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The Rink Report #1 – September 9-28-2012

My friend proposed a wonderful idea. I was asked to put together a report to offer the latest news on MILABS and super soldiers in general. Though I don’t poise myself to be any kind of spokesperson on this subject matter, the job sort of showed up on my lab because sadly no one else is doing it. But this is not the first time I’ve had to stand alone. Back in 2005 when I first helped my friend Nathan Wilder break free from his milab handlers. The Men in Black decided to inject me with hallucinogens placing me in the psyche for three weeks as I began to question if my parents were my real parents. And as a result my family felt I was delusional. This questioning cost me $25,000 of medical bills which crippled me financially for many years to come. All this for stepping outside my belief systems and for helping other Milab victims one of which who just so happened to be my best friend.


Nathan Merle Wilder – 2004

Back then the idea of a super soldier was considered extremely taboo in the UFO community. The only person I knew who publicly talked about their experiences at that time was Andy Pero who eventually ended up in prison for many years for trying to free himself.

When James Casbolt first went public he offered me the encouragement to come forward and share my experiences which I have done ever since. In the beginning most of the feedback I received was negative. The average person just can not fathom how someone can be taken from their house and live a double life as a super soldier without the knowledge of their family, friends, and sometimes even themselves. Of course we have the government owned news media and education system to thank for this lack of knowledge  Many of my videos explain the logistics behind this so i really don’t feel the need to explain the basics at this time.

However it is my goal to bring these subjects into the light so that one day what we Milabs, in all we have had to endure, could be placed in school texts books in the same category of other human atrocities such as slavery and the inquisition.  Usually it takes 20 years before a new idea becomes self evident. But this can only be done through education and a willingness to come together as one unit demanding these programs come to a close. But this is hard to do as so many MILAB victims are either unable or willing to step into the public forum when we are ridiculed and heckled so much. Its hard enough being injected with drugs everyday without our consent often leaving our lives shattered and sickly and then to come forward only to be hated your family and friends.

Part of my educational outreach is coordinating the super soldier talk interviews as well as this blog to help create a platform for other milab survivors to share their experiences and begin the healing process. As a rule of thumb I choose not to don’t delete others negative feedback from my you tube videos, blogs, etc because I believe bringing information to the public requires an open and honest forum. If I censor others comments that puts me in the same boat of the gatekeepers who decide what you should or should not know. A while ago someone sent me a message that makes some legitimate points that I feel needs to be address. He wrote as follows.


“Why are you lying about such things? What a joke….I joined the Marine core at 17 years old, i was Recon Marine for 3 years. I was then asked to join a group that was part of The CIA’s SAD paramilitary branch. Ive been involved in missions that have been classified as top secret and/or Black Operations…You are incredibly delusional and need medication…I have seen some very shady programs in the military, but what you are claiming is complete bullshit.

Hopefully this will slap some sense into that dull mind of yours. #1 your codename cant be DELTA 1. A branch of the military would never use such a codename because of confusion with DELTA in which we refer to in the SOG as DELTA 1 one as in 1st SOG group. #2 all of those “operations” you stated do not exists. I would know if they do, The CIA and NSA has kept records of secret operations since WWII for fellow operators such as myself to review and learn from.

#3 we do not use the word “agent” in Black OPS. Stating that you are an agent is stating that you are a part of something, that is a contradiction to anything involving Secret Operations, something i guess you learned from movies or video games. On mission we do not wear insignia or flag representing any country. Best part of the video is the GI Joe you have for a picture my son has the same one. Have a nice day”

Thanks for that view point, but it appears you are low level peon and have no clue what goes on in Milabs. Though I am sure you helped defend your country and you did a good job even though you where nothing more then a tool for the Zionist cartel that runs the banks and owns the United States. But to me it seems you are misunderstanding what faction Milabs represents. Milabs are not standard US military operations, they run outside the jurisdiction of the NSA and CIA. Though I am sure they got some moles there too. The U.S. Air force probably would be as close as you can get to these programs but they do not run it either. Milabs are controlled by the cabal who runs this planet via a secret network of underground bases which in turn seems to be under the control of certain factions of negative reptilians connected to the Draco empire at Orion Prime who view this planet as a resource to be used as they please. It also appears this faction represents what became of the Nazi’s that were first brought back to this country via operation paperclip in the late 1940’s.

The operations I refer to in my videos may be prone to some errors as it was gathered from intel using unorthodox methodology, such as remote viewing and hypnotic regressions, because as a civilian without a military background I don’t have necessary clearance to simply look up my files and see what they have been using me for. With that said I’ve had some people in the NSA pull my records and confirm I was used in some super soldier alignment projects. I don’t know what level of clearance you would need to access my file but it would probably have to be higher then umbra ultra and more in the lines of silver class cosmic. Which I doubt you have as this information is on a need to know basis only.

The video you watched is meant to be a fictionalized representation of what we have had to endure. I would love to make a accurate representation but its most likely Hollywood would shutter their doors if approached such movie scripts. With that said it be would curious to know if you even knew what SOG stood for “Studies and Observation Groups” or better yet what kind of insignia’s we carry on our black uniforms (the Nazi SS logo). So for now please lets not make judgments of others experiences out of ignorance nor boast of your bloody past. As a true warrior fights not with brute force but instead with posture.

I would love to put you under regression and pick at your real memories as we walk around your gateway treatments, I am sure the AI would love that but sadly you seemed too controlled to see anything outside of your perceived reality. Well i hope i didn’t bruise anyone’s egos to much truth is truth and soon you will all be astonished how deep this rabbit hole goes.

James Rink


    • Hi James. I just wanted to say stay strong like you have been, and I hope you have positive people in life. That guy appears to fall into the category of stubborn fools who wouldn’t know the first thing about thinking or living outside of the box, which pretty much everyone falls into whether they are stubborn or not. I’m reminded of that quote “first they came for me…”. If we don’t listen or stand up for each other in times of crises then we have lost all compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. And remember, we can’t always enlighten the folks that ain’t ready or willing… Eventually your head will split open if you bang it into the wall over & over again! God bless ya James.


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