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These Beings that Run Milabs

The following is a repost from contactee who had contact with hammerhead shark like beings. They are very cunning and are responsible for manipulating the negative milab, draco, and reptilian collectives. I’ve have heard accounts of these beings from other experiences who all report them being very cold and calculative. Also it appears they have time travel technology and use it to create our reality as they see fit. If anyone else has had contact with these beings please share your experinces here.  – James Rink


If all this was just a dream, this was maybe the most complex dream ever. This probably was not a dream, so I release what I just wrote in this section, but if Moderators don´t like it here, they can move it of course. 

Well it was not easy to write all this down, because its so crazy what happened last night, but I try to start anyway.

Little Info I

I need to create chapters for this because I just see this is so much material from this one dream and it has so much details that it needs chapters, so I will need to use titles for a few segments here. To make it a bit simpler for myself and the readers. It will be a lot work but I would like to write this down for you people. 

I will keep this because this dream or dream like experience is something huge for me and not just some little dreaming moment. I really would like to know what all this should mean. Something like this you don´t dream just like that out of the blue. There are even more details but I can´t write about all of them. Its actually so much that I could write a book about this one dream or dream like “hyper-experience”, but anyway, lets start simple as always.

Little Info II

Before people freak out, why I posted this in this section and not in the dream section, its simply because thats a topic about alien language and the stuff I experienced with them. Yes it started with a dream, but could they have used this dream as a trigger to get our minds or etherical mind copy from our body, into a triggered regulated reality that they are familiar with? 

Lets get to the point. Probably this is the wrong section, but dream section also should be the wrong section, so anyway, its complicated already what I have to explain. It will get not easy to explain this.

At the end of this larger text I would also like to talk about the fact that they had interest for my brain and they even showed me why, but more on that at the end.

The Dream Starts 

I was dreaming that I was outside in the city on the streets. I walked chilled around and check out reality. Suddenly I saw that the sky is full of lines. As I looked more at the sky, I could zoom with my eyes into these lines and see that its a script of a alien language. Suddenly other people also started to see this in the sky. So people all came together and started to build afraid some groups on streets. 

A Bit More Deails

But I saw that and I was keeping away from the group building of humans. Suddenly the script symbols of this golden language was falling from the sky down to the earth on the streets. People started to run to these symbols but nobody could understand them. They looked like this:

1. Round, oval like
2. All had some fat points in the lines but the lines and fat point markers had a certain meaning 
3. Also how the round oval like objects got connected with each other had a important meaning
4. I just painted a few, but there were millions of them and they all had a different “configuration / setup” of line behaviour and differebt configurations of fat marker points

My Paintings Of The Alien Language Symbol Scripts I Have Seen

I´m not an expert for alien language, but this is at least the most complex stuff I ever saw. No idea what kind of language on earth looks similar to this. Do someone here has any idea(s)?

The Dream + The Additional Try To Find Early Conclusions

They looked at me, but I looked away from the people. They started to look if they can sell it on ebay. I knew that they would act like this and that was the reason why I looked away after they looked helpless at me with the symbols in their hand. I saw these script symbols are made of something metalic, but it was not gold, it just looked like gold. Its sound was very high and empty, like nothing was inside of them. 

Empty symbolism, but golden on the outside. That conclusion helped me a bit so I started to keep away from these from the sky falling script symbols, but suddenly a voice started talking to me. The voice said something in a language I couldn´t understand.

I can´t even understand how a lifeform can produce with its mouth such tones. It sounded not like words of a unknown language, it sounded more like tones of some little dinosaur or strange bird like being that tries to imitate the way some very old african tribe could probably speak. So it talked to me and I couldn´t understand its language. I seemed to understand and stopped and suddenly for a little moment I was somewhere else. I was surrounded by a soft green light that came from above. 

More About These Aliens Or Whatever They Are

It was inside of something that was very long but had not much distance to the wall. It had light brown walls full of LED lights in green, blue and red colors and some had a white light. Nobody was there, just me and the voice keeped talking to me in a language I could not understand. But I could feel with my intuition that they had interest in me because of unknown reasons. But my intuition also said to me that they are nothing what humans could understand at all. They are not any kind of these races that humans can read about. 

These beings were something totally else. Because for a few seconds I could see a strange light coming at me and it stopped suddenly and went back, but it had a face so I guess it was a lifeform, but it was looking like nothing I ever have seen in art or movies or whatever. I don´t know if I should describe it, if it makes sense at all. 

Another Try To Paint What I Saw

But a painting would be better. I should try to paint it. At least I can say its face was full of things that seem to something thats not existing in animal systems we know or in human forms that we know. It looked like this, I will try to paint how this being looked:

It looked a bit similar to a hammerhead shark, but it had additional facial structures if I should call it at all “facial sctructures”, because it was more like a head shaped structure and not that much something like a face, but it was large, very tall and it had something like a holographical robe of white and brown light. Never saw brown light before.

Its probably wiser to show you pictures of hammerhead sharks because the aliens head looked exactly like the head of these animals, but it had a brown color:

They Made No Trouble With Me And Seemed To Like A Few Things About Me Pretty Much

So much to say. Well. I just start. Uhm, it made me feel like this being must be some kind of occult king of some dark interdimensional empire or something similar like somebody highly important for others of its kind, but it makes no sense for me, because they are just to different. It couldn´t talk to me and I couldn´t understand what it tried to tell me, so I got for a few seconds a bit angry about it because I thought something like “Great, now I´m in some not existing place out of known reality, talking with some alien or whatever it is and nothing that makes sense ever happens, fantastic” and this being gave me a reaction on that thought that I had about all this so it got angry and made noises like a violent dog almost, but it could transform its voice like it could sound however it wanted to sound next to me. 

So my next thought was “Is this one of these beings they call reptilians or greys on internet?” and this being looked at me and I thought “No, it doesn´t looks like some dinosaur or dwarf, so it must be something totally different, but anyway, where am I now and what do they want from me?”, so this being had probably some conclusions about me and went away and others came, but they looked perfectly human, but they asked me if they look human and normal now, so it could be that they just changed the way they normaly look, so its a bit more easy for them to get things done, things like contact and communication, but it wasn´t that much communication. I had pretty much my own view on all what they did next to me and they had no problem with me. They seemed pretty cool, they made absolutly no trouble with me.

Anyway. Another little conclusion. There is no way that some human would understand them. You can´t even describe the way they look, before they transformed into perfectly human looking people, in a way that people understand what you are talking about. 

More Strange Details I Saw

LED light blinked on the walls but not LED light that humans know, they looked like circles that got segments of different colors and there was a light within these circle segments that went sometimes faster and sometimes slower. No idea what this should do. But this room or whatever it was was full of such things and it looked maybe like a control room for something. It was cold inside of this place. I felt nothing. I tried to feel this being from the inside, but everytime I tried to do that, this being started to know about my intention and it started to change the color of its holographical robe into a green light, before my intention it was a white light. 

After I had a thought that this being is not able to handle my logical thinking it started to get angry. It made noises that didn´t sounded friendly. It seemed like this being communicated with me trough a color and sound decoding. 

The walls also produced sounds, but the sound was strange, like some very high frequency around 900 hz or so that got phased slowly and this sound regulated somehow that it got colder in this place and as it got colder there started to show up a fog and the lights I could see better trough this. As a sound engineer I am very good with observing complexer sounds.

As I had this thought, this being started to calm again down, like it got angry because it saw or felt, whatever, that I can get much information from its behaviour and this place. It was very strange. I saw also something else for seconds. 

Do Dreams Have So Much Details? Was It A Dream Or A Dream Like State That They Used To Dublicate a holographical molecular interdimensional Image Of Me Into Their Spaceship While I Was At The Sme Time At Home On The Couch? 

It was like I did bilocation because I saw its spaceship from the outside, but it looked like nothing I ever have seen in movies or youtube. I need to do a painting, a complex painting of it, but I can already tell you that the color of their spaceship was brown metalic, a beautiful brown metalic and it was large, very large, but shaped like something that changes the way it looks, if you change the perspective of looking at it. Its probably not possible to draw this with windows paint, but whatever they are, they are nothing what you could read about on alien sites on internet.

They also took me into a white room and there waited a girl, she was around 19 or so. She had a black pullover on and dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Pale skin. Longer hair. She waited there on something that looked like a very long oval object. It was very long, more long than round. Its geometry is hard to describe because I never saw something similiar like that. Anyway. 

This girl was waiting there. I also waited there. I mean it was a waiting, because we couldn´t move around trough this large hall like, lets call it scientific “hyper-studio”. I looked into the girls eyes, but she looked at the white wall. The wall was looking like beautiful shining white ceramic, but a lot more shining and polished looking. 

The Shocked Girl With The Black Pullover I

She looked highly intelligent, but the girls eyes looked like traumatised. She did not move a second. After a few minutes 2 human females dressed like doctors came near us. The one female asked the girl and me, if they look like we would expect human doctors to look. I did not answer. I was just shocked about what was going on. So the one female doctor looked at the other one with a strange facial expression, in a way like “Why did he just say something like this?” and I said to them that something is wrong with this girl in the black pullover, but they told me that they just freezed her in time and I shouldn´t worry. 

The Holographical Brain Operation

“She will be fine”, they told me with a pretty cold sounding voice tone. I couldn´t understand what they just told me. I said the girl is looking like she´s shocked to her bones and traumatised, what have you done to her? And they just looked at me like “Why is he saying this now?” and they after this started to tell me that they need to burn “some factors away” in my brain! I said “Wait, stop, ok? What factors and what is going on here and who are you and why is this girl in the black pullover not even moving her eyes for a second?” and they suddenly had a holographical monitor next to me and showed me my brain. 

They showed me that my right side of the brain and they said its looks healthy, but thats increasing the neuronal activity on the right side to intense so it will make problems with certain substances that regulate certain factors how neuronal substances control neurons and other things, so they said they will burn now a few factors away and I will be finer after their operation. I said that I don´t like if other people talk like this about such stuff when I´m involved, but as soon I said this, the operation was over, they said. 

It took them not even 2 seconds to do something like this they said. I couldn´t understand and told them that I am standing next to them, so the one female showed me to look at the abstract oval and art like object and she said look, you are there, we created in seconds a dublicate of your image and even if a operation should fail, it would not be possible to hurt someone this way.

The Shocked Girl With The Black Pullover II

I don´t know what went wrong with this girl or what they have done to her, but she looked very sad and shocked and traumatised. Totally dissociated her eyes looked at the white ceramic like wall. She looked like a statue. Or they maybe made her to a statue, because they maybe use this kind of esthetics without any kind of moral. 

I just know I felt sad for this girl and went to these beings and they said this girl is freezed in something we call time and she´s fine. I told them that this is not right and the more they ignored what I said, the more upset I got and after this reached a certain peak this one female went to my right upper arm and touched it in a strange way and suddenly my blood pressure went down and I felt again relaxed without feeling that angry like before. 

I was a bit unfriendly to them. They stayed normal. So thats a pretty cool way to show that you still care. They just wondered a bit about me. Not sure why, but they seemed to like it, whatever it was. 

These Aliens Seemed To Like My Nature 

After this a few minutes went over and I went again to the girl to see how she feels, but she looked like a statue starring at the white ceramic like wall with absolutly dissociated eyes and a dissociated facial expression like she´s in some trance. So I stayed next to her, so she´s not alone by herself in all this, but these alien female beings in human form came back and first they both looked interested. The one said something to the other one, probably because I was waiting next to the girl because I had the strong feeling to protect her and stay next to her. These aliens seemed to like my nature and told me again that this girl is fine and time is in this place on some levels activated and on some levels deactivated so they don´t need to do all work at one moment. 

Than she, the female doctor or scientist, whatever she was or is, looked at me but it was like some control look from her into my eyes. She said that everything is alright. Of course nothing was alright. They started to see me as problematic and talk to each other a few words in a language I don´t know. Sounded like birds or reptiles that try to talk in a old african like tribe language. There is no way that a normal human could imitate their way of speaking. 

The Body Morphing Of The Female Beings & Their Very Long Horn On Their Backside Of Their Hammerhead Shark Shaped Like Head After They Transformed Slowly

First they looked perfectly like human doctors or scientists (maybe they just wanted to look like this for certain psychological reasons), but they could transform and morph the way their looked, because after they walked awy from me, their heads morphed slow into a hammerhead shark shaped like head form, but these 2 had, after they morphed, some long white horn on the backside of their head, so its geometry looked like you see 3 horns, because the hammerhead shark shaped head also looked like it had 2 horns on right and left plus the very long 3th horn on the skulls backside. 

After they morphed, they looked totally white like polished ceramic and they had blue bright shining eyes, that looked very holographical like laser light almost. The one turned around around and looked at me, but its eyes and the way it watched me, showed me that some incredible intelligence is just watching at me and this kind of intelligence goes far beyond what humans would call a genius like Tesla, Nietzsche, Da Vinci or Einstein. 

These beings, whoever they are, are incredible intelligent, but its not possible, at least it was not possible for me, to scan or feel them from their inside. The only thing I could feel is that they are absolutly cold and there is a certain amount of cold ignorance for the feelings of others and there is a large amount of mental power and energy coming from these beings. I will never forget the eyes of this being. It was so much more intelligent than you could in any way describe. 

What Kind Of Race Was This?

They were for sure not greys or reptilians. These were totally different ones. After they morphed into their probably real form, they had a very long horn on the backside of their head and blue laser light looking eyes and their head seemed to morph constantly like it couldn´t decide if it should look hammerhead like shaped or oval shaped like some egg and it started to fluctuate very fast like its photons are freaking out. Photons are the component that makes things visible. 

I never saw something like this before. And while it shape-shifted in high speed constantly back and forth it looked with its shining laser light looking blue eyes into my eyes. That moment I will never forget. It was worth the hole mess. For sure these beings were not plejadians or sirius or others of the races you find infos about.




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