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Third day of injections November 29, 2012

Third day of injections November 29, 2012

In the past 2 days I been getting cut marks behind my bicuspids. Well i got another one today. I see what appears to be a tiny needle mark between my teeth, see picture. Though it looks small its painful to chew on any food in this spot. In the past few months people have commented i look jaundice its possible these injections are starting to make me ill.

Here is the blog post from the past 2 days.

In the past 2 days i been getting a lot of activity Yesterday morning i woke up with the upper side of my gums behind my right bicuspids hurting. It was painful if I chewed on any food in that location and it felt like there was a bump or some kind of implant taken or put in. Then this morning despite only sleeping 3 hours I woke up with that same location bleeding as well 2 or 3 micro needle injection marks.

Had someone remote view this and this is what they saw…

“James I see the same crew, primarily a female technician, Overseen by a male black ops guard possibly armed in some way, and greys overseeing them, and also some sort of regular meeting with men in suits that dictates monthly operations. I am guessing generals/blk ops sr handlers people of that nature. The injection in your jaw was a black op extraction of a new Pleiadian time anchor device. The Pleiadians seem to have compatible implant technology and the black ops gov got it from them a lease type of thing.

A time time anchor device, creates some sort of field and keeps you on original time line, similar to a grounding device for cars or electronics, I have only heard of them being installed in our mouths. It is easier to attach something to the inside of your mouth than other parts of the body. They may appear to be square or round and white , though some may possibly be black. Usually located in the upper and lower molars.”

“James congrats on the radio station and hope you reach out to as many people as possible. In the last two days I have been getting the most intense activity’s here as well James. I had a feeling that there was something going on at your end as well.

It is interesting that greys at your end are overseeing the crew that goes in to you. Here it is reptilians, Draco’s, greys and beings that I have not come into contact before. They are the ones running the show with the help of the reptilian with that part of the government. Property handlers and stupid dumb generals as well. Although this is all alien here at my end since I have been doing alien work of some kind lately more so than ever.

It seen the human elements tend to come near me if I am out having a coffee somewhere since the alien activity here at my home is 24/7 and very high and intense. Any crew that comes through here have to be quick I feel. My reflexes have been becoming very quick lately as well properly due to the greys. The reason why the quick reflexes is because there are some top greys that are acting as handlers around me at present until that changes to something else. I am being used for some of their work and the reflexes are the subconscious part linked to the programs.

I am not sure why they want to anchor you James but somehow your abilities are leaking through by accident which is coursing problems for them 24/7. Be course of this they have to try and anchor you down that is one of the reasons why they fear you even with all these technologies and alien and human alike.

James they are scared of you somehow to an anchor on you and if they are scared of you they are terrified of me in some way we are a thorn in all of their sides general and all. Anyhow keep on working the good fight.

Do you really want to see a doctor for your jaundice condition ? They may give you something to help out, but sadly the programs have damaged you like me. The programs damage everyone they come into contact with.”


  1. Does this occur in the Astral world or the 3d world? If the ‘veil’ is lifting then, I still don’t see anything, only my perception of things is better. If you are a ‘good’ person, your actions will reflect this. Perhaps ‘Alien’s are archetypes in your mind, considering that humans use just 10% of the brain. Whatever you encounter is probably as spiritual as a Pea.If aliens exist, then what the hell are Demons then? devolved spirits? I don’t understand what’s going on.


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