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A Report By Cherry Hinkle, With The Help Of A Few Chosen, As Requested – Those Friends Remain Unnamed.

This facility is a genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos, via tube-shuttle; every day visitors, workers and other government agents slip into that Base without a hint to the surface world. The workers quietly work deep below the forty mile circular Base – and the underground facility has at least seven levels – and it is thought there may be twice that many levels. Tom Castello witnessed several “off limits” elevators – and to me, that sure looks like there is deeper than a mere seven levels in this sinister facility.
Part of the government’s research is related to the genetic effects of radiation. That – to me – explains the need for the mutilation cases above the underground facility. The community of Dulce New Mexico is just one of the Indian towns with many cattle ranches in that state. The Jicarilla Apache Nation sits above Dulce Base, and the largest Jicarilla town is Dulce, it includes a hotel, gas stations, schools, hospital or clinic and a casino.
In the revised September 1950 edition of the report “The Effects of Atomic Weapons,” (written for and with the cooperation of the U.S. Department of Defense) they state the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, that the best and most desirable position for a scientific atomic facility would be underground – and the deeper the better. That book was prepared under the direction of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, and in that report we read how to complete the facility because the underground placement of bases most safe position. If a radiation accident occurs in an underground facility, the atomic radiation is severely limited where the atomic radiation can go, but on the surface of the world, radiations can freely any direction, without limits.
Caught in the Game
The very secretive Illuminati entered into a clandestine alliance with an esoteric alien nation. That event occurred centuries ago; and yet to this day, that unnamed civilization remains hidden within the Earth. In the year 1933 the United States Government agreed to sign a treaty with this secret civilization that includes allowing the alien access to many animals – as well as humans – in exchange for high-tech knowledge. That secret treaty betrays the human race and allows the alien nation to kidnap humans – men, women children and even newborn infants – for their infamous inhumane experiments. In addition, these alien as are granted unlimited land, this land is underground cities, towns, ranches and highways, all hidden and without the knowledge of land owners world-wide. This land must be sub-surface, but the land allows them to use undisturbed underground bases, in the U.S.A., and every other country on this planet. A special group was formed to deal with the alien beings back in the late 1880s. However, in the 1940’s, the aliens began shifting their focus of operations, from Central and South America to the United States, the northern Japan, and the countries in or near the Mediterranean Sea, and the central Russia lakes and rivers. (And many other unnamed sections on Earth.)
It should be noted that the continental divide areas fascinate aliens; the aliens cannot survive without magnetics. The reason there has to do with the magnetic substrata rock and its high energy plasma states; it is well known that the continental divides has a very high concentration of lightning activity; and that is due to the underground waterways and cavern systems in many parts of this world.
A good question: Just WHO Owns this Planet? (Hint: It Is Not The Humans.)
These specific aliens consider themselves native terrans. They are an ancient race, descendents of a reptilian humanoid species humanoid species which cross bred with some of the more primitive terrestrial survivors. They are untrustworthy manipulator mercenary agents from another extra terrestrial culture, the draco’s who are returning to Earth, which was their ancient outpost before the coming of the original terrestrials, to try to use it as a staging area, which is not easy at all, because it causes all the other one hundred seventy different alien species to want their share of the mutagens secrets.
But, these alien cultures are in conflict over whose agenda will be followed for this planet. All the while mind control is being used to keep humans in place, artificially of course, especially since the forties. The Dulce complex is a joint U.S. Government and alien base.
The Secret Activity – About Dulce Area
Troops went in and out of there every summer, starting in 1947. The natives do recall that they also built a road, right in front of the people of Dulce and trucks went in and out for a long period. That road was later blocked and destroyed. The signs on the trucks were Smith Corporation out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. No such corporation exists now, no records exist, and I believe the base, at least the first one was being built then undercover of a lumbering project, who never hauled any logs at all, only big equipment.
R&D and the Military Industrial Complex
The Rand Corporation became involved by doing a study, for the base on geology around the nearby lakes. Most of the lakes near Dulce were made, via government grants for the Indians, as such a completed grant; the Navajo Dam is a main source for conventional electrical power, with the second source in El Vado Dam which is also, an underground entrance to the Dulce base.
Rand’s secrecy is not confined to reports, but on occasion extends to conferences and meetings. On page #645 of the project Rand, proceedings of the deep underground construction symposium of March 1959, we read:
“Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have given man mastery of the surface of the Earth, tunnel, boring machines will give him access to the subterranean world.”
The September 1983 Issue of OMNI, page 80, has a color drawing of the Subterrene, the Los Alamos Nuclear powered tunnel machine, that burrow through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, (liquid lava) which cools after the subterrene machine has moved on. The result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazed lining.
These underground tubes are used by electro-magnetically powered sub-shuttle vehicles, which can travel at great speeds. They connect the so-called hidden empire sub-city complexes. Also, the top secret project code named Noah’s Ark, uses the tube shuttles in connection with a system of over one hundred bunkers and bolt holes, which have been established at various places on Earth.
They built the same type of subterranean tunnels at the ultra top secret Moon and Mars bases as well. Many of these underground cities are complete with streets, sidewalks, lakes, small electrical cars, buildings, offices and shopping malls.
Surviving The Future
The Dulce facility consists of a central hub, the security section, and also some photo labs. The deeper you go, the stronger the security. This is a multi leveled complex, with over 3,000 cameras at various high security locations.
There are several hundred secret exits near and around Dulce, many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the south around, around the Indian Reservation land near Dulce Lake and even as far East as Lindrith, New Mexico.
Deep sections of the complex connect into natural cavern system. Tom Castello, the top security worker Dulce Base, who had an Ultra7 clearance, reports the following: “There may be more than seven levels, but I only know of seven.” (Quote: Tom Castello)
Overt and Covert Research Within Dulce
As U.S. Energy Secretary, John Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratory to house new advanced genetic research centers as part of a project to decipher the human genome. The genome holds the genetically coded instructions that guide the transformation of a single cell, a fertilized egg, into a biological being. The human genome project may well have the greatest direct impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today, according to the director of the Berkeley Laboratory. Covertly, this research has been going on for years, at Dulce labs.
Level 6, at Dulce, that level is privately called Nightmare Hall and that level holds the genetic labs. Reports from workers, Tom Castello, who have witnessed the bizarre experimentation, he states: “I have seen multi-legged humans that look like half-human, half-octopus. Also reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cries like a baby, it mimics human words, and also huge mixture of lizard humans in cages. There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species. There are several cages, and vats of winged humanoids, grotesque bat like creatures about three and a half to seven feet tall, there are gargoyle-like beings and Dracon reptons. Level 7 is worse, row after row of several humans and humanoids, I have witnessed rows of several hundred thousands of humans is cold storage. Here too, you see embryo storage vats of humanoids, in various stages of development. I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane and involved in high risk drug tests to cure insanity. At the beginning, we were told never try to speak to them at all and at the beginning we believed that story.”
Finally in 1978, a small group of workers discovered the truth. It began the Dulce Wars, and a secret resistance Unit was formed. There are over 18,000 aliens at the Dulce complex at this time.
In late 1979, there was a confrontation, over weapons, a lot of scientists and military personnel were killed. The base was closed for a while, but now, it is currently active again.
Human and animal abductions, for their blood and other parts, slowed in the 1980’s, when the Livermore Berkeley Labs began production of artificial blood for Dulce and its sister complexes.
About the confrontation, human and alien at Dulce, sixty six people were killed between scientists and the military group, which is responsible for security of all alien connected projects. Also, there were hundreds of other wounded people; hit by debris or from the military missed their intended target. Also hurt or killed were at least 54 dead aliens, mostly reptons.
This type of entity is one that abductees and contactees have seen in underground breeding facilities since 1963. They are bred by the thousands in underground facilities, the Dulce facility is the most well known place that this activity occurs, although there are at least another twenty six bases within the United States that have similar facilities.
The Delta Group alleges Dulce badges display a black triangle with an inverted T. Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; it has the form of a triangle, and figures prominently in certain Masonic signs.
The Dulce Base symbol is an inverted triangle with the Greek letter TAU, the triangle points down.
Inside the Dulce Base
Security officers wear jump suits, with the Dulce symbol on the front upper left side. The standard hand weapon at Dulce is a Flash Gun, which is good against human or aliens. They use a retina scan or retina reader for identification in all card slots, for the doors and elevators, which had the Dulce symbol above the ID photo.
After the second level visitors must be weighed nude, and then provided a different uniform. Visitors wear off-white uniform. In front of all sensitive areas are the retina readers and scales built under the doorway, by the door control. All visitor identity must be checked and their weight must be the identical as the previous level, any change over two pounds and a security breech and security is alerted.
No one, without a specific clearance or authorization, is allowed to carry anything into or out of sensitive areas. All supplies are put through a security conveyor system. The alien symbol language, grey and Nordic appear a lot at the facility.
During the construction of the facility, which was done in stages, over many years, the Aliens assisted in the design and construction materials. Many of the things assembled by the workers were of a technology they could not understand, they want to make sure no one understands exactly what is being manufactured at Dulce Base. The less they know the better.
All elevators slide from one level only; everyone must change uniform on each level. If a person must go to level seven, they must change uniforms seven times. Virtually there no express elevators at Dulce Base. All elevators contains no cables, all elevators are magnetic controlled. The magnet system is inside the walls. Controlled advanced magnetics controls everything at Dulce Base, and electric is obsolete. That includes a magnetically induced, illumination system. There are no regular light bulbs, and all exits are magnetically controlled.
If you were to place a large electromagnet on an entrance, it will affect an immediate interruption. They will have to come and reset the system.
The Town of Dulce
The area around Dulce has had a high number of reported animal mutilations. The Government and the Aliens used the animals for environmental tests, psychological warfare on people, etc. The Aliens also wanted large amounts of organic material for Genetic Research, Nutritional and other reasons.
In the book, “ETs and UFOs, They Need Us, We Don’t Need Them”, was an original idea for one title, but not my personal choice, by Virgil Pasty Armstrong, he reports how his friends Bob and Sharon stopped for the night in Dulce and went out to dinner, they overheard some local residents openly and loudly discussing extraterrestrial abductions of the townspeople for purposes of experimentation.
The ETs were taking unwilling human guinea pigs from the general populace of Dulce and implanting devices in their heads and bodies. The townspeople were frightened and angry but didn’t feel they had any recourse since the ETs had our government’s knowledge and approval.
Recently, participants in a field investigation, of the area near Archuletta Mesa, were confronted by two small hovering spheres. They all became suddenly ill and had to leave the area. Several Dulce residents are not naturally from this area, they are single people, and these people relocated to the town of Dulce since the year 1948. In other words, they arrived World War Two.
It has been thought that several generations of agents occupied positions like at work in a gas station, drugstore, bar, restaurant, in the community of Dulce New Mexico. These agents are in this town for one reason – to listen and report anything which violates their limit of security. In Dulce New Mexico, only the locals recognize the spies from the residents, and since many have relocated since post World War Two era, even the locals are now no longer confident they recognize the can spot the spies either.
Mind Manipulation Experiments
The Dulce Base has studied mind control implants; Bio-PSI units; ELF Devices capable of mood, Sleep and Heartbeat control; etc.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also called DARPA is using these technologies to manipulate people. They establish the projects, set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings. Related projects are studied at Sandia Base by the JASON Group of fifty five scientists from thirty eight specific scientific areas. They have secretly harnessed the dark side of technology and hidden the beneficial technology from the public.
Other projects take place at Area 51 at Groom Lake in Nevada, codename Dreamland, which are a data and ongoing projects repository and establishment for just some of the following:
Electro-Magnetic Intelligence, (ELMINT)
Code: Empire
Code: EVA
Prometheus Project
Hybrid Intelligence System Program, (HIS)
Infrared Intruder Systems Project, (IRIS)
The studies on Level 4, at Dulce, include human alien, aura research, as well as, all aspects of Dream, Hypnosis, Telepathy, etc. They know how to manipulate the Bio-plasmid body of humans. They can lower your heartbeat with deep Delta waves, induce a static shock, and then reprogram via a brain computer link. They can introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind.
The development of Bio-Technologies” will mean a revolutionary change in life of every human being now on Earth. We have passed the point of no return, in our interaction with the alien beings.
Senator Bryan of Nevada and hundreds of others knows the truth regarding the ultra secrets at Dreamland in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico. So do many others in the United States government, this is what the UFO researchers are up against. Do not even *think* you are too smart to be caught in their esoteric web – you have no idea how many other brilliant scientists have been murdered in such sneaky ways that you can’t even think imagine the possible cunning ways they can murder and not a single soul suspect them. One of their favorite methods to murder is by a slice of apple pie. Do you think that is not possible? Think again my friend. They have killed to keep this information secret, and by reading this document, you now know more than they want you to know.
You need to be aware that many UFO researchers have been murdered, maimed, threatened or “suicided” to keep these secrets, I for one, speak from personal experience in that statement. When you research the members of UFO community, the governments of the world, and the elusive silent crafts that flies, floats and disappears while flying in the skies in this beautiful green planet, I suggest you use *extreme caution* when you research any of them – and mostly I caution not to not get too close the mega-secret underground facility known as Dulce Base.



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