In the biblical story, Joshua’s group brought the walls of the city of Jericho down with a ritual procedure (focusing of mind and etheric energies) that culminated in the blowing of horns (mixing mental/etheric energies onto a “carrier wave” of sound vibration).

In other words, an “interdimensional” technique or technology was employed to reduce an area of massive stone walls (symbolically a confining, controlling structure) to rubble. And that second line of the song stanza will turn out to have a central bearing on our discussion-as we continue where we left off before pausing to describe the kind of musical communication that often “haunts” our scribe. So let us continue.

Recently, this scribe was asked to provide some clarification to a series of emotionally charged intuitive visions that were being experienced by a friend. This friend-who we shall simply refer to as “Kay”-is a spiritual healer, author, Crop Circle investigator, and trance channel with strong Native American leadership roots. Her most challenging personal accomplishment (and subject of one of her powerful books) was the successful escape from (and ongoing healing from) an early life of entrapment within the hidden corridors of interdimensional ritual abuse by ones affiliated with your highest-level secret government, your so-called Illuminati.

These dark (of soul), contrary ones are always looking to identify and utilize the psychic (interdimensional) talents of ones so gifted as Kay, and it is always a matter of great rejoicing when a beautiful and compassionate soul such as this one breaks free from that hold of darkness. Substantial spiritual lessons are learned for all involved in the cycle of such experiences into enslavement and back to personal freedom.

Among other recurring emotional visions observed by this strong yet gentle soul, Kay said she would “see” a human strapped in a chair-like apparatus that had a headpiece-a machine that looked like a cross between an “electric chair” for executions and a “hair drying” chair in a ladies’ beauty salon. Kay said she was given to understand that this apparatus was amplifying and broadcasting the thoughts of the one in the chair.

The location was vague, but seemed like it could be somewhere underground. She saw many such people strapped in such chairs. The scene was much the same as what several courageous authors have shared about secret operations like your Montauk Project.

The one placed in the chair is chosen for outstanding mental abilities-though kidnapped is a more accurate operational term. After being located and identified as a gifted candidate, the person is first programmed, through a series of torturous experiences, to express intense emotions of fear. Once these frequencies of fear have been cultivated and fine-tuned to an exceptionally high level, then the person graduates to placement in the chair-where, together, they operate as a high-power “broadcasting station” sending pure fear into your planet’s etheric atmosphere.

This has long been a practical method utilized by ones associated with your secret government to counteract the upward movement of your planetary frequency. As we have many times explained, fear acts like a poison that depresses and “jangles” the frequency spectrum of the etheric energy atmosphere in which you are immersed and with which you interact continuously. The large-scale injection of pure fear into your planet’s etheric atmosphere, from many such secret broadcasting sources, acts like a layer of dank fog to block an otherwise sunny day.

What Kay has been concluding from her recent visions-that prompted her to call our scribe for clarification-was actually a matter of great rejoicing. She related observing: (1) the falling apart into piles of rubble-like those walls of Jericho-of these etheric broadcasting stations as well as other interdimensional contraptions she thought to be part of the world control structure, (2) the release of anguished humans trapped in support capacities like the people in the chairs, and (3) the anger and desperation coming from dark ones associated with these kinds of etheric projects as they watch their equipment fall apart before their eyes-despite expending their best mental efforts to “hold” it all together-and thus realize that, in the Larger Picture, their remaining time of control over you ones is quite short. High tide is coming in!

Our scribe offered the opinion to Kay that what she was seeing was indeed quite real, and what was happening was as technically straightforward (though at an etheric level) as what happens to an overcast morning when the day’s strong sunlight gradually burns away (evaporates) the fog.

Another analogy shared was that of winter snowflake or ice crystals “collapsing” (melting) into liquid as the days grow warmer with movement into springtime. This analogy was especially satisfying to Kay since her visions showed the machines literally falling apart and disintegrating-a lot like the way sculptures in snow or ice do once the air temperature rises enough above freezing. What she saw disintegrating were the actual energy patterns which the dark beings utilize (in mental and etheric space) to literally construct such interdimensional machinery as the mind-amplifying chair-apparatus. (Some of you may be familiar with the way Tesla created and “tinkered with” his inventions in a similar way before producing a final product for use in your physical domain.)

Consider that such interdimensional machinery is formed, from a mental image, in the etheric equivalent of snow or ice. So long as the creation remains in “cold temperatures”, its solidity remains stable and it remains functioning.

But what happens if the “temperature” starts to rise faster than one can cool down the local atmosphere? Then the “molecular bonds” holding the etheric construct together begin to break and the machinery disintegrates-similar to what would happen in your physical domain if you took, say, a cell-phone from your pocket and tossed it onto a fire.

Can you imagine the predicament this puts these dark energies in? Their vast structures of control are literally “melting” due to the influx of high-frequency energies showering your planet at this time! (Now consider the second line of that musical stanza: “And the walls come tumblin’ down.”)

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