesting, and like some that may be drawn to you, I don’t think that was my history, but since starting this email I have been shivering in my core.  I dismissed it as first as being cold as I have been very cold all evening, as my computer room was cold, but I have been in the main area of the house for almost 2 hours until I started this email and the persistence of the shivering only in my core and not like a quick chill leads me to believe this is related to something else.  I can only hope things are being released.  All I can think of this is fear for some reason.


Thank You, response to mirroring the Krista Interviews has been overwhelming. I never managed this many people would be willing to offer their help. It just shows that censoring and trying to stop people hearing what others have to say just is so 1990’s.

Sad to hear what happened to Svali. Being in the public is the best insurance policy we have. But despite this many people try to stop the exposure to the dark side.

One of the persons I interview claimed to have blacked out right after we did the interview only to arise from the floor with a broken chair nearby and a bullet hole in the wall.  Another individual who was connected to Illuminati sex programs got an anonymous phone call after the conclusion of our interview from a woman saying “a little bird has told me a rumor you been speaking.” And replied “you know how rumors can fly.” This person demanded I delete their interview as well which I refused to do only to apologize a few weeks later . So there really is only one path in this there is no middle ground.

And no I am not familiar with shadow scorpion if I wasn’t so busy I would love to learn more about his experiences.  I have come a long way from the hell I went through as a kid. But that was all part of my programming and just relieved to know I can transcend it.

James Rink


  1. I am OK.. I am the girl in the videos! I’m not a clone just got done crying over a lifetime movie… so this would be impossible. James doesn’t have my permission to extort me anymore, so he decided rather to protect my privacy and remove my videos like I asked, to hold them hostage, and fool his followers into thinking I’m in some sort of trouble. NO guys…he asked you to DL my video as much as possible…simply because he is an egotistical asshole!

    • Clones are dimwitted, lack a connection to god source, lack intuition, and have no compassion. Though they have feelings they are superficial, narcissistic, and selfish. I have always been about disclosure and anyone who tells another not to hear or listen to something is only doing so to control others. The Krista I remembered was loving , open minded , and brave which so far are qualities that seem to have suddenly disappeared. The information Krista and I remote viewed together was about my personal experiences as the content relates to me and I personally asked and was granted permission by Krista to release this copyrighted material, spanning a period of 7 months and 4 interviews total.

      No one is extorting anything if anything you are harassing me as nothing in the videos can personally identify you and no face is shown. You helped me out of your own free will and i did nothing wrong. Let this be your lesson in life and move on.

    • How is he extorting you? They are his videos to do with what he pleases. You agreed to do HIS videos on YOU own FREE will. I suggest you just move on and forget about this. James owns these videos you speak of and you can be sued for slander if you continue.

  2. None of you have any idea of the true James Rink, you have all (unwittingly) become his puppets here in blindly following his judgements and ideas regarding this situation – James you may be able to fool those who don’t actually know you , however those in the know know exactly who you are and what you get up too …
    James at the end of the day the one your damaging the most here with your unique and twisted takes on the so called ”truth” is your own souls growth, for as you should know, every action has a a reaction. These reactions will bounce straight on back at you as the universal karmic laws come in to take their. own God given course.
    The sad thing is, there are many desperate young souls that you have access to via your ”self taught” hypnotic regression techniques ~ i can only hope and pray that as a result of all this, others think long and hard before allowing you access to them in these sessions you seem to so like to perform ~
    James, i wish you all the luck in the world, as seems to me as a direct result of so many ‘bad’ choices, you are in for a very bumpy ride ~ so you’d do well too remember along the way that it’s never, ever too late to repent and pray ….


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