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The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta


The mysteries and legends of Mount Shasta

April 20th, 2015Mount Shasta is known as one of the most sacred places on Earth and is called by many people the magical mountain. Mount Shasta is located in the Cascade Range in northern California. The incredible Mount Shasta rises around the picturesque mountains in the Siskiyou County at an altitude of over 4322 meters above sea level. It is also one of the largest dormant volcanoes. It is a legendary and mystical place, since known history. Locals believe that this mountains is truly magical and that there are many mysteries something that has baffled and delighted, not only the local Native American population, but also thousands of people who have visited this magic wonder of nature. Native Peoples have always considered this mountain as a sacred place and in recent decades, it has been connected to a mystical power that emanates peace and harmony. Some believe that Mount Shasta is closely related to mysterious flying objects, and some have ventured out and said that there are secret underground bases located inside this magical mountain.

There have been many objects discovered around the mounting, the objects indicate that the region around Mount Shasta has been inhabited for over 9000 years by several native tribes of North America. It is also a natural boundary that delineates the table territory of native tribes such as the Shasta, Modoc, Wintun, Atsugewi and Klamath. Some of these tribes believed that Mount Shasta was the center of creation. Native Americans that inhabit the region, still perform rituals in honor of the mountain to attract the spiritual power that it emanates.

Mount Shasta has been identified by many experts as a spiritual and cosmic energy point, a landing area for UFOs, and even an entry point that leads into the fifth dimension, and as an access to underground civilizations. In 1884, Frederick S. Oliver, writer and explorer, wrote a book entitled “A Dweller on Two Planets where he speaks of elaborate underground tunnels and rooms where the descendants of the Atlanteans live.

The mountain is also considered one of the seven sacred mountains of the world, a Buddhist monastery was built there in 1971 by Houn Jiyu-Kennett. It has become a site of meditation, holy temples and shrines. It is believed to be the focal point of positive energy, a place that would help bring world peace to mankind.

It proved to be a mysterious place when in 1931, a fierce wildfire swept Mount Shasta. According to locals, the fierce fire was stopped by a mysterious mist that came out of nowhere. The unusual fog created a linear demarcation of the fire, where you could see perfect lines around which the fire was curved in direct correlation with the central zone.

Mount Shasta is also believed to be an energy supply base for Extraterrestrial vehicles, given the increasing bumper of sightings that have been reported in the area in the last decade. The Hopi Indians have legends about a vast network of caves and a great city under Mount Shasta where the reptilian race lives. Many people living around Mount Shasta have told stories about very tall humanoids appearing occasionally in smaller towns.

Mount Shasta is also known for its many mysterious disappearances throughout history.One of the most recent cases occurred in 2011, when a 6-year-old boy disappeared for about 5 hours while playing in the woods. According to witnesses, the boy suddenly vanished from sight in a second and repairing 5 hours as if nothing had happened.

In March of 2011, a man from Los Angeles who was hiking in the area said to have heard a female voice from the forest. The man was hypnotized and absorbed by the voice, which lead to his disappearance for weeks. When he reappeared, he claimed to have been kidnapped by mysterious forces that led him to a very dark cave where an unusually tall woman with blue eyes and a strange uniform rescued him.



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