The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower


Transcribed by Tamara Natividad


Ben Murphy in Baldwin Park , Orlando near the HG6 facility.

A: Hello everybody, welcome to The Truth Collective Show. I’m your host, Aaron

This is the 2nd episode of our show and hopefully we’ve, I think, we’ve been able to work
out some glitches from what happened with the first show. So anyways, we’re gonna get,
we’re gonna get started here:
The guest today, who has really in some of the forums on the websites, has been labeled
as a bit controversial because of the, what he had really whistleblowed, or exposed,
known as The Heather Material. He has been featured on a radio show on Project
Camelot, which has then been turned into a You Tube video. The one we’re talking about
is this man right here, Ben Murphy. Ben Murphy has quite an interesting history that he
will be sharing with us today, and plus, we’re gonna be talking about some images, that
he has provided, some documentation. And we’re also gonna be talking about something
that Ben has just . . . Him and I have had some conversations as of that late that he will
be talking about for the first time. We’ll be talking about a certain facility, in Florida that,
there’s definitely some questionable activity going on. So, without further ado, I’d like to,
everybody, introduce Ben Murphy. Ben, how’re you doin’ bud?
B: Hey Aaron, I’m very well thank you, how are you doin’?
A: Doin’ great, doin’ great. So, you know, welcome to the show. I’m glad that you could
be on it, I know that things can be a little bit hairy on your side, but I think it’s great too
because, you know, with the interview that you’ve done, with the interviews you’ve done
in the past, you were the guy behind, you were the audio, you know. It’s good for people
to see a face with a name and a voice. And this is why I wanted, you know, you to be on
the webcam and, you know, this is really the first time you’ve done an interview where
people can see you so – that’s great. So, let’s get started.
Why don’t you like to start off with . . . ‘Cause a lot of people out there are probably
going, “Who’s Ben Murphy? And why’s Aaron got him as one of the 2nd people on the
show?” . . . and there’s a reason behind that, folks. So, Ben, if you could give, like, a little
bio, you know of the things that you’ve talked about before . . . Who IS Ben Murphy?
And what was your childhood like? And WHAT led you up to this point?
B: Okay, well to start off, I was born in Plymouth, England and my parents were, come,
from a very Military background. My Dad was in the Navy, my Grandparents were both
in the Navy (well, Grandfather and Grandmother), my Aunts and Uncles, they were all
Military – they were all Naval. Cousins, you name it, cousins were, they were all
Military, so that, so it was ALL Naval – the entire family. Growing up with them, so we
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
moved around – lots of times – and it just so happens that one of our moves was from
Plymouth to Portsmith, from Portsmith to Hong Kong, so we spent a long time in Hong
During the time over there, I was going to school and I’m finding some problems with
some of the local kids and kind of basically getting my ass kicked pretty badly. So that
lead me to want to be able to look after myself in a more secure way. And my mother
just happened to know a gentleman who worked down at the Thailand . . . worked on
Thailand’s border and taught people Muay Thai and lots of different styles. He was half
Japanese, half Thai. So, that’s when I moved.
They basically moved me, put me into an encampment at his place, which is basically
like his little school and you stay there for a period of time and then I’d go back, leave
school, and go back to the encampment. And the things that I learnt . . . I learnt Muay
Thai, I learnt Aikido, I learnt Maga, and Ninpo – and I always really hated saying Ninpo
because there are so many different schools out there, you know, that teach Ninjitsu . . .
it’s a different kind of form of it – so, that’s basically my training. And during that, there
was concealment, how to hide, how to live off the land, urban warfare, jungle warfare,
that was part of the, like, the Ninpo Training and then there was the combat, the combat
side of things – and that’s what I did for a very long time – it was all also a lot of
spirituality, meditation and, I wouldn’t say channeling, but how to use the energy that’s
within you. I’m not talking about breaking up on brick or parquetry – I’m talking about
the real . . . what the human body can do, pushing it to its limits. Pushing it spiritually to
its limits.
A: Again, Ben, just real quick, how old were you when you were beginning this. Like
what was the age range?
B: Well, when I first went to Thailand, I was 8 years old, so my experience in Hong
Kong happened when I was 7.
A: Okay . . .
B: So . . . So I moved there when I was 8 and as I said, I stayed there and I was doing
school, and on and off I was being taught this. See, the school system and the
educations . . . it’s a bit more complicated over there. They usually have school from 6
o’clock in the morning ’till about midday ’cause it gets so damn hot – none of the kids
wanna really stick around to see you go to school after the afternoon. It gets so hot –
there’s no A/C – nobody ever learns anything. But I would, I would continually go back
and forth, getting better education here, education there and just bouncing off two coasts
and obviously, I got to a certain level in Thailand and I decided to take my skills and see
just what I could do with them. That’s why I entered the Guan Muay Thai professionally.
I was Norther Champion for two years and I had some incidents over there of a . . . that
made me leave Thailand and go and fight in places like Burma, places like Nepal – even
so far as India, but, you know, I had some interesting experiences, but the . .
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: I was gonna say, Burma’s a rough place . . .
B: Oh yeah. Yeah, I mean, where I was at, at the Thai Laos Border – that was a rough
place because we had, we constantly had, problems with the Burman Secret Police and
they also had drug smuggling . . . So, yeah. I mean, the Burman Secret Police were
always coming through and checking out people because they’re always looking for
Karen Rebels that come through there into Laos to try and hide and so there, those guys
were everywhere. We also had drug smugglers from Laos always basically at war with
the Thai Police. It was basically a war zone and there were gun fights going on all the
time. So, yeah – it was a very rough . . . It was . . . It was a conflicted place to live.
Especially for a kid to go work but when you’re in the environment – as you know – you
get used to things. It’s amazing what you can get used to.
A: Now, at this point in Burma . . . How old were you?
B: When I actually first went to Burma I was about 14 years old.
A: Wow, and you were . . . And you were competing at this time?
B: Yeah, you gotta remember the kids . . . It’s like . . . like over here you have all the
kids playing football, then to all the UK events, like Soccer. Over there, their national
sports are Boxing, Kick Boxing, so . . . it’s, you know . . . every kid . . . every kid’s doing
it in the street and it’s just a way of life, so . . . And there’s thousands, and thousands, and
thousands of fighters over there in Burma, Nepal, all around that area, that all come from
different places of the beat and everyone wants to get . . . everyone wants to be at the
same place . . . Ratchodanoman and Lumpinee . . . places like that, you know, competing
for the national titles that, that really, they don’t make you any money – they put your
name on them. That’s about it.
A: Right, so . . . Now from this point in Burma . . . Well, what lead you to . . . Did you
go directly from South East Asia doing your, you know, competing and all that, directly
to the United States? Or was there something else that occurred between that point and
actually coming to the States?
B: Well, what happened was, I was still going back to meet there – you know I had
family, I had Grandparents and people that I had to check on, things like that – and really,
what happened with Burma . . . I was going back . . . I WAS going back to Thailand still
competing on and off but I had an incident that involved my brother – and a girl – in
Thailand in 1997 and so I really didn’t have much choice but to leave Thailand at that
point. That’s why I went back to there – I moved back to England – and I stayed there for
about . . . I stayed there from about 1997 and I was working as a bouncer and I was
working in a casino. I worked for The Grosvenor Casino in the UK, and I was doing
reception work. I trained to be a Crouiper and a Dealer and in 2002 I met my wife and I
came over when I met her . . . She was over there, we met, fell in love, the usual story
and I came over here and when I came over here, I stayed, you know. We had a daughter
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
together and I also have a step-daughter from her first marriage and everything just sort
of escalated from there. And here I am, in the US, and I haven’t looked back since.
A: Okay. Well I think now lets . . . Now that people have an idea of your upbringing,
which, and let me just get back to one thing . . . I know several people that had received
Martial Arts training (and I’m getting to a point with this . . .). You studied quite a range
of different Martial Arts as a child, and the training you had was quite extensive . . . Do
you believe that this was because perhaps you were being raised for something, that due
to certain circumstances or chain of events did not indeed take place at that time?
B: I do, and the reason why I should elaborate on that is because there . . . Now, I can
remember one time, I can remember where the house that’s there . . . Where I trained, the
people around me, the other kids that were trained . . . but . . . there are areas that are
very, still, very blurry. I can’t remember certain aspects here, certain aspects there and
really kind of foggy, if you know what I mean.
A: Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean, bud.
B: And there are incidents that I KNOW that I should remember – that these weren’t little
events – these were big events and I know that I should remember them. It’s like issues
with my teacher and then the language aspect – I pick up languages very easily and that’s
something that’s, it’s, always puzzled me, it’s not something I usually fall into. And it’s
not like, I spent years studying languages.
A: Well that, and I can just speak from my experience and other people I know who
were lets say . . . more involved with certain aspects of the government . . . one trait that I
have learned with people like you, myself, and several others I’m in contact with – that
seems to be something that’s common. And I’m not talking about the . . . the memory
lapse, but as far as being able to pick up on things quickly – such as languages and not
just languages – but it’s almost like you’re just able to pick up on things very, very quick
as if it was in some way programmed into you, you know. So, it happens quite a bit, and
just trying to get the pieces together could be quite difficult. Is this something, (before
we go on to another subject I want to talk about) . . . Have you been on like, your own
little quest, I could say, of trying to uncover the blank – the foggy – bits of memory into
your past?
B: I have, I have and it’s been a rough experience because, the problem is with certain
areas that I know that I wanna go, they’re not places that I know I wanna go. Do you
understand that?
A: Yeah, I understand.
B: I’ve already got enough . . . There’s already enough on one hand and I’m almost
scared to look and see if there’s anything else on the other, you understand?
A: Yeah, I understand.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
(brief conversation re: question time)
So, sorry Ben, so let’s continue on. Let’s talk about . . . Well actually, let’s move on
to . . . Because there’s, there’s two major things I think we need to discuss, so we could
go in a lot of detail. So, let’s get into what really brought you out first when you had
contacted Project Camelot, which, you and I both know created a lot of controversy and
stuff – and what I’m referring to is what’s known as the ‘Heather Material’. So, why don’t
you . . . If you could explain, because some of the viewers may not be aware of that. If
you could explain what the ‘Heather Material’ IS and all that it’s about . . . and we’ll get
into that, then.
B: Okay, now the ‘Heather Material’ is . . . We all know who Heather is, and she’s
expressed that she doesn’t want too much information going out about her too much any
more. She’s still very scared, still very paranoid, and I believe that she’s actually the
REAL person who’s trying to actually integrate herself into another program. So, I can
see where her . . . you know, trepidation comes from. So, but . . . Who she was, in
honesty . . . She came to us and gave us the information and you know, we looked after
her for a long period of time. And what I wanted to do was, with the information that
was given, I wanted to get it OUT there because the information was very, very unusual
in regards to what was going on around us IN the actual area. I’m not talking about going
on in Washington or going on in another part of the country, I’m talking about going on
just outside our doorstep, which is like a stones throw from where we actually live. So,
that’s why, it kind of alarmed me ((…)) the information that she gave us – and the
information was about all that could lead in to the HT6 Program and building . . . And
that she worked underneath the building, and everything that went on inside the building
and underneath the building, and the creation of the, whatever you want to call the
Cyborg, Secret Soldiers, whatever you wanna call them.
A: Well from some of the more in depth conversations that you and I have shared and
even . . . And I’ll tell the people out there right now that I have exchanged SOME
correspondence with Heather myself, but some of that material I’ve promised not to talk
about. But what she’s referring to is indeed what’s known as the OMEGA Project, which
I have spoken about before, but . . . So, I’m sorry, go ahead and continue, Ben.
B: Okay, so she’s talking about the Cybernetic Super Soliders, and I think they call them
the N.H.C.U – is it the NHCU? I believe that’s it . . .
A: Yes, yes, that’s right.
B: Non-Human Cybernetic Units.
A: While you’re talking, I’m just gonna flash up a document, just the front page of a
document, one of the ones . . . So please, continue, I’m just gonna show this to everyone.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
B: So, anyway, the information were that – that was brought to my attention – was
everybody knows that she had all this documentation that we were in possession of but
the problem was that we wanted to give the information out. Now, even Kerry Cassidy
said (from Project Camelot) that some of the information was so dangerous that it was
discussed that if the information was going out, people would die. That was STRESSED
to me by a great number of people, so, you know . . . We . . . I put together the,
basically, the dictation from Heather. And there were certain things that we had to do to
make sure that the information was going to be released in such a way that we could put
it out there but it wasn’t going to be . . . You gotta understand . . . if I was to say certain –
and now I’ve, we’ve, got certain documents, right – if I was to say certain keywords, or
put them in an email that said it, then they have the same echelon program out there just
like they have for the phones. So if we’re talking about a certain subject on the phone,
you know, it’s gonna pick up on it – it’s gonna zoom in on the conversation. And before
you know it you’re gonna have a couple of guys turning up on your doorstep asking you
what’s going on. And the same thing happens on Skype, same thing happens in emails,
and it’s throughout the entire communication network. So, by that happening, if I had
said certain things, or put certain things out there, they would have immediately have
known who Heather is.
Now, there is . . . People keep on coming at, keep on coming at me saying “Who is she?”
or “How did she get away?” You know . . . Well, you know the reason being is that the
things that went on, in the last part of the documentation, went on in such a way that there
were not many white coats (if you will) left from the experiment – the experimentation –
with whatever gate they were using now, because of the – dare I say – the Reptilian
scientific research that THEY had going on, which was completely separate – it was on a
completely separate level, it was a completely separate project. She basically got plucked
from Project Retaliation, Project OMEGA and she got placed into Project Scylla, Project
(I believe it was) Ember, one of the projects she was working with.
(brief note re: documents available online with Ben’s permission)
A: Now, when she’s talking about the Reptilian, she’s talking about . . . Indeed, some
would call the ‘Draconians’ or the ‘Alpha-Draconian’ Reptilian DNA?
B: Yeah . . . I don’t believe . . . She never actually called them ‘Alpha’ . . .
A: There’s several names for ’em.
B: You see, that’s interesting because you say ‘Alpha’, and there ARE a group called
‘Alpha’s’ that have been referred to – but I don’t know if they’re Reptilian or not, but when
she talks about ‘Reptilians’ she makes it the ((…)) Reptilians . . . She doesn’t want to beat
around the bush or have any, you know, any Semitic connotations.
A: She seems to try to be – just from what you’ve sent me, and she sent me – she tries to
be very careful on her wording on things.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
B: Yeah, definitely. She’s, as I’ve said, paranoid, and that shines through in everything
that she does – her emails . . . you name it – emails, conversations. If you could get her on
here it would be good.
A: Yeah. Now . . . She actually stayed with you guys for a little while, correct?
B: Yes, that’s correct.
A: And that really made some things quite complicated. You had yourself a physical
confrontation, didn’t you?
B: Ahh, yeah. I’ve had a number of those, though. But, you see, I don’t believe . . .
Now, are you talking about the experience with . . . Which experience are you talking
about, the ‘rep’ experience?
A: I’m talking about the two units that you had confronted, and if I gather, if I remember
that correctly.
B: Yes. Yeah, that was an interesting . . . That was a very interesting thing that
happened. Put it this way: The activity that went on really caused some big disruptions in
my home life.
A: I imagine so. I mean, when you’re dealing with . . . I mean . . . I, myself . . . It’s just .
. . been more than a month and a half but, had two people pay a visit to my place and
things got physical and it actually had to do with something that I was working on the
side for some friends, you could say, and . . . You know it’s . . . You know, I still . . . It’s
unpredictable. I never know when I’m gonna have, you know, a couple months of
nothing, or if I’m gonna have a couple months where it’s gonna be semi-constant of . . .
how do you say . . . having complications and confrontations.
Since the . . . How have things been for you, without obviously divulging too much
private information, how things have been with you SINCE that time, SINCE that
B: They’ve actually been a lot quieter – but other things have come up. You know,
we’ve made sure that nobody’s being followed but you still get the odd phone call – but
there again that could also be the location, because, you know, people call here all the
time and you don’t know who it is and it’s crossed lines and things like that, because it’s a
very open location. But, as far as that kind of Military intervention, there’s been none.
Since that happened there’s been absolutely nothing, but there again, also, the whole
Heather . . . Basically when she left Orlando, I think she took a lot of that with her. I
think she was the one, you know . . . The way they look at is, you look at ME, I’m a
small fry . . . They wanna go after the, you know, they wanna get the ((…)).
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: Well, for a short time there that I remember when I was kind of in the mix with what
was going on a little bit behind the scenes . . . I mean . . . There was a point there where
everyone thought she was dead.
B: Yeah, that’s right, because, this is what happened: Now, she comes from a German
family . . . Now, she’s got family over there and friends over there so when she went over
there, all we could do was get in touch with her friends – couldn’t get in touch with her at
all ‘cause she wasn’t answering any more of her emails . . . So what her friends told us,
was she was killed in a car crash. But you see, this is what she wanted to get out then, so
that she could continue . . . She could then distribute the information. Unfortunately,
that all got botched by somebody who will remain anonymous . . . but that got blown out
the water. So she had to resurface and say, “Okay, you know what, forget this harm, fine,
I’m here.” and deal with the problems that presented themselves then. But because of her
friends, because of her family – because of the social climate that she was surrounded in –
she was a lot safer over there and she was able to look after herself a lot better than she
was over here.
A: Right. Because it was . . . I’m trying to remember MY timeline of when I received
that first email. Oh, it wasn’t the first email I received from you, but it was the first one
where you have basically, you had transcribed down what she was saying directly to
the . . . So people know (’cause I don’t think we’ve said it), Heather’s profession was a
Bio-Genetisist, right?
B: Yes, that was it.
A: Okay. So she was dealing with DNA genetic manipulation and what-not. So what
I’m getting at and for the viewers out here is that Ben had actually sent me an email and
he was basically typing down what Heather was saying . . . No! No! Excuse me! You
had written down what you remembered, what she had told you.
B: That’s, that’s right. I had very . . .
A: So, let’s talk about that email if you remember.
B: Yes, of course. Basically . . . Well obviously I did the radio show with Kerry
Cassidy and Kerry Cassidy came out and said, “Did Heather ever talk to you about any
kind of dolphin program?” and I’m like, “Yeah, of course.” And it was almost like,
“Course she did . . .” but it just sort of came to me like, “Okay, yeah.” Thinking about it .
. . yeah, she talked about when she worked at a place that was almost like . . . You could
almost like, say it was like a Sea World, for a while. Now, that’s how they got . . . that’s
how they hook ’em in – with these white coats – if you will. Now what they do is, they
have like, orientation where they take them in, they show them the dolphins and whales
((…)) But they get them in the water, so they can feel the echolocation – get them friendly
with the dolphins – and then after about a week or two weeks of that, that’s when the
actual research and application actually starts. From there, what they want to do is take
the dolphins and genetically enhance them.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
Now, what she told me was the problem they had in Iraq or any of the Gulfs, like Gulf,
Gulf Oman and places like that where dolphins are actually being ((…))
A: Oh, yes.
B: The biggest problem was that soon as the enemy sees a dolphin, they don’t care, they
kill ’em anyway. Because they’re not gonna take the risk, ((…)) so they just go and take
it out, so it’s very much a ((…)) war and let God spit them out.
And what they wanted to do was they wanted to make the dolphins BETTER so they
started using osteoplasty on the bones and using massive amounts of steroids to make the
dolphins actually look bigger. Problem was, when they increased the bone density, they
had too much of a reflex when trying to swim. Dolphins are only supposed to be a
certain size ’cause of their bone structure, you see, and they have little tiny micro flanges,
and if they, if they push themselves too hard they’ll completely fracture and the dolphin
wouldn’t be able to swim . . . and it will drown.
They wanted to REALLY use killer whale DNA but they were having problems with the
colors. The killer whales are NOT in the Gulf of Oman ((…)) they’d stick out like a sore
thumb . . . You know, it’s like painting a target on to them. They couldn’t use those, AT
A: Well, this all sounds really, really familiar to me actually on my side of things.
(brief discussion re: audio settings)
B: Okay . . . So, they, they wanted to make the dolphins better but they had problems
with the bone structure and the dolphins were actually drowning, so they started using
shark DNA. They used the shark DNA because they wanted to toughen the skins and
they wanted to make the dolphins much like a half dolphin half shark, because of skin
toughness/better resilience. They also wanted them to have better lung capacity because
((…)) instead of 2 lungs, having 4 lungs it crushes, she said, it’ll cause the lungs to burst
as there wasn’t enough room in the cavity, so they also used metal to ((…)) weight on it,
so they weren’t using a complete mould, they were using a ((…)) steel to try and hook
them up to skeletons of dolphins.
They wanted to use DNA to increase the echolocation on them. They really, really . . .
She said they really emphasized they wanted the echolocation to be able to push them out
there, ‘cause if you stand in the water you can feel the ((…)) They wanted to be able to
‘boom’, you know, knock something down for some reason, but obviously it had
practical application.
Now . . . They also wanted the dolphins to work in pairs – one was a bomb and the other
one was a target. But the biggest problem that they had with this was the feeding cycle of
the dolphins. Once the dolphins had eaten about 35 pounds of fish they didn’t care. All
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
they wanted to do was play and sleep – they didn’t want to do any Military exercises.
Something Heather was really familiar with. She said she was just starting to get into . . .
They brought in a guy (I don’t know who he was) they brought in a guy that worked on a
Human/Dolphin Hybrid Program in the 90’s but apparently the plug was pulled on that
’cause there were some favors but they must have re-established it for, for the next ((…))
so he was bought in as a ((…)), she was pulled from that program and placed into the
other side of ((…)) the Military use but they also used a lot of the research that they did
that they took from the Dolphin Program and put it into the (audio lost) . . .
A: Wow. See this is interesting, because this is like . . . A lot of stuff that she shared
with you has actually been helping me because you know . . . With the work that I did
with dolphins and the OMEGA side of the Dolphin/Human Hybrid Super Soldier
Program . . . You could say that I wasn’t exactly a, I wasn’t a trainer; in some ways I was
working along SIDE them so that they could . . . And with REAL dolphins where they
were basically, these hybrids were, learning behavior of both sides of the fence. They
were learning behavior of dolphins, they were learning the echolocation, but then were
learning the other side – more of the human, like the way the human psyche works. But, I
had no contact with anybody up until the information that you had sent me about Heather
and what HER knowledge was, which really kind of opened up some doors for me. So,
it’s really good getting this information out because in a way it helps explain . . . I just
find it interesting because . . . Well I’m just gonna say this but I can’t say too much
because I made a promise . . . So, for the viewers out there, some information has been
given to me where I may very well have had interaction with Heather . . . and I’m just
gonna leave it at that now because this IS very sensitive information that we are actually
talking about.
(brief discussion re: audio settings)
A: So, we’ve covered that . . . Is there anything else that you feel you would like to
discuss about the Heather Letter? Because I would like to move on to this ‘subject’ you
and I discussed prior to going live.
B: Well, the . . . I mean obviously the HG6 Building is . . . It’s, it’s all connected, so . . .
A: Okay, well . . . let’s move on to that. While we’re talking, why don’t you go ahead
and explain a little bit about the HG building. While you do that I’m gonna actually show
a few pictures here.
B: Okay, it sounds good. Well, the HG6 Building . . . See, there was a building that
always used to come up – and I remember my wife would tell me – that she had a real big
issue with it on the Naval Base because when they knocked the entire Naval Base down,
that was the only Military building (audio lost) . . .
It’s run down, it looks almost deserted. Yet, it’s got a generator that still working. At
night when you drive past it, you can definitely see inside ((…)) From what . . . All the
information that Heather gave us basically tells us everything that’s gone on there.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
Adjacent to the building is a church and the church is actually the underground entrance –
so you’ve gotta go down in the church to get to the sub levels down there. So you to the
building door and then enter the premises through there. You’ve gotta actually go
through almost like the service entrance which is through the church, which is only like
not, not 10 yards away from me. And, it’s one of those ‘Z’ buildings.
Basically, we wanna know a lot more about what’s going on there because I personally
believe that the building is still active. There’s still personnel going there, ’cause there’s
still cars on the inside near that building – and the buildings deserted. Why would you
park your car if the building’s deserted? It doesn’t make sense.
A: It doesn’t, unless they’re hiding something . . .
B: Exactly – not bad cars, too. Nice cars. We’ve seen a lot of activity and there’s been a
lot of unexplained things. Now . . . The biggest, the biggest issue for me is this place is
right in the center of, you could say, the Baldwin Park type area. So it’s right near – right
next to – a lake . . . the lake is pretty big. That’s a great place for . . . as Heather said there
was extraterrestrial operations going on there. And from previous research and
knowledge, we know that they like to use lakes, lagoons anything to put any kinds of
vessels or ships in. But . . . you know, I don’t know. That’s just speculation.
But also . . . let me get back to it . . . The area, the area that they’ve put this in . . . We’ve
got Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Surgeons – real upper class type people. And they don’t
seem to give a damn. This . . . You know, these are the sort of people that, you know, if
you grow a tree in one part of the lawn they’re gonna keep off because you de-value that
part of their neighborhood. And this huge base is there, and they don’t seem to bat an
Now you’ve got an SA building one side of it, and a Police Station the other side of it.
Now . . . On top of the building, you’ve have graffiti. How those guys got up there to do
that graffiti, I don’t know.
A: Oh, yeah, I DID see that picture, that is a . . . We’ll be getting in . . . We’re gonna be
putting some more pictures on his page. The fact that where the graffiti’s at is . . . I
mean, you would, you would pretty much have to be repelling or have scaffolding or
something set up.
B: Yep, definitely. Well, for, for how it was put. And I remember there was some more
on the opposite side of the building – one of the ((…)) – and it was a bit further down – it
was like in the middle – so it could definitely have taken, like, window cleaning
equipment to get on to it, put the graffiti there. But again, I don’t see any ((…)), or
anything around that area ((…)). There is no traffic and the security around that area is
very, very tight. They have Watchmen – Community Watch – you know there’s about,
there must be an army of old ladies sat around watching everything that goes on outside
their window. So, any time there’s some noise, ((…)).
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: Yeah I’m just, I’m showing a little bit of the . . . I’m showing a little bit of the video,
of one of the vids you sent me and I don’t know what day you took it, but it looks like it’s
the middle of the day . . . and you know, obviously the building is huge – but the parking
lot’s deserted – and it’s literally out in, in nowhere. It looks like all the buildings around it
have been destroyed but it’s still standing tall.
B: That’s right . . . And of course as I said as you look on it – and as we’ve seen from the
aerial one – where adjacent to it you’ve got the church – the church entrance – the church
is to the left of it.
A: I’ve got the area one up right now. So it’s . . . it’s actually a fairly large church.
B: Yeah, it’s a pretty big church. But it’s . . . See that’s the thing, from what I gather,
you can’t actually JOIN that church . . . They are no longer actually taking parishioners.
And it’s a 7th Day Adventist church.
A: So, it’s a church that’s reached MAX capacity for its congregation?!
B: That’s right and considering its size it doesn’t seem likely . . .
A: Yeah, ’cause it’s a large church. I mean the building in the aerial view compared to
the HG6 building . . . I mean, it looks almost like it’s bigger.
B: Yeah it’s . . . it’s . . . It’s a – yeah – it’s a good size. It’s a very good size. I’m gonna –
next time I go out there – I’m gonna definitely take more pictures of the church, around
that that area.
A: That’d be great to have those because, you know, with the pictures you already sent
me with the little videos and then of course some of the documents which I didn’t include
in here because, you know . . . There’s just so much we could talk about.
Oh, just some people in the chat room are actually talking about . . . Getting quite a
response about the fact that the church is actually turning people away and stuff . . . And
yes people that . . . For the viewers, that is quite interesting because especially, you said,
that they are claiming to be a 7th Day Adventist Church, right? And from MY
experience with those, the people that are usually part of those churches, they are all
about recruiting, recruiting, recruiting.
B: Yeah, definitely, the more recruiters, the more money the more ((…)).
A: Now . . . Have you ever seen anybody actually enter or leave the HG6 Building?
B: Yes, we did . . . and actually, it was actually . . . No, not the HG6 Building. They’ve
padlocked the door on that but you’ve got this huge, and I mean huge generator that’s
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
running. You’ve also got adjacent FBO generators that are also are running and they’re
not attached to any building.
A: So these, these . . . This big abandoned building has got generators that are running,
keeping it powered?
B: Yes.
A: Well, yeah. That’s quite ironic. I mean, like I tell people sometimes the best way to
hide something is indeed in plain sight.
B: Yes definitely – I agree with that totally – and I believe that’s what they’ve done. And
because of the . . . because of the structure and the way it is I just don’t understand why
nobody’s said anything. Nobody seems to . . . There’s no petitions to have it knocked
A: Nobody’s challenging this – no-one’s asking why. I mean, it’s in the middle of this
neighborhood . . . nothing.
B: Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Now, I’ve even tried to look at some of the documents
about the history of the building. I know sometimes they won’t knock a building down if
the building’s old enough that there’s history, or there could be some ((…)) underneath it
or, you know, outbreak, or Cholera, or anything like that, but you know – nothing,
absolutely nothing. The building wasn’t that, the building wasn’t that old.
A: Right, and usually when a building, or some kind of landmark site . . . When the city
you know, does whatever they do . . . A decoration to make it a part of the . . . you know,
make it an official historic building – ever ((…)) they did that – they actually put, like a, a
plaque on the building or somewhere in the area and they make it a part of like, the local
Historical Society. So, for this building they have nothing, but even . . . I don’t recall
seeing buildings that were abandoned having several generators that were running. Now
have you ever been to the . . . Have you ever been in the area of the building at night, and
seen any lights on or anything?
B: Yes and there was a glow coming from the, like, the lower deck of the building and
what we wanna do is actually go back there at night and take some, some night pictures.
It’s just . . . It’s such an eerie place. If you saw . . . you know, you saw the videos . . . I
remember driving through there – it’s like you know, it’s splitting off with one side’s
Raccoon City, the other side’s Silent Hill. It’s like which road do you take?
A: Sounds like I need to do a little covert on-scene investigation there.
B: That might be a very good idea.
A: I’m serious. I, I think . . . Because I’ve already got a couple of other places, I’m
planning to go on to Florida to check out some things, but . . . Especially with the
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
documents that you showed me and the information in these documents which, you know
. . . we will get released on the . . . on your page. There is some really seedy stuff going
on there. I have just . . . my intuition, what you’ve shared with me . . . yeah. Something’s
definitely going on.
B: Yeah. You wanna talk about the documents at all?
A: I was gonna leave that up to you . . . I mean, we were gonna post ’em, but if . . . I
don’t have the documents right in front of me, but if you do wanna share something about
the documents, that’s fine. I mean we’re gonna get them posted up anyways.
B: Well, okay. What I WILL say is . . . what they showed me . . . Now this was, this
was, these were documentations and things that other people had said DON’T exist, but
we wanted to put them out because of the fact that they DID. Heather had said that she
was ready, she wanted to put them out. Until she said she did there was no way I was
going to do it. That was just the bottom line. I think, you know, I may tame my word for
them on this time, but you know how I took a lot of flak for it . . . but the information that
they have . . .
Now . . . I, what I want you to realize, everybody in the room, is when you have an
organization like DARPA or the NSA, what they do for these, for these units, what
they’re doing, is . . .
Okay . . . These units are being bought – they’ve had their trials in other areas. Now, this
went on around 2007, around 2008. What they do is they build the technology – they
build the technology, they test it, they appropriate, they augment it – and they apply it in
the Military to whatever means they want to. Once they’ve done that they then go to the
Government and say, “We’re working on this, this program…” Let’s say they’re working
on . . . Project Rabbit Eye . . . and they want an aerial reconnaissance program to be able
to take in more data as it flies over at a higher speed. Let’s say they’ve already got that
data, they’ve already got Project Rabbit Eye and it works. What they’ll do is they’ll go to
the government and say, “We wanna do some testing, we wanna create it.” And so they’ll
ask for a budget. So the Government will give them a budget. Then what they’ll do is
they’ll give them “. . . what we wanna do next for the next year . . .”, if they wanna test
this section, or this section – which they already HAVE – it’s already been tested. When
they tell the Government, that they wanna test it, the Government throws money at that
project. Doesn’t matter if it’s Black Op. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Black Op project. They’ll
throw money at it. Then what you do is the NEXT ((…)) “Oh, well, we wanna put this
into final adjustment and what we need to do is, is give you guys a demonstration” – a
presentation – hoping that the real issue’s been ironed out, things like that so they know it
works, they know it’s been tested. The Government throws MORE money at them, they
give them a presentation, Government’s happy, everybody’s happy Everybody’s ((…)).
They use them running from that to put into additional research, additional funding.
Now . . . Take these cybernetic non-human . . . cybernetic-humans. There are so many
different pieces to the puzzle – so many different cogs to it – it’s not just one thing.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
People have to realize it’s not . . . Oh, we get a skeleton and we build it . . . They have to
have neural brain functions – they have to have fiber wires that run out, run throughout
their body like veins – they have to create the tech, make sure the tech works and that’s
where Heather came into it, into it on that side of it.
What they did was they’d look at some of the optical functions. Now, they needed the
optical sight to zoom in so they’d use different ocular pads so they could squeeze
different places in the eye sockets so the soldiers could actually zoom in. Then they also
needed another project to use algorithms and a mathematical level of thinking and, and
that’s what they were doing – creating a new mathematical level of thinking to be able to
transfer the messages from the human brain that was being used for the – for the machine
– in through the body and make it work.
They were using human muscles, and people have to understand something about, about
these guys. There were two brains: the human brain and then there was the biological
body that was it’s OWN being, because you had the metal skeleton, you also had the flesh
– that was not grown, almost grafted around – and it had to use electrical impulses to draw
out stimuli . . .
A: So, it was like a synthetic skin . . .
B: Yeah.
A: Okay . . . So that’s, that’s basically like the . . . What was being produced, with what
I was seeing as far as the . . . Somewhat with the 4th but then moving on to the 5th
Generation Super Soldier – which is basically the program that Heather was working on.
(brief discussion re: audio settings)
A: So . . . yeah . . . the Synthetics . . . Now, what was your knowledge or did Heather
ever share anything about actually – not necessarily synthetic – but let’s say laboratory
grown, like, organs – parts – for these, these units?
B: Oh, yeah – for the first one. You see, the problem was Project Retaliation was a
failure. That’s when they bumped it up into Project . . . Project . . . they had Damocles
and other things like that. See, the problem was Project Retaliation – from my knowledge
– from what she told us was that they would . . . They use the principles – they took dead
bodies from fallen soldiers, almost re-armored them (they use different kinds of, kinds of
wires . . . ) It was a really . . . She said it was really sloppy to begin with.
A: It was basically like the spare parts that I referred to in some of the Military
Abductions that I did under operation Spyglass where we were really harvesting PEOPLE
for spare parts.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
B: That’s right, and they had people bring . . . They had people BROUGHT in from
additional projects. They had people going out – they HAD some of those black op
abductions used at that time to go out and get some.
You know, one of the things that that I was told by Heather and it really upset me . . .
disturbed me . . . was, if . . . Now what we have is we have ((…)) Park High – it’s a, a
High School – and next to the High School – RIGHT next to the High School – there’s a
Military building. Can’t take any pictures of the Military building, you can’t . . . And it’s
almost like you ((…)). One of the reasons were when, when they have some of the
students that really excel in ((…)), something like that happens – that’s what that’s for.
They basically nobble them – take them – and they wanna use the good genetics and . . .
You know, we’ve heard, you know, we’ve heard horror stories like that.
A: Oh yeah, I mean the . . . The . . . Because they just can’t, they just can’t take anybody
for the . . . the spare parts. You know the genetic – on the genetic side – does have to . . .
match, so to speak.
B: Yeah . . . Yes, definitely. There’s certain markers and certain DNA markers that
they’re actually specifically looking for. They’re not going out just to get ‘Joe Six-pack’
on the street. They need . . . they need certain components. You know, biological
components for those to work. Now that was the first – Retaliation. Retaliation supposed
to be used to take care of key officials within the Military, but certain members of the
Military didn’t sign off on it. They key players I guess they got . . . they then got cold
feet and said no . . . you know. . . “we’ll back off on that,” and they also had problems –
the same sort of problems.
Now, in 2007 she said they ruefully worked on trying to make a big dog organic. And
that ended in catastrophe when the same one big dog was tested in Afghanistan when he
was just cybernetic – he turned around and shot the operator and shot all the rest of them
and started chewing on these guns of the soldiers. Same thing. They tried to make him
organic, turned around and shot the operator straight down. It had no, seemed to have no
cognitive . . . being able to separate enemy from . . . and he’s from ((…)).
Same thing was happening with the first – the first wave – of cybernetic soldiers. They
were just like apes – they couldn’t handle the . . . the brain and they started having
memories . . . They just couldn’t handle it, they broke down, mentally.
A: And this why . . . What was. . . Within the circum and the world that I was in, what
you were exactly describing is what we refer to as the 4th Generation which were these
bio-cybernetic beings. You could basically say they were ‘human’ but with a lot of
cybernetic parts and even there with what I was experiencing they were having . . . they
were having problems because on one side they wanted them to be complete robotic but
there was still a little element of that human consciousness in the brain and this is where
they finally . . . they finally . . . They basically junked it but they didn’t want to throw
away the ((…)) hats – they were gonna use them up until they, until they ran ’em out. But
that’s why they weren’t fully cybernetic . . . Because, you know, they had a lot more
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
control. They didn’t have to worry about that breakdown of the mental psyche interfering
with – really interfering with – the interface of the computer side.
B: That’s right. That’s . . . that’s basically what they did here. And the only way they
managed to get it right with this case was they removed half of . . . I believe, I don’t . . .
You see, I’m not a techie, I don’t know a thing . . . But they removed parts of the brain
They focused very, very strategically on the ((…)) complex for weapon repetition and
things like that – procedures – so they got them into the rhythm and habit and ceremony of
doing certain things – weapons details and things like that. And the rest of the brain was
implants made up from organics, different types of material, fibers, you name it.
They . . . They even had . . . They even have programs to repair the brain damage if
they’re sitting next to an explosion, things like that.
That’s as deep as it went. They wanted these guys to be unstoppable and pretty much
they’ve . . . they’ve really . . . they’ve got to that, that . . . to that level. They jumped, they
moved such a big leap – it went from really bad to really good – and I remember Heather
was telling me that she didn’t understand HOW the leap had come so far in such a short
matter of time. There was once, she actually went away and worked on the Ember
Project and when she came back – and that was only for a space of 3 months – and when
she came back, everything had changed. The equipment had changed, they’d been all
upgraded, but that’s when they’d opened a bottom wing of the facility. And when they
opened that bottom wing, after they’d ironed out some details with them, that’s when she
had to go and work on her other project. The sister project was ‘Scylla’ I believe . . .
And, yeah . . . That was the project they were working on. Damocles with the
portal/stargate, whatever it was that the Reptilians were using, that’s what they were using
A: You know . . . It’s interesting and just a little side note actually . . . Myself and
another person – actually this friend of mine – we got in contact with a gentleman, fairly
on the young side – I think he was in his early twenties – but he actually worked for Air
Force Space – the Air Force Space Program. And what his job was, was he was actually
an operator for Project Stargate. And his job . . . Basically he was one of the guys
behind the computer that put in, like, the destination points and basically was like an
operator as if you were sitting in front of an interface for a computer except what he was
controlling – with a group of other operators – was a stargate, and he was based out of a
location in Southern Florida. And now the base that I believe that . . . He had said that
one of the bases he was at was a base off of the coast of Florida. When I had done some
digging myself and with another person I know who lives in California now (who was in
the Marines), who basically was at . . . He saw a lot of interesting things, certain ‘special
interest’ bases and one of those bases he was at was AUTEC – which is, which is at
Bimini Island. I’m sure you have . . . You’ve heard of that, Ben?
B: Yeah. That rings a lot of bells.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: Yeah. AUTEC is the Atlantic Underwater . . . Now I’m gonna forget what
AUTEC . . . It’s A.U.T.E.C. But, they do . . . It’s basically known as the Area 51 of the
ocean and so there’s a lot of activity that goes on there. But, we actually lost
communication with them. His . . . his email just no longer existed, his cell phone
number no longer existed. So, I believe that he was making an attempt to whistleblow
some things and he was grabbed.
B: They got to him first.
A: Yeah.
B: You see now it’s funny you say that because I believe that they’re one of the
company’s that came in during the ((…)). They didn’t take it away from DARPA, but they
shared it. They shared events contracts and . . .
A: Oh, DARPA’s got their hands in so many cookie jars, Ben, I mean . . . I . . . Yeah.
B: What AUTEC did, was they redefined the OMEGA Program and they made it the
Organic Manipulation of Endo-Skeletal Genetic Application which obviously is the
abbreviation of OMEGA. But they bought in a whole bunch of new tech that blew – at
the time – DARPA’s attempts out of the water. I remember Heather was saying that she
didn’t know where they’d got the tech from – or where it was – but after thinking about it
later I then think the tech they got was from here. Judging on . . .
A: Oh, I would say yeah. I would have to agree with that.
I wanna thank (viewer) . . . AUTEC, which stands for: Atlantic Undersea Test and
Evaluation Centre. So, there you have it.
Yeah, you know what . . . In fact, I’ve been noticing that there has been a connection
with some of the things that I’ve been uncovering with Project Seagate and AUTEC.
‘Cause you get a lot of these facilities where they have . . . like . . . satellite test facilities
around. For example, like Area 51. They actually do some testing and they do some
stuff out at Nellis Air Force Base and even China Lake. And Project Seagate had some
stuff going on at Water Island off of St Thomas and AUTEC as well.
Which I guess leads to the fact that when I received this recent information concerning
somehow that there has been some prior interaction – and I don’t mean this to sound
cryptic people but I have to be – that there was basically some interaction between me and
Heather as far as the Project Seagate. And, if I remember right, I know she was talking
about how she worked at an underground facility in Southern Florida. I sometimes
wonder if she’s actually referring to AUTEC, but doesn’t want to outright say it.
B: Gotcha, yeah. And I remember there was a bit of controversy regarding Merck, I will
say that. And I know some people made a big song and dance about, “Oh Merck doesn’t
do anything . . .” Well I think, I mean, the information that I sent – that I sent you – I only
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
sent you one piece of information on that and that was just showing the, the modification
they used on . . . It was originally . . . how can I say it . . . What they did was they took 3
viruses that are not from this planet, basically . . . I’ll, I’ll say it . . . And they created a
pathogen around it, they created anti-viruses around it, and they turned it . . . they turned
it around. What they did NOW according to Heather was they took those 3 viruses and
they based new research upon it. Built off them. And, now you have the measles, the
MR2 and all that, and that’s all based from the . . . from the original material that they
had. They even changed the cell – the cell structure. Originally . . . If you look at a virus,
or a vaccine today, it’s a chicken embryo, right?
A: Mmm Hmm.
B: Well originally they were using dolphin embryos and dolphin DNA.
A: That’s correct.
B: They weren’t using chicken DNA. They weren’t using Sorbitol to splice the genes
together because the sugar makes it stick to the DNA better. They were using different
kind, different types of drugs. Now it’s a ((…)) NHCU’s are completely addicted to some
of these drugs that they have them on. The ((…)) and things like that – that they need.
And it’s, it’s all to do . . . I believe there are a lot of the pathogens in there. A lot of the
bio-weapons that they’re gonna be using are . . . are a part of that.
It goes back to the HG6 Program because some of the . . . some of the new weapons and
technology they’d been using were based around that information. They had suits where
the suits that they had – the uniforms that the soldiers wear – have built-in protective
abilities so that if there’s a bio attack, they could protect themselves against it. So if
there’s any kind of gas in the air, they can actually have Adrenalin and things like that
pumped into their bloodstream through their suit, so their suit’s like a part of them.
A: Actually, yes, I have a document that’s gonna be going on the website that talks about
. . . DARPA is basically . . . They’ve created this . . . this Exo-Skeleton suit that also
doesn’t just monitor your life support systems but it actually works as like a – you could
say a bio medic – like what YOU’RE talking about, where, if you receive some kind of
concussion or . . . It actually has in-built into the suit Atropine shots for, you know,
biological weapons. It gives you a direct shot of Atropine. Which, I don’t know if
anyone’s familiar with Atropine . . . I’ve had to take it and it’s literally pretty much like
pure Adrenolin and it’s not fun . . . but on top of that, doing tissue repair and it’s basically
like this Triage but it’s a suit that you wear. And DARPA has developed it.
B: That’s right, that’s right. It uses a . . . It also uses a platelet rich blood cell
technology. So they wanted . . . I know they want to also administer it to . . . They want
to augment it into the ACTUAL Military as well. But, they did start off using those on
the . . . the units because they were using different types of cells. They needed the drug
everyday – they got that certain drug. Even certain things that . . . like . . . the suit would
regulate body temperature by using ((…)). Now, let’s say their internals . . . Because the
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
problems that they had and the problems that they STILL have are these – the units –
when they were on when they go into operations they were only good for about 72 hours.
See, after that they overheat. Even with the cooling technology they’ve got they have to
add the chips.
What they . . . Now, see people ask all the time, “Where does the research budget come
from?” Well the research budget as I said earlier – taking an idea, creating it, and then
constantly asking for money, and lying to them, and saying they’re still creating it, and
obviously you HAVE what created it. And, it’s a continual funnel of money that way.
A: Oh well, I mean, there’s goes that whole saying, “Do you really believe that the
government pays five thousand dollars for a hammer?”
B: Or a toilet seat . . . Yeah, exactly.
But, the . . . So they’ve got the cooling aspects, but then they have chips to regulate the
cooling, so they’ve created one component and they have to create another component
that independently mediates between that chip and the other functions that the other chips
do throughout the body. So – people have to understand – this is not . . . Build . . . We
build a Frankenstein and send it off. It’s . . . They build it and the amount of money and
time and operational things that they’ve, they’ve looked at is . . . Absolutely blows you
out the water.
A: Oh, absolutely. And . . . And also, like – so that the viewers know – with this show
and I’ve explained this before that it’s not just a matter of just Ben and I here discussing,
but later on we will be providing documentation – it’ll be on Ben’s page PLUS in the
Forbidden Vault once we get that up. And I don’t think I told you this, Ben: I was able to
get through . . . I was able to get some information on DARPA. On everything from
their Smart Dust Program to their Exo-Skeleton Suit, to their . . . They’re creating life –
bio-genetic life forms that basically have an infinite amount of life – that can actually
restructure their own cells.
I have a document that talks about their budget and all their projects in 2011. So people
will be able to go and see this – and these are real documents from DARPA that I was
able to acquire through several different means that people have full access to look at.
Because I want people to understand that this stuff that Ben and I are talking about is
NOT fantasy. It’s not science fiction. This is . . . The stuff is real. And this is one of the
reasons why I wanted to have Ben on here . . . because of his experience and the other
stuff that he learned from Heather.
(Brief discussion re: chat room questions)
A: Now the question is: When you speak of Alpha-Draco’s and OMEGA, does this tie in
with the Alpha and OMEGA documents released by the British Ministry of Defense?
B: I’d like to say I’m familiar with those but I’m not.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: I am familiar with them so, I mean . . . I can answer that if you want, Ben. The Alpha
and OMEGA Documents . . . No, actually – it doesn’t. The Alpha-Draconian’s, (and
what they’re talking about is actually Reptilians) and the OMEGA’s is a general term for
Super Soldiers that are not exactly 100% human. And I’m talking about hybrids, biocybernetic
beings and purely cybernetic beings. So I hope that helps answer your
Were you familiar with a . . . I don’t know if Heather ever brought this to you ’cause I’m
not . . . You know there was lot that Heather . . . And I haven’t discussed with Heather
for lots of reasons – but Dr Deagle and I have had some extensive conversations and he
talks about a project that was under the OMEGA Project that was the Human/Jackal
Hybrid Program that was being done at a base – a deep underground base in Colorado.
Are you familiar with that, Ben?
B: Yes I . . . yes I am, actually.
A: Did you . . . Did Heather ever discuss anything about that?
B: She discussed that because she said that that was one of the applications that they
wanted for Big . . . for ‘Big Dog’.
A: Because that was actually the first successful hybrid program that took place, and the
reason . . . If people are wondering why Jackal – Jackals, as far as in the canine world . . .
there was a lot of different reasons but they actually . . . Power for, power for their size
has the strongest, fastest, have the most stability and the most stamina. So, imagine a
human that can jump 20 feet in the air, that can run up to 35 miles per hour and that can
literally punch through a person’s chest.
B: Yeah . . . that’s, that’s right. I mean, that’s one of the things about a Human Being
that we have – we have so much potential, we just don’t USE it. We don’t know how to
use all of our muscles correctly.
A: Exactly.
B: One thing Martial Arts teaches you is . . . you know . . . even though . . . Even if you
get to a certain level, there’s still more that you can go.
A: Someone just asked if you have a website. Now, the only thing you really have, is
you’re on facebook, because you and I are linked on there.
B: Yeah . . . that’s it. That’s all I’ve got.
A: So, (viewer) Ben doesn’t have his own website, but he is on facebook.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
And also (viewer) asked, “How many Draco’s exist, or do you estimate?” As far as
Reptilians – how many exist – I can’t give you a number . . . Plenty that are . . . Let me
just say this: there are ones that are benevolent (they’re not all bad) but the ones that are
bad . . . One is too many. I’ll just put it that way.
B: I agree and I’ll, I’ll re-iterate on that.
A: Sure, please do.
B: I’ve heard a lot of things about them, and one thing I wanna say from my experience
is if you tell a tiger you love it, it’s still gonna hit you. This is the same thing. They don’t
care and when you’re in their proximity there’s nothing you can do. Because you’re not in
control of yourself the way you normally are . . . you know, in a different scenario. How
many exist? I would say enough.
A: Yeah. Two questions come up here. One I think you and I could . . . Either one of
you or I could answer but I’ll ask the first one: Is Ben, (viewer) asks . . . Is Ben still in
contact with the two Greys?
B: Of course. I don’t call ’em guides for nothing.
A: So they’re benevolent – I mean they’re not like the Greys that people hear about that –
you know, take . . . abducting people or like – even I will say this – the Greys that I had
sometimes encountered when I was doing Military Abductions?
B: You see the way . . . Yeah exactly. The way that I . . . I see it . . . I hate to use ((…))
because it’s so corny . . .
A: Me too . . .
B: The film that . . . The Fourth Kind . . . They paint a picture of what are . . . what they
call the DOW – Dimensional Observational Worker. You know . . . they are . . . yeah . . .
they’re the ones that are pretty nasty.
Now my two that I affectionately called John and James are . . . they’re fine. They’re . . .
Never been abducted – never had any bad experiences with them – and more than . . .
more . . . It’s not just me that has experience with them. That’s the beauty of it. I have
other people as well that have had experiences with John and James. And they, you
see . . . It’s not the fact that they get involved with your life – give you advice – it’s just
that if you’re going down a certain path and . . . you know . . . that’s REALLY destructive
they give you advice and tell you not to do it. But that’s it. That’s about it where it is.
Now, I believe that a lot of their advice is about placement – where you should be – like
what brought me to this part. You know when I was originally here I was in Fort
Lauderdale and we had a really bad hurricane in 2005 – Hurricane Norma. Basically
destroyed everything and we ended up coming up to Orlando because it was a lot easier –
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
we have family in the area and it just worked. But it also was the exact place where
everything started to happen. We got in contact with Heather, while I got in contact and
had my FIRST contact with John and James.
A: Interesting . . .
(Brief discussion re: speaking time)
(viewer) asks, “What is something that these Human/Dolphin Hybrids are used for?” I’ll
let you answer because . . . I mean, I could answer that but I’ll be curious to hear what
you have got to say.
B: You can go ahead . . .
A: Oh you want me to go and answer that? Alright, well (viewer), the Dolphin/Human
Hybrids were basically . . . they were . . . The main mission was – like with the
Human/Jackal Hybrid Program – was basically to create . . . you could say a . . . a better
controlled Super Solider that had super strength and super endurance and . . . but that –
that took care of the land side of things.
What they wanted was an aquatic side and the reason is, is because we’re not the only . . .
We’re not the only country that has been doing experimentation – unfortunately – with
dolphins. Russia has been having their own research and experimentations done since the
60’s from what I have been able to track back, along with other countries – even the UK.
But what they wanted was basically a being – a soldier – that could think like a human but
had the telepathic abilities of a dolphin and also the echolocation because it’s . . . it’s
biological sonar, really. Just imagine what the capabilities with that would be. Plus then
you know you’ve got this being that could hold it’s breath for up to 20 minutes – maybe
even longer. They can adjust their own body temperature. To sleep they shut off only
one side of the brain and let that side of the brain sleep and then it wakes up and then they
shut the other side. So you’re talking about a very efficient organic being that they could
use for many things.
(Brief discussion re: unanswerable ‘followers’ question from viewer)
(viewer) asks, “Do you believe in David Icke’s idea that there is a moon matrix on the
moon broadcasting brain-washing waves like the satellite in the movie ‘They Live’,
symbolized?” So basically his question is, “Do you think that there is a . . . a satellite
system from the moon that’s broadcasting global waves in the mind so that we’re all
completely mind controlled?” I can answer that but I’d rather hear what you gotta say, if
you got anything to say about that, Ben.
B: Well, I know, I DO know David, pretty well. He . . . he has some really good
theories. I’m not completely sold on all of them now, though. I’m not sure about that.
There’s definitely something on the moon because all you gotta do is talk to Ingo Swann
to know there’s something on the moon. If that guy can’t convince you, then nobody can.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
So, there’s something. There’s definitely structures . . . there’s definitely people . . . What
they’re doing up there, I honestly don’t know. You know, I can only speculate. But, if
something like that was happening, obviously it’s not working ’cause too many people are
waking up.
A: Well, you’re right. And that’s why they’ve stepped up and just to maybe help answer
that question . . . Mind control doesn’t just happen from one source – it can’t – because
not every mind can be controlled the same way. So it comes from multiple sources such
as the dumbing down through certain toxins and chemtrails, the fluoride in water – which
helps to calcify the pineal gland, GMO – the radiation that comes off of microwaves,
select microwave ovens in your kitchen . . . flat screen TV’s. There’s a whole scope
because they learned that what works for one person may not work for another person so
that they target from all these different directions.
(viewer) wants to know, “Are either of you aware of other hybrids . . . so other hybrids
programs besides the Human/Jackal and the Human/Dolphin Hybrid Program?” Ben, are
you aware of anything other than those two programs?
B: I know that Heather talked about genetic experiments using reptilian DNA but that
was part of the Damocles Program. They were having issues sending people through the
stargate without . . . basically, catching on fire – incinerating – burning into . . . Because
they basically couldn’t handle it. Theirs bodies couldn’t handle WHAT was on the other
side. The actual going through was fine but what was waiting for them on the other side,
they just . . . They couldn’t handle it so they had to use DNA – anomalous DNA so she
said – to use a kind of, how could I say it, a ‘cryogenic’ . . . So if you’d imagine Mr Freeze
still walking and still being able to take information to write down and stuff, and that’s all
they really needed. What they needed it was for intel. And I . . . I don’t know if they ever
succeeded fully. I think they had some . . . some partial success but . . . Come on we . . .
we know that they’re doing DNA research on us. And I believe they’ve been doing DNA
research on us since their ‘Dog’, that’s just part of what we are.
A: They’ve been doing it for a very long time in fact. There are places all around the
world where they’re still doing it with human/alien DNA, alien/animal DNA, or other
mammals . . . So on and so forth. There’s a lot of that but as far as any specific programs
that I’m aware of – the specific mammals or sentient beings they’re using – no. I . . . I am
not but there’s still more that is left for me to uncover.
(viewer) wants to know, “Any idea about what’s on the dark side of the moon? Is there
any truth to the idea that it’s used as a staging post for ET’s?” So . . . We kind of talked
about that earlier – about the dark side of the moon – and I’ll, I’ll just leave it at this:
Humans were told a while ago . . . Basically, the dark side of the moon is off limits to us.
We’re not allowed to go there.
B: That’s right.
A: It’s an agreement that was made.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
B: Yeah, that’s why we sent . . . That’s why they used remote viewers, hence, Ingo
Swann. Same for the Russians. The Russians had the same program.
A: Absolutely. Okay, (viewer) re-elaborated on his question about the ‘followers’. He
was, “. . . referring to the beings sent after Ben to try and make him stop whistleblowing.
Are they like you in the past, Aaron, Super Soldiers, or ‘Borg’. . .?” Okay, so the two . . .
beings . . . the two . . . the two – we’ll call them ‘units’ – that were sent after you or that
you or that you had the confrontation with . . . What (viewer)’s wanting to know, was
were they Super . . . like . . . were they basically 3rd Generation Super Soldiers like I was
or were they more bio-cybernetic like the 4th Generation?
B: They were definitely bio-cybernetic.
A: Okay . . . So they’re more of the 4th Generation Super Soldier. That’s what I . . .
That’s what I had gathered from everything else you had told me.
(Brief conversation re: last questions)
So, from (viewer), “Are these Super Soldiers being bred to fight ET’s or Reptilians?”
That’s a good question.
B: Well . . . now . . . what I . . . I WILL say that officially I don’t know . . . But I don’t
know, Aaron, if you’ve got the same document that I did and . . .
A: I did.
B: There’s something definitely going on in a part of the world that we both know. So, I
don’t know. I believe that part of their mandate is for Military Police. They can be used
in ((…)) but they also are trying to perfect these guys for a reason and it’s not to fight . . . I
don’t believe it’s to fight us because they wouldn’t put so much effort – effort and
emphasis – in to making them look human or giving them human functions if they wanted
to create a race of robotic terrors that could go out there and just decimate us. They could
do that.
A: They could do it now – I mean, they really could do it now. I’m with Ben on this. I
really believe that they . . . they are being built . . . Think of them as being built as the
guardian – the watchdogs – of the elite and of their facilities because they are worried
about infiltration of something far beyond US. Which is kind of . . . I understand, it’s
kind of a scary thought but at the same time . . . Why are they doing this if they’re not
worried about some kind of outside influence? So . . . still a lot for me to – for us – to
uncover and I’m sure as time goes Ben and I will, you know, probably uncover more as
things goes on.
(viewer) asks, “Are THEY presently using the integration of animal and human DNA in
order to create Chimera hybrid armies? Is this where we get our present myths/legends
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
of exotic beasts from antiquit . . . ” Okay, I think she’s . . . So, she’s talking about . . . A
lot of people believe that . . . like . . . the Chupacabra is some kind of . . . yeah.
B: Well let me say that, a Chupacabra is actually a . . . You can think of it like a dog.
The Greys – the DOW – particularly use it. It’s a research vessel but they can’t control it
very well. That’s exactly what it is. It gets out, it has to be feed – they have to feed it –
that’s exactly . . . So that’s what they do, they feed it.
A: Yep.
B: And I got that from John and James. But the . . . the myths and the legends, I believe
come a lot from the . . . the real history of the planet that’s been suppressed, like the
African legends of the shape-shifting serpents, the Aboriginal legends of the shapeshifting
serpents. All these civilizations that actually have been oppressed, their people
have been hunted – their people have not been allowed to speak of the history.
A: Absolutely
B: When you look, when you look at the Reptilians and Chinese history, the first
Emperor of China was said to be . . . be able to change into a fish or . . . or a dragon and
shape-shifting that way. It’s the same things as we go along with Hercules and the Many-
Headed Hydra. We always find the serpents show up in the different animals
representing things.
We’ve also got . . . Then if you look at the illuminati, there’s how they always use
symbolism. They use symbolism in Christianity. They’re gonna use it in the Koran.
They’re gonna and use it in Greek Mythology. They can use it in Catholic religion. It’s
all symbolism. So once you know where that comes from . . .
Yeah, I’m a big Jordan Maxwell fan of his. I don’t care what people say, he really does
know a lot about the history of religion and how it was founded and when you sit down
and listen to it, you . . . I . . . I . . . you know, I believe a lot of where that’s coming from.
Like Credo Mutwa, trying to get their, their messages just listened to.
A: Yes, absolutely. Credo Mutwa definitely explains it very well as far as the
involvement that the Zulu nation had with the Reptilians. And Jordan Maxwell, who
lives not too far from where I live now and is a . . . is a good friend of mine . . . We’re
gonna be at some point getting him on the show because I know there are a lot of people .
. . Some people really think . . . you know . . . that they have their opinions and whatever,
and that’s fine – I respect opinions – but if you sit down, you listen to what Jordan says,
it’s . . . it’s absolutely phenomenal the amount of information that he has gathered. But
also the man’s been researching for over 30 years in this, in this area.
Okay, let’s do a couple more questions here . . . Whoa, let’s see here . . . We’ve got, from
(viewer), “There seems to be a fight going on in space. One way or another, what exactly
is going on in space around earth?” Do . . . do you wanna answer that, Ben?
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
B: Well from what I’ve been told . . . you see there . . . you see I’ll answer and then I
guess you can tell me what you think. I’ve been told that there’s . . . Think of . . . okay,
think of Earth as like ((…)). We’ve got our ((…)) here, we’ve got so many outside
influences that are pulling us in all directions and then you’ve got other people . . . Now,
think of the Second World War – I want you to really look at the Second World War. . .
You had Hitler, you had Russia, you had all these countries that were so enveloped on
fighting each other – winning the war – the big war machine – and that’s a lot of what’s
happening around . . . But also, you’ve got the globalists that are pulling the strings of
each and every other place . . . don’t care about us or what’s going on. They care about
the great natural resource which is THIS planet. This planet’s an oasis in a desert.
A: Oh, Absolutely.
B: And it’s . . . they’re all . . . While the other guys are fighting for the scraps, the real
big guys that are pulling the strings are like, “You know, we’ll push them, we’ll
antagonize these guys – they’ll push in this direction . . .” But it’s . . . it’s like watching
robbers trying to fight over scraps from a bank robbery. That’s basically the way I look at
A: It really is. I mean, this planet has been sought after for along time and there is, there
is a war going on – it’s not exactly right off of you know, the . . . You know, it’s not just
outside of our atmosphere – just outside of our orbit – necessarily, you see, but it’s
definitely going on. Definitely going on because this earth really started as kind of a –
without sounding too cheesy – it really started off as like an intergalactic truck stop. You
know, when you . . . Like you said . . . like . . . it’s an oasis in the desert.
When this planet was first started really being utilized and then they realized that this
planet – out of many of the planets has such a large concentration of . . . of minerals and
resources and everything, that there’s a lot of interest in this planet by other outside
beings, other than just humans. . .
(viewer) wants to know, “How many races of extraterrestrials do you know of, Ben?”
B: Wow.
A: Yeah, it’s quite a question.
B: I know . . . Okay, I know six. Now obviously the Reptilians and I guess they could
fall into . . . ‘Cause I’ve got the Greys and then there’s another three sub-species of Grey.
That’s all that I know of. Now the others are . . . I can’t really describe them. People
have called them . . . like . . . ‘insectoid’ things – insects – but I prefer to look at – and I
know people hate this – the ‘Mothman’ view of things, because I also have experience
with that. But that does . . . I’m not gonna talk about that.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: Well that’s understandable. I mean, there are things that I’ve experienced that I still
don’t talk about – at all. To anybody. Just because I’m not specifically ready for that.
(Brief discussion re: wrapping up the show)
Ben, is there anything else you want to explain/elaborate on? Anything you wanna share
with the viewers?
B: All . . . All I wanna say is, basically, I know there’s a lot of stuff happening in the
Gulf . . . There’s a lot of stuff in the Gulf of Mexico and there’s a lot of issues at hand and
there’s a lot of people out there who are very scared and live in the area and they’re
asking, “Should we move, should we stay? What do we do?”
You know, now they’re talking about bombing the oil – the oil spill – and you know,
eventually that issue’s gonna come up and they’re gonna say yes or no to it . . . for . . . on
a finality note. And then there’s a lot of people talking about things like that and I’ve just
seen a lot of negativity with . . .
A: Yeah.
B: Please forgive me . . . Please forgive me ’cause I’m not one of these love and light
guys, okay? But I’m not . . . I’m sorry . . . I’m just not – I haven’t experienced a lot of that
throughout my whole life – but I DO believe that if you allow something like that to enter
in your head there’s then the potential of it to happen or not happen. And there’s so much
negativity and people are just looking at the down side. They’re like, “Oh, well, we’re
gonna have to move soon. This is gonna happen. There’s gonna be a big tidal wave . . . ”
And I think I put somewhere today that if . . . you know . . . We’re not getting out of this
alive. We should not walk around in fear. I’m not gonna be scared of a ‘fake alien
invasion’, of ET riding a cardboard cut-out filled with SARS . . . you know. For a big
HUGE Tsunami to kill us all, ((…)) and roast the entire planet . . . I couldn’t care about
all that.
My positive . . . My positive attitude is on myself – where I’m going – and I’m not going
to let the rest of it affect me. You can’t stop another person from coming up to you and
doing what they’re gonna do. All you can do is keep certain things in mind. If you think
bad things are gonna happen, generally you’re not . . . you’re not disappointed. But if you
think that things can turn themselves around and work out . . .
Look at all the work that’s been done so far. Or has it been averted, through positive
thought? I really believe that in the past few years. Everything you’re doing now,
everything Camelot’s been doing – with Avalon – all that, counts. It counts. So we can’t
just stop and say, “Ah, to hell with it. We’re done.” Too many people have turned
around and really look like they’re heading in that direction. No. Pull yourselves back
and pull yourselves out of it, ’cause we’ve . . . you know, we can do it.
The only things holding us back, is us.
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The Truth Collective Interview with Ben Murphy – Whistleblower
A: You’re absolutely right. I mean what people need to realize – and we talked about this
on the show with Tina and Tilde – is . . . is free will. People need to learn that their free
will is the most powerful – really! – part of their . . . of their . . . of themselves. With free
will you will unlock things like psychic ability. You unlock so much potential. Free will
– itself – within a person has the ability of making what they may have once thought was
impossible, possible.
So . . . very good, Ben. I’m really glad that you expressed that because I do like to leave
shows on a good note. So, Ben Murphy, thank you again very much and we would
definitely like to have you on again.
(Final sign off discussion re: next steps and more interviews to come)
Transcribed by Tamara Natividad
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