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The Truth About Scalia’s Murder- and Yes- He Was Murdered

As everyone knows, there are many questions surrounding Scalia’s death, but none of them- in my opinion- are the right ones. I DO believe that Scalia was murdered, but it wasn’t an assassination like many people are assuming. Scalia was brought down by his own behavior- and he is definitely not going to be the only one.

Why did Scalia leave his detail of protection, fly to Texas, and go to a place that was an hour from the rest of civilization? No police, no media- and the only people who stay at the 600 dollar a night dump are rich people. I have seen pictures of the rooms, and they don’t look any better than your local Super 8 motel rooms- so why are the rich flocking to this place? And why this rush to not have an autopsy and declare that he died of natural causes? Most everyone has seen a problem with this- but they don’t understand what is happening.
Scalia liked to fuck little boys. I know this from personal experience- as he was one of my primary abusers as a child and was one of the HEADS of the cult that abused me. He was a vile man who was such an extreme sadist that I find it hard to give words to his voracious appetites. I hated this man in ways that I can’t begin to explain and he rivaled Aquino in my abuse as a child. That is why Heaven reached out and claimed him- and I can assure you- he isn’t going to be the only one.
Doing what Scalia did is exactly what OTHER pedophiles do when they drive two or three states over to have sex with children. Who goes that far- an hour away from everyone- just to stay ONE NIGHT? He wasn’t having meetings at this dump- in fact the official story is that he had dinner with people and then retired early. Why? Because he went there to fuck a 13 year old boy who, in turn, slit his throat. That is why there has been so much secrecy surrounding this situation- why the family was SO EAGER to not have an autopsy done. They don’t want anyone to know the details surrounding this pedophiles last moments- and they are doing everything they can to keep anyone from finding out- and for good reason.
This ranch- far away from everyone and everything- that only caters to the rich- is a pedophile brothel I believe. The rich are able to go fuck little children here- and because it is so remote- and so far away from police and everything else- that it has been able to remain secret. Until now that is. Scalia’s actions directly mirror every other pedophile that travels long distances just for an illicit sexual encounter with children. He figured he could go- have a night of sex with a child- and return back to his life with no one being the wiser. Obviously he was wrong. And the reason why no one around him wants an autopsy to be done is because when people discover that his throat was slit- everyone is going to want to know how and why. That is why they are so anxious to bury him and ignore his death, and that is why so much effort is going into feeding outrageous stories that keep the public ignorant and discombobulated.
The fact is- Heaven is reaching out and claiming these cult leaders and Scalia is far from the only one who is about to be claimed. In fact, I predict that in the coming days- we all are going to see Warren Buffet and George Bush Sr. claimed in horrible ways as well, as well as Michael Aquino. All of them are going to be claimed- and very soon no one is going to question why. They stood in direct opposition with Heaven- and now they are getting their just rewards. And NO ONE is going to be able to stop this.
What I was trained to do as a child is REAL and it WORKS. Unlike their little poster child Doug Mesner/ Satanist Lucien Greaves- I don’t have to wear stupid horned hats, or do ridiculous little rituals, and I certainly don’t have to publicly expose my privates- I just have to focus. And I have- FOR YEARS. The result of my efforts is that this group is going to be blessed with the very separation from God that they have demanded all of their pathetic lives. The darkness is getting ready to claim them. And they are all going to die with the same overwhelming fear that Scalia experienced right before he was claimed. I have told Aquino repeatedly that they taught the wrong person their shit- and now they are beginning to realize the truth of what I have been stating. And no little ritual, no incantation, no sacrifice- is going to stop what is coming for them.
Whether the public ever finds out the truth about Scalia’s death is totally inconsequential. Those who have been involved with this KNOW the truth concerning what I am saying. And rest assured- the darkness has them in mind and they are going to be claimed- regardless of what anyone thinks or believes. And they are WELL AWARE OF THIS. I have said this before and I will say it again- it isn’t a good day to be a devil worshiper because what is about to claim them is worse than any hell anyone can imagine. They have invoked the WRATH of Heaven- and now they are all about to get their just rewards, and Scalia is just one example of the shit that awaits them.
But again- don’t take my word for it. Just sit back and watch. Soon all of us will see the truth in what I am saying. Even now they are having a hard time understanding how Scalia could have been murdered. How did the knife get into the 13 year old boys hand- how was he able to slit Scalia’s throat? Because it was DIRECTED by Heaven and was a result of divine intervention- and it stands symbolically as what is about to happen in mass. He was murdered because Heaven WILLED it, and Scalia is not going to be the only one. Not by a LONG SHOT.

The Truth About Scalia’s Murder- and Yes- He Was Murdered



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