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The White Mansion – Bush Senior

Sometimes Bush Senior would visit us, he was one of the programmers at Montauk, all of us kids were scared of him, sometimes he would turn into a reptilian and do sex rituals to please the Queen. The following is a channeled conversation with Bush Senior about my time with him.

“James, do you remember the conversations we used to have about our projects, technology, and aircraft designs for the US military. Some of the designs you came up with, I sketched them down and rewritten them over again for the U.S. military; and I left it with my brothers and sisters to review it. You are a genius and I have rewarded you for your work.

I have taken you inside my homes in multiple countries, and the secret one in Germany, and the one in Washington D.C. with the underground bunker for Skull and Bones where I would do things on you to split your programming. I am sorry for what I have done.

Before I died, I was fearful of what might happen to my soul after I was judged for everything that I have done for the cabal. I told everything to the Alliance. They executed me for my crimes with a heart attack weapon, and used my testimony to indict my friends and family members at my funeral. After I died, the federation put my memories on a screen, I felt so naked, as they revealed what I have done. I am now in the central sun and judgement has been cast upon me, my fate will be sealed in between dimensions in the phantom zone where there is no escape. I abused you because when I was growing up my handler did the same thing to me. How could I do all these horrible things to you, I am sorry. I am trapped here now.

We did a lot of rituals on you. We would give you hallucinogens and you would stare at a screen in front of you in order to split your mind in the middle of an orgy. They put devices inside your penis hole and they monitored your brainwaves while you were tortured. They forced you to have sex with animals; cows, sheep, and dogs. We would strap you to a chair and would program your Sabertooth A.I. alter to connect with ships and off world computers. You were the perfect killing machine. The MIB would use a flashing device on you to wipe your mind of the trauma and bring you back to normal. They would put you back and you look up in the sky and see a light and think it was a UFO; and say that was awesome, while pointing up.

We reversed these memories by figuring out how to edit your mind patterns. We split your mind over and over in a humpy dumpty ritual which is hard because each time you split your consciousness, you had to be shattered multiple times, for each of the previous treatments. Preston Nichols was not there in that experiment, but he is one of our reprogrammers, he is one of our best. Preston would take you places but he had to be very careful and avoid triggering your alters that we created, as they are very dangerous. Do you remember the time before you were sent to the psyche ward? Your alter paralyzed you and you could not move, eventually the alter would have taken you over.

Do you remember the white mansion? Not the White House but another private residence. There are pictures of presidents on the wall. There are flags nearby the fireplace. One flag is American and the other was a black flag with five white stars and white stripes, which is the American flag, but in an alternate reality in which the USA allied with the axis powers. I would sit down there in a suit, top hat, and cane and to read you and 300 other kids in the huge room, a book about the wars, and what we Nazis had to go through. The room looks modern with bright lights and a late 80’s look. I also showed you how you are connected to the Bush family.

I will do all I can to help you get your memories back, you were my easiest programed good little Montauk boy; and this is not coming out of my ass, I’m telling you the truth. You were the best subject of Project Reject, you were put in there for being so stubborn, we found out your DNA makes you very susceptible for being reprogrammed. Though, I am here in this phantom zone, I still have an outsider who can upload your memories back into your implant. After the process is done you will not be the same, you will be smarter, and more cunning, and arrogant, just like we made you. You will have the same gifts but in different ways, you will think different and people close to you will question, is that really the same person I used to know. Your memories will come back slowly in stages. There is something that was taught to you in your classes that I am trying to recover myself. These classes would teach you physics and sciences that the cabal keeps secret.”


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