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The World’s Biggest Commodities and Recent Updates

My sources also confirm Uranus is one of the last places in this solar system where they are buying and selling human slaves, which makes me believe this intel is accurate. – James Rink

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer



We the People, needed to be keep updated on real news and try to read updates on good intelligence providers of the Alliance’s progress worldwide. At least, from good sources, compare what they release and to what is reported in Fake News Networks worldwide, and what we know so far. Then it is easier to know what the real truth is.

We are inside the “Greatest Transition in Human History” all over the planet; not only to the 5th dimension light, to much higher-technology, peace, harmony, no hunger, no poverty, fair wealth and distribution. We are in the final roundup of the D*eep State members that can-do harm to people or the planet. I was told and quote; “Once the Alliance announces the New Republic or Restored Republic of America, that the D*eep State do not have the power to influence anything of importance.” I do not know the exact date, as this is a military operation, as it should be. But appears we are very close with March racing to a very possible of voting sometime in March 2021 with the unhackable and safe, QFS (Quantum Vote System) to insure truth and fairness in an election. We may see President Trump sworn in March 4th, 2021 or sometime that month to the Restored Republic. Remember, dates can vary.

Now for the real story in China or the Chinese government. Please know that many articles written in the past few weeks or YouTube videos that are made to say the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is still in power and causing problems. They are getting their information from the wrong sources or not using good real logic. From Charlie Ward that the last seventeen CCP members have been removed from power, last week. People have to realize two things; the Global Currency Reset along with the QFS (Quantum Financial System) cannot happen if even on major country is rouge. The other is the mighty Alliance has been removing the D*eep State major influences worldwide; does include the CCP that was to use [B]iden as a puppet with 225,000 Chinese troops waiting on the Mexican and Canada to come in once fake [B]iden declares our American military not in power and use the Chinese troops to police America. That is what the CCP wanted to take over America and make it communist. Then the CCP wanted to ki*ll most of the American population and move their Chinese population here. Therefore, to think that the mighty Alliance would not focus on the new D*eep State army, the CCP to change the planet forever, is silly. The American military was the old D*eep State puppet with the false-flag wars for many decades in the past.

With two U.S. carrier groups in the South China Sea helping the R.O.C (Republic of China) Taiwan)) to militarily take on the Chinese military, and the air-to-air battle lost by the Chinese military, big time, a few weeks ago. The CCP surrendered, please understand this is really new; it did happen. This was reported by multi-sources too. American and Taiwan special forces are on the ground in China, now. The latest news is to take-out the criminal Wuhan lab and the underground experiments going on there at the Three-Gorges Dam.

Chairman Xi Jinping is a part of the Himalayan group that has declared a New Republic of China in the last few months, and I only saw one video and document about this. The 27 Chinese richest families moved to Taiwan before 1949 Chairman Mao declared China communist. They are the families financing the Global Currency Reset. Here is an excerpt of the article and declaration that happened in New York city June 3, 2020; “From today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will no longer be the lawful government of China,” the billionaire, Guo Wengui, shouted into a livestream from a boat in New York Harbor, with Bannon by his side and the Statue of Liberty in the background. “I’m here to tell everybody that loves peace, law, humanitarian — we’re going to end the Communist Party once and for all. We got hundreds of countries of support,” Guo claimed.” Here is what Commander Ashtar stated last year on 10/27/2020 about the Chinese CCP troops and goals of placing bases all over the world:

“Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?

Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new D*eep State army. Trump has much control over the American army now.

Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world however it won’t be permitted.”

One can see that the CCP or the new D*eep States Army will not succeed. We are not in the same crap paradigm worldwide; I will take your land by force or infiltrate to take over your country, or spy on you to get your technology. All 209 countries signed a peace treaty in 2015 and agreed to have no wars, no poverty and no hunger, and to release hidden technology and ALL countries move to a Republic government of much less power and give power back to the people, in every country. Just the D*eep State or illuminati was not told, or even if they did hear about it, they were in power so long and their arrogance did not believe it. Now, the upper hierarchy of the D*eep State and illuminati has been taken down and already in jails or executed, and the intermediate levels and minions are being dealt with now. Most of the U.S. Inc. Congress, [B]iden and [H]arris have been arrested, this is confirmed by multi-sources. The last main power-point is the worldwide Fake Worldwide News Network, which will be mostly taken down in the coming weeks and months. Truth will flow and shock the world, as the truth needs to be embedded into the hearts and minds of people, so it never happens again. Also, the main leaders of China; Chairman Xi Jinping, India; Prime Minister Modi, Russia; President Putin along with the leader of the Earth Alliance is President Trump. Together their job is to take down the illuminati. They are in-charge of each part of the world to convert all countries to real justice, under the People’s government with God’s laws enforced too. Chairman Xi Jinping has been secretly part of the Alliance and slowly “changing the old CCP guard” for years. For example, a year ago he replaced the corrupt Chief of Police of Shanghai. But the Alliance strategy is to allow these D*eep State players to hang themselves too, like trying to take over the American government. This will not happen. The mighty Alliance and the strategy are far superior and military might. The D*eep State players do not think that way, and all will go down fighting. As the CCP did.

Also, just in the recent weeks, there were D.U.M.B (Deep Underground Military Bases) bases being taken out on the border of Myanmar and China. Gene Decode has confirmed this with earthquake readings that are NOT real earthquakes, because they do not have two waves on the instrument reading. The explosives have one wave and are exactly 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 kilometers down, the exact depth of these D.U.M.B. bases are built. Gene has eyes and ears all over the world that report back to him, and in Kosovo in the past weeks, American tanks, helicopters, and troops were seen moving down the road shortly after these non-natural earthquakes or a should say underground explosions to take them out.

Just on 2/13/2021, my high intelligence source, who I will not reveal and asked first hand, has stated that all CCP members have been removed. All human experiments around and underground Three-Gorges Dam has been stopped and removed. The level # 4 lab in Wuhan that modified C19 has been taken down too. He has also stated and confirmed with Gene Decode, that D*eep State criminals have been taken off planet, but would not say where. This goes with Jared Rand that these serious criminals who do escape the executions, will be housed off planet to make sure they never interfere with Earth’s affairs again.

Now from 2/14/2021 received from Soren of the Delta Force Operations in the D.U.M.B. ‘s under China and quote: “We’re still out in the area of China, down in the bases. We’re taking out all of the DUMBs here with many of earth’s military forces aiding us. We have discovered more gold here, and so many gems, it’s staggering to contemplate. We have also, of course, found the usual scene in the D.U.M.B.’s with horrendous suffering and so many people who have been fused together with animal parts, DNA experiments, and there are just bo*dy parts strewn along the walkways. Unbelievable! When you say that hell is below you, I would tend to agree: this is Hell. That’s the hardest part to come to terms with when you consider all of this. We have seen so much and some of your people can’t continue. They’re so traumatized just by observing what’s gone on in these bases. We found one base in the mountains under Tijang, China that has to be the worst by far. There were bo*dies heaped in stacks, most of these chi*ldren, and so many ba*bies.” Please know this did happen all over the world in D.U.M.B. bases and the connecting tunnels, including America. Recently, 200 miles of D.U.M.B.’s and tunnels under Washington D.C., that is now military controlled, and will never be used as the National Capital again.

With all that real recent intelligence, NOT all D*eep State minions will be rounded up at this point in time, just major influences. It is reported from the Space Force that the vast D.U.M.B. bases inside the Swiss Mountain Range in Switzerland where it has been revealed that most all Mountains have underground bases and tunnels with many members of the illuminati are difficult to track down in these labyrinth tunnels being even thousands of kilometers long. Know that is why Switzerland was “always war neutral”, because the hidden ruling hierarchy or the illuminati as bankers who supplied money to both sides of many wars lived there. Know too, that Antarctica, under two miles of ice, with volcanos suppling heat of this harsh weather above, the Nazi’s and the illuminati have built cities and safe harbors in this under ice wonderland. From reports, this appears where many have fled too. Please note that Gene Decode states that there were 346 DUMB bases in America, four thousand to five thousand DUMB bases worldwide. Yes, with ten thousand miles of tunnels with many that have Mav-Grav trains going TO and FRO five kilometers deep connecting underground points and under major cities worldwide. Know that the Pentagon has spent over 500 million dollars (probably more) training special units to fight and take out these under-surface crime centers. Other countries joined in on these battles, and the Space Force was used too. The mighty Alliance has been working to take out these DUMB’s for years, and Gene Decode keeps us intel providers well informed, thanks Gene!

Now, I will break down what is really going on in the following countries; Myanmar, and Afghanistan with the drug trade.

First is the one country that made a lot of news recently with the so called “military coup”; Myanmar. First and foremost, the military takeover was because our U.S. military told them the last elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and followed by President Win Myint committed voter fraud to win their elections. I expect with this intelligence that most of the countries worldwide with a D*eep State or illuminati puppet who cheated with the Dominion software will be ousted. Military leader Min Aung Hlaing stated publicly that he will hold fair elections and hand power over to the winner in due course. Just like Fake world news media, if you look up this subject, everyone in the D*eep State’s controlled news condemned the so-called coup, and that is almost the majority of news articles. Typical of the D*eep State, throw mud on the good side, or what they do NOT want, it is the biggest secret, and what they have done forever, mirror the truth.

Here is the real statistics, the dominion computers modified eight million votes so the puppet leaders could win. Know too, that the Vatican for decades paid 200 million to one billion dollars to any world leader who was in power in their country, to do the bidding of the illuminati to its will. The Vatican, its banking system and power has all been taken down. Why is Myanmar so important? Well, they grow 80% of the worldwide raw opium that is grown there, as my intel source provided. One can produce heroin by laboratory procedure from opium.

From a quote from a production and distribution article: “Currently, there are three main sources for illegal opium: Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Colombia. Opium and heroin are ideal trade products–they are in great demand, are very profitable to produce, and the products take up little space. With modern transportation, opium and heroin can be moved from one country to another within days or a few weeks. Opium and heroin have a long and stable shelf life, allowing the products to be stored for long periods of time.” What is known, many of the opium and heroin is moved inside China and shipped out of their ports. Also, there are many pictures with B*iden, O*bama and many other slime-bags D*eep State leaders with the D*eep State leaders of Myanmar who are attracted to drug money like bees are to honey. With countries adopting GESARA laws (Global Economic??), they have to stop illegal drug production and distribution. One can see Myanmar and Afghanistan the top heroin suppliers and producers.

With that stated, these D*eep State politicians love to make money on the side, with the three biggest commodities on the planet; Adrenochrome, human traff*icking and illegal drugs. The CIA are heavily involved and support themselves with human traff*icking and drug running. Hell, one of my close relatives told me that when I was in combat in Vietnam, the CIA cleared the rivers before they ran the drugs up and down the waterways. This was the path to get it out of the countryside. Many other big names that run drugs and human traff*icking is known to be good organizations like NATO, Mossad, and surely to be revealed many other organizations. This leads us to Nancy Pelosi’s famous family trip with tax-payer Air Force jets, she was stopped by President Trump on January 17th, 2019. This was to the one big drug center Afghanistan and to Egypt. Pelosi’s criminal activity was to carry a pallet of cash to be exchanged for dollars and to pick up a large amount of heroin to be brought back to America so she can profit. The real Pelosi was executed on February 11, 2021, there is just a clone or body double taking her place now.

Now for Afghanistan, one researched author of an article stated; In 2010, groups in Afghanistan produced 90 percent of the world’s illicit opium, using clandestine labs well hidden in the country’s topography.” There are many “Clandestine Heroin Laboratories” in Afghanistan. I did not know why the discrepancy between Myanmar and Afghanistan percent of opium trade worldwide, but the map shows both are the two main suppliers. We know that strategically that Afghanistan in the world has almost nothing to protect, and does not border on anything important, except opium. Why is American there fighting a war for almost twenty years, until President Trump got in office, now most of our troops are removed. All countries have to do this to be NESARA/GESARA compliant. The corrupt American politicians and the D*eep State players kept the American military there to protect the poppy fields I found out. Why else would we be there? I do know a story I read about a new male legal immigrant who was so-excited to join and be a part of our American military until he was very disappointed that he was just guarding opium in Afghanistan. From what I have learned, drug trade will go to 97% or almost non-existent once we have the financial transition to the QFS (Quantum Financial System).

Now, we know that Iran and India are players that appear to have major roles in the heroin and opium trade too. But with D*eep State corrupt governments that get ‘diplomatic freight or pouch” shipped to any country, the control is difficult. We do know that Ghislaine Maxwell was submarine qualified and did use these hard-to-detect small submarines to transport chi*ldren for the world human traffic*king trade. This was used in anything one could make money. This was the famous Epstein Island chi*ld abuse parties and even sacrifices. The upper elite, like a lot of the Royal families in Europe used very private Caribbean Islands that ran from Cuba down into the coast of South America. They had particular tastes, of exactly what chi*ld they wanted, and usually had a hunt before they were cooked up and ate in what is the satanic cult called “spirit cooking”. Just unreal, but this stuff really happens.

This is where we get into the top profit and selling drugs on planet Earth and beyond is adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is made from the blo*od of a chi*ld, younger the better, that has properties. To make the adrenochrome, chi*ldren are shocked-electrically to get their adrenaline high and they then ki*ll the chi*ldren to extract the blo*od with a great amount of stem cells. The high adrenaline laced blo*od and the human stem cells will keep the blo*od drinker’s young. From the worldundercover.com quote: “What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline [also known as epinephrine] oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then ki*lled and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.” From testimonials from many military sources, that metal cages are stacked extremely high in underground bases called D.U.M.B.’s. They know exactly how long to shock the chi*ldren, and are divided up into blo*od types to maximize the quality of the adrenochrome. There is also a higher-grade of adrenochrome that is extracted from the pineal gland and takes as high as two years to get from a chi*ld, and is an art more than science, at least from my intelligence provider. It is called Chrome-Chrome. Does it sound like the Chrome operating system from Google? Yes, they like to throw it in your face.

Inside Adrenochrome is stem cells that are one of the highest priced items they get from a body or even people in the hospital. You see, the real secret is that the “human race” used a “crop” of slaves to be harvested. The chi*ldren were the most valuable. This is why the controllers, the illuminati, had off world colonies and starships. They had slave trade colonies on Uranus, this is directly from my insider intelligence. They sold human chi*ldren on that planet. What has transpired is that millions of chi*ldren end up missing is this vast network of tunnels and underground bases. From my insider intelligence, human traffic*king, especially chi*ldren, that make far more money than the drug trade. This includes the pedophilia that is involved and the making of adrenochrome. The Elite and many Hollywood people choose to drink adrenochrome because this practice is aligned with Lucifer, they worship and believe this stuff too.

We do know that Walmart ships transported chi*ldren to major adrenochrome processing centers in the world like in Wuhan, China. Disney ships were used for human traffic*king. Adrenochrome was processed worldwide in D.U.M.B. bases. It is hard to know the complete list of companies that participated in these “crimes against humanity’. This is modern day slavery and mur*der for a product. This is against Universal law using the human bo*dy fluids or bo*dy parts to sell as a drug or food. This disgusting and horrific practice is almost over and will be this year. We are witnessing this worldwide battle; good vs. evil to climax and return Earth to the good side or the Light all over the planet! Let freedom ring!

Judy Byington; “We do know that President Trump is the world leader of the Alliance which was taking down the Cabal headed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Trump, Russia President Putin, India PM Modi and Chinese government head Xi were working together to bring down the CCP which had organized the fraudulent 2020 Election. A successful top-secret operation would soon be announced that had been coordinated among multiple nation states, including the US, India, Russia and Taiwan with the cooperation of China Chairman Xi.

As to what I have expressed, many people already know in the awaken group, but the majority: People are going to be very upset with what has really been going on behind the scenes. Adrenochrome drinking, selling and processing. Governments involved with human traffic*king, and drug distribution. Major businesses are involved in selling chi*ldren on-line like Wayfair, Walmart and Amazon. Why do you think the CEO of Amazon resigned? Jeff Bezos has been arrested and is awaiting his military tribunal. He owns and is also behind the Hollywood set in at his Castle Rock studios, for the fake [B]iden oval office being played by Jim Carey. Bezos like many others, as an example, and over 500 members in Congress that were taken to Camp Century, in Greenland first, because GITMO is full. From one source, then these high-value and publicly known people, like Congress members were taken to the moon with a view of Earth from their prison windows made of transparent aluminum, to have a view and they cannot interfere with any American affairs. Delta Force member Soren states where the prisoners are taken; “but we just arrest them, and they go to galactic court. Those who have souls are sent back to the central sun. We have prisons on the moon, underneath in some of the DUMBs still because we can’t move them off planet, there are prisons on Jupiter’s moons, in the Pleiades, all over. There are so many of them.”

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of the chi*ldren worldwide. Justice is here, thank God. All for human traffic*king, drug trade, and crimes against humanity will be served for their by-the-law military tribunals for high-treason and high-crimes. Please do not have attachments or expectations on exact dates, for this will only led to personal disappointment. The dawn of a New Earth is here now; the war with the illuminati has been won, now the clean-up, next is the Restored Republic announcements, O*bamagate, and voter fraud information release. Then, slowly in the next few months is the big reveal of the TRUTH to the public or the extreme crimes and how the world was really run. This has to be done slowly and carefully not to shock the public to non-belief!



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