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The Realm of Coordinate Time

The Realm of Coordinate Time

Back at Montauk, one of the early projects was to amplify a psychic’s powers to control emotions and reactions of people at a distance. This was an accidental discovery, as the effect on the local people occurred in the opposite direction the sage radar dish was pointed in. The bulk of the radio energy was being reflected forward (towards the test subjects on a ship at sea), and what did not get reflected—and often ended up in town—had some peculiar properties to it. Both animals and people would pick up the emotions of the person in the chair and react to them as though there was someone there causing them. The only problem was that it was a nonlinear response.
Everything that went on in the chair room was recorded. The psychic couldn’t burp without getting the attention of security. And they always had to tell what was on their mind and describe any strongemotions, as those variables would affect the experiments and we had no way of compensating for that. Through correlating that information with the behavior of people and animals nearby, they found that the emotional content was temporally displaced, shifted into the past or the future, depending if the psychic was thinking of the past (shoot, I forgot to return that library book) or in the future (wonder what I’ll have for dinner tonight?) But the scale was larger. A thought a few hours ahead, like dinner, could translate to a week or more until the effect was manifest.26

Back then, they did not have a concept of coordinate time, but did have access to a “secret science” that they had apparently obtained from the Germans after World War II, which was based on some of the aether theories of the 19th century (I recall Maxwell being mentioned on occasion, as well as Einstein’s unified field—which he apparently did try to publish in the 1920s, but was pulled for one reason or another). But they did know that the speed of light wasn’t a limit, as it is said to be these days, but a boundary that was the doorway to this aetheric realm, which somehow altered time.

It wasn’t until after the project was shut down that Dewey Larson had published sufficiently on the nature of his cosmic sector—a realm of 3-dimensional time—that brought a lot of the pieces together. Looking back at all the anomalies, with that cosmic sector knowledge… things make a lot more sense.

When they were running the experiments with the chair back at the base, strange things would always happen. It got so frequent, that people just tended to ignore them. Things like sitting in the mess having lunch, and having a whole wall just shimmer and fade out of existence for a few minutes, then solidify back to what it was. When stuff like that happened, people would just pick up their trays and move to the other side of the room and continue eating. Ghosts (people that you see but aren’t there) and poltergeist-like activity were very common. Things would fly up into the air without warning, shoot across the room… made for an interest job. They even had a team of paranormal experts from some psychic Institute studying what was going on and questioning folks. Every now and they we’d have to attend a presentation from them, probably to keep people from panicking and going public.

It wasn’t all good stuff, though. I believe a lot of it was documented in the Philadelphia Project material. Now and then, rather than taking out a wall, it would catch a person or two, and they would “go fast,” “get stuck in the green” or “go blank.” Perhaps I should clarify some of those terms:

•When time begins to infringe upon space, first thing you sense is “going fast.” It is a feeling that time is racing through you, though everything appears to be running at a normal pace about you. When you feel that, RUN. You’re about to get “stuck in the green.” I think it is nature’s way of warning you to get out of the way.
•What happens next is the air turns green. Pea soup green. If you’ve ever been in a storm shelter when a tornado goes overhead, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The air turns green and starts to take on a “thickness” to it, eventually like trying to move through Jell-o. You can get out of the way when it first starts, if not, then you are “Stuck in the Green.” Time is perceived in space as a solid—the inverse of the spatial vacuum—or an “aether” that has a thick soup feeling to it, like trying to run in a swimming pool.
•The green then fades out and the objects in the field start to shimmer like the heat waves in a desert do to things in the distance. The air doesn’t shimmer—the objects do. It is as though waves are running through them. Only lasts a few seconds, then “goes blank.” It becomes somewhat invisible, though it is still physically there, like a wall turning into a clear liquid. This is what they were originally trying to accomplish—optical invisibility on the DE 173 (USSEldridge, Rainbow Project).

•When a person goes blank, you have to act fast and mark out their location and lay hands upon them, as they are not easy to see. Usually anyone new to the base would be commanded to do this, as it was found that exposure to these field effects was cumulative, and if you tried to save someone once too often, you would go blank as soon as you touched them. And you would have to touch skin-to-skin—if you could find their skin (when someone went blank in the winter, all bundled up with clothes, about the only exposed skin area was a person’s nose—not easy to find). Though they were still there it was in a distorted form, so you’d have to feel around, and wait to see if anything happened. When you did make contact, skin-to-skin, they would start to transition back and you would normally call over others to help, and the person would come back to normal. Curiously, when inanimate objects would go blank, they would just come back after the field was turned off (as in the Eldridge). Only biological organisms needed an assist.

•If a person goes blank and no one is there to help, good chance they will “get stuck.” Getting stuck means a person is fully conscious and totally paralyzed. You can’t even blink your eyelids. It is as though clock time for the body has come to a halt, and not even the corpuscles in your blood can move through the bloodstream. People whom have been “stuck” go into a panic very quickly, for good reason. Those that have been stuck refer to it as, “HELL, Incorporated.” It causes some substantial psychological trauma. Laying on of hands can get a person “unstuck” and back—though not always back to “normal.” It is a terrifying experience.

•Depending on the strength of the field and the time you’ve been stuck, you can also “Freeze.” The shimmering form disappears, and there is no physical evidence that anything, or anyone, is there. If the position was not carefully marked, there is no returning from the freeze. When a person goes into a freeze, the area is roped off and everyone is kept clear, save some specialists with demagnetized equipment they use to unfreeze someone. In this state, there is a high sensitivity to localized magnetism. If a person with a pocket compass gets too close, the person in the freeze will spontaneously combust—and will burn there for hours or even days. Those that have been brought back say that perception is immensely distorted and are acutely aware of the passage of time—minutes feel like days. You cannot comprehend your environment; it becomes ghostlike and distorted, like you are between life and death and both realms are mixed together about you. And you cannot move, talk or do anything about it.

•A person can also be pushed into a “deep freeze,” where the sense of time is completely gone. It is impossible to tell if a minute or a century has passed. The few that have been brought back from a deep freeze say that there is another world out there, a world that defies description—and they are usually overcome by madness, a result of their inability to comprehend what happened. (We now suspect they have transitioned into the cosmic sector, where their physical and motor skills are useless, and everything would be seen by human consciousness as inside-out.)

That’s just some of the fun of messing around with coordinate time. We ran into a lot of problems trying to deal with the cosmic sector (Larson’s name for coordinate time), as all interaction with it—no matter how precisely calculated—would have random consequences. As it turns out, coordinate time is not this empty void that the 19th century aether researchers led people to believe—it is an entire universe unto itself, with stars, planets and life.

The shamans of ancient traditions were fully aware of the aetheric life in this coordinate time realm. They developed skills to actually see them and their interactions with people. Many of the lower life forms are parasitic in nature and are attracted by a person’s qi27—tasty food! We eat food to build energy; they eat energy to build form. They are attracted by strong emotions, particularly the negative ones such as fear—which was abundant at Montauk. It was the presence of these temporal entities that messed with a lot of the calculations, though we were pretty much unaware of it at the time (if we realized it, we’d probably have called in an exorcist or two!) We knew something was going on that appeared random in nature (the movement of these aetheric life forms), but did not have a good understanding of the realm we were punching a signal into, nor that there might be non-corporeal forms living there.

In the Montauk literature I’ve read, it was said that Duncan Cameron summoned a creature from the Id, a monster from the unconscious. Well—our unconscious is the consciousness of coordinate time, since they are reciprocally related. What Cameron actually summoned was probably one of these aetheric life forms, akin to one of our great apes, and pulled it through sufficiently that it could directly interact with physicality and destroyed the base. Once all the transmitting equipment was destroyed (I think Nichols did that—I wasn’t there that night), that entity moved back into phase with his own realm and disappeared from ours. But that kind of energy signature will leave footprints—people are still seeing some strange things out at “The Point”28 from lobster boats.

After 20 Years

As I’ve mentioned frequently, the people running the Phoenix III project really did not have a clue as to what they were doing. It was usually “trial and error,” mostly error. They had some advanced technology that was billed as “foreign technology” to make you think it was Russian or Chinese—but even Russian and Chinese technology is based on the same physics that everyone is taught in school. This stuff did things that was “out of this world,” and obviously it was. When they’d start talking “foreign tech,” those of us down at the bottom of the ladder would just look at each other with that, “yeah, anything you say” expression. None of us really had a clue of the larger picture, as we would only work on sections of projects. But with all the information that has come out since those times, a larger picture can be assembled from the pieces.

Some of the things that we did find is that there are two different kinds of “technology” that is in use. The electromagnetic technology we use today comes from the SMs. There is also a different kind of technology that is used by the enemies of the SMs, the LMs, or the “Little Men.”29 They have a mechanical technology that is similar to the “vibratory physics” people discuss with aether theory, in particular the research of John Worrell Keely.30 The two technologies tend to be mutually exclusive; they stop working in the presence of each other.

There was also a great deal of difficulty with LM technology, as man does not have the physical senses to interact with it properly. You would pick up a rock and say, “weighs about 2 pounds.” One of the LMs would pick up the same rock and say, “it’s a B-flat.” Their sensory organs work differently than ours. Our physical senses are more along the lines of the race we have a genetic similarity to: the SMs. We can utilize SM technology easily, but LM tech would be better relegated to singers and musicians, as it deals more with the cosmic / coordinate time aspect of things. SM tech is purely spatial, which is why it was the preferred technology for the Phoenix projects.

To understand these technologies, one must first be acquainted with the concepts of 3-dimensional, coordinate time creating a universe of its own, and that universe exists concurrently with our own 3-dimensional, coordinate space realm. It is not a parallel reality or tucked away in some far corner of the universe—it is right here, right now, just shifted out of phase with our spatial reality so our physical senses do not detect it. However, our non-physical senses can detect it, and operate within it, which gives rise to “psychic” ability.

•Precognition is nothing more than seeing something in the distance, in the temporal landscape.
•Telepathy is two people standing next to each other in time chatting, regardless of how far apart they are in space.
•Telekinesis is just manipulating the temporal component of an object with your temporal arm, and watching how “time changes space.”
•Clairvoyance is a pair of temporal binoculars.
•Clairaudience is yelling down the street at someone in the temporal landscape.
•Clairalience is a barbecue in the temporal neighborhood.

Virtually all of the extra-sensory abilities are easily understood,31 once you realize that you exist in two different realms, a spatial, material one for the body, and a temporal, cosmic one for the soul.32 And the funny thing is, is that they aren’t “extra-sensory,” magical or metaphysical at all—just a natural consequence of biological life, which we can either choose to learn and use, or ignore.

In closing, I’ll pass on a little secret… think back to High School math class, and a rather annoying little concept known as an imaginary number. A number that acts like a rotation and does not exist anywhere in space as a quantity. From a young student’s perspective, imaginary numbers are harder to deal with than fractions!

From our perspective, time is a polar realm—rotation is what occurs naturally. The material and cosmic sectors are better described as complex conjugates of each other,33 so space is real and time is imaginary—but not in the sense of “make believe,” but in the sense of the imaginary number. Understand the complex number, a combination of real and imaginary, and you’ll understand the connection between space and time; yang and yin; body and soul.

Since you know that coordinate time isn’t imaginary, those funny little imaginary numbers are actually showing an interaction between the physical and metaphysical… and with a foot in both realms, it does open the door to those things that are beyond space and time.

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