My Story Starts in 1999. I was a young troubled kid from a midwest family. My parents divorced and soon after i became distant from the world. I skipped school extensively in those days mainly due to being picked on. everyday i dealt with bullies. at one point i had to constantly shave my head from gum being smashed into my hair in class. By the end of my sophomore year of high school my parents were called in for a meeting. I was being flunked not because of my grades ( straight C’s!) but my attendance was so bad that by law i could not pass and had to redo the year. OR. i could go to a troubled kids youth program in Wisconsin. I remember being skeptic but the plan they laid out ensured i would graduate not only a year early but with a high school diploma and not a GED. This ideal appealed to me as i knew i was smart and could keep to myself and be done with it. I signed up and it wasn’t long till i was in the car with my folks driving up state to FT McCoy Wisconsin.

r/conspiracy - The National Guard Challenge Academy , Missing children, Reptilians & Bill Gates - This is my Story

within a week i was calling home begging to come back. but my mother convinced me to stay another week. time went on and I eventually became a model cadet. i could run 5 miles no problem, and i was ripped. we were purposely marched past the marine barracks near the academy and instructed to sing chants putting them down only to have our staff leader surrender us to the slaughter of being tortured for hours in the hot noon day sun at the extent of a few laughs for all the stationed military on base.

r/conspiracy - The National Guard Challenge Academy , Missing children, Reptilians & Bill Gates - This is my Story

myself & some cadets from alpha

Now in the time i was there i recall several times kids would go missing. it always happened at night. and we would be told they would sneak off base to friends etc. i never really gave it any thought back then but now i do and i question it. we were midwest kids in the middle of a secure military base in the middle of nowhere. we had no possessions nor currency . no smartphones yet. so i find it odd some kid from chicago or kenosha could somehow up and decided to sneak out of a military base in the night to freedom and never get caught?

strange right? Well its about to get a whole lot stranger.

Something happened one night in my barracks i have a hard time talking about.

our beds were laid out just like you see in the movies , non bunk beds. with a steel desk at the end near the front door for the staff. at lights out an overnight watch would come in and sit at the desk with a small lamp and read or whatever.

one night as everyone slept i woke up to voices i had never heard before. below my blanket in the dark i listened for what seemed like forever. they sounded like pure evil. like english but backwards and theres voices were deep. when i really think back it sounded like 2-4 individuals chanting or speaking in tongues. the fear of the situation was radiating all over my body. i decided i would take a small peak from under the blanket. just typing this gives me chills. i could only see two individuals in brown/green cloaks. they were facing opposite of me and had hoods up and what looked like candles. at this point i was drenched with sweat and tears from the fear surging over my body. i could make out that they were moving between the beds overlooking the sleeping cadets. as they got near my bunk i passed out from the sheer amount of fear. i have yet to really know what was going on but from what i have researched the only paranormal creature stories i could relate to was one i read of Vietnam troops encountering reptiles in green brown cloaks in a cave in the 60s.

it gets better.

on top of it all i did some digging and i was not shocked to see that the primary funding for this program is not only the DOD, but The Bill & Linda Gates Foundation among many others.

r/conspiracy - The National Guard Challenge Academy , Missing children, Reptilians & Bill Gates - This is my Story

Studies on the Challenge Academy Funded by DOD, Gates Foundation, Mott Foundation, Clark Foundation , MacArthur foundation, Robert Wood Foundation and Hewlett Foundation.

and not only that but the whole program itself was started by these two bottomfeeders – Carl Levin & Jon Warner

r/conspiracy - The National Guard Challenge Academy , Missing children, Reptilians & Bill Gates - This is my Story

Now that I am older i think back on all of this and look at whats going on over the last twenty years. could this program be more then we know? It has a lot of MKultra vibes. almost all the cadets came from funked up backgrounds including myself. We were broken down completely and retaught how to observe and act like marines. we were put through courses and tests similar to military style drills. Heck i even remember signing up to be a dead guy in a real military exercise ( i signed up because i would do anything to get off base for a bit at the time). by the time i graduated i had gone from a anti government punk to a fully conditioned machine.

After i graduated they tried very hard to recruit me into the marines, navy and army. they would show up almost every Friday stating to my mom i was a really good cadet at the academy and would have a good education in this and that and good pay etc etc. I’m thankful i declined and went on with my life but i still think about that night with the creatures in robes chanting and the kids that somehow went AWOl.

The National Guard Challenge Academy , Missing children, Reptilians & Bill Gates – This is my Story

Me with a 4 Star General at graduation