“We should embrace the new, it brings change” – James Rink

Newbies goi home, a frank statement from Barry King:-
A continuation if I may……….

Two subjects I try to avoid discussing, politics and religion, maybe as my views tend to irritate or annoy. The elites, the controllers, tptb, whatever term you want to use have an agenda set for humanities future and it will play out no matter what. All this nonsense about ascending cannot occur in the way these new agers think it will. Mankind will evolve into a higher being but only after its crushed and obliterated. Mankind is a warlike being, greedy, selfish, non empathic, self centred and has little or no compassion for the life forms on this planet. Therefore it will at some point be removed before it can be reborn into a higher being. The elites know this and the NWO will ensure the destruction ready for rebirth.

People talk of agenda 21, that has many facets. One hiding in plain site here in UK is the government creating an underclass. The unemployed, especially the young, the low paid, those in social housing, the sick and disabled, all are continually taregetted and stigmatised with help from mainstream media. The welfare state was always going to be in a bad way with more and more immigration, unchecked yet almost forced along by EU ministers. This underclass are struggling and will be forced to act in a rebellious way when backs are against the wall. Exactly what the government wants, large scale rioting and civil unrest on a big scale. COBRA will then enact ‘WARDEN’ the UK equivelent to Martial Law.
Its going to happen people but can be avoided if the crosshairs were removed from the underclass.

From what I see of the Internet circus, the ridiculous alternative media is a lack of integrity, a lack of logic and common sense. Today they want entertainment, the dumbed down want flashy sensationalistic things to stimulate their drugged down minds. They do not want nor can comprehend serious disclosures, its boring and the attention span of today cannot cope. Thats why we see an emergence of supersoldiers and their ilk. Flashy, bold, glitzy, with their tales of missions to planets fighting creatures and saving humanity. All fostered and sold by those with agendas to promote a covert element of the NWO. The more ridiculous the claim from these individuals the more the public lap it up. Serious credible voices are not being heard over the louder voices of the insane element. These individuals talk a lot but do not say anything, they have had twenty years of films, tv progs, video games and of course the internet to build their fantasies upon. They want to be part of what they see and their deluded minds accomodates them, they honestly believe they are super beings whose other selves, alters, avatars, LOL, prime example the fully delusional James Rink.

You might counter this to say they are actually mind controlled. Some might be, I dare say though most are simply delusional. Having psychological problems of one sort or another. The right questions have never been asked of these poor souls, the public simply accepts them for what they claim to be.Today the internet is guilty of raising the levels of gross stupidity in many. Too often do we see individuals claiming a conspiracy in every event around the world, see a false flag everywhere. They forget that bad things do happen on their own, the world is full of bad people, bad places, bad stuff will happen without the help from any controlling NWO.

Most of these newbies on the scene have had full access to a wealth of information via the internet, they have seen all the fantastic claims. They have subconsciously (i’m being kind here) woven themselves into ‘the story’ and honestly believe they have become part of it. I mistrust all those who state their claims, their abilities etc resulted from recalled memories, for me thats a big no no. I had to shake my head and roll eyes at the interviews, various, of one Max Spiers. A nice enough bloke but deluded. Him saying he gets constantly attacked from what he states openly is ridiculous, he speaks a lot but again says nothing, nothing thats already out there and originated from others long ago. When he stated he was offered a large sum of money to stop talking about things lost all credibility i’m afraid.

They are all poor mistaken deluded individuals, James Casbolt, the pied piper, has been seen by them all and of course they all want to be in the story, weaving themselves into it somehow. Anya Briggs, Max, Nina, Rachel (Sarah),James Rink, AAron McCollom, to name a few. Sorry I do not accept nor believe any of them. Most have recalled memories to begin their little storyline and have built upon it over time. If there were no internet, no web, these people would not be here.I’m saddened by all this, being a nuts n bolts old school, old fashioned bloke.I often sit and think in the wee hours as pain stops sleep that I sometimes wish I never started all this, that I never came forwards with all that information, to not have said a bloody word. Look whats happened to it now. People have took it and ran with it, along the way they embellished it and twisted it to suit theor own particular little woven story. Looking around I see how the trip seat, oaktree, the PLFs (as in all things this got shortened to a smaller acronym) all got changed around.

So much has changed over 20 years and I’m loathe really to be associated with it. I was a high profile respected ufologist in the 1970’s, had a good reputation as an honest and down to earth researcher/investigator. I got caught up in things which changed my life. If only I had kept my mouth shut, too late I suppose to rectify that. Well unless someone somewhere wants to offer me a very large sum of money to recant everything LOL LOL LOL.

Keep well and safe guys, regards, Barry