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This Energy Took me Over


James my son’s girlfriend still has had no further heart issues after your regression. Amazing bro. I appreciate the extra time you spent with that. Shes a aw sum girl. She and my son had a craft come up to them about 30 feet in size at the cabin north of tampa two weeks back. She was talking my ear off about it ! Lol. It’s sorta old hat for my son as he knows nothing else but encounters. Lol

It looked like a possible cigar shaped craft as it was pitch dark. They were about 80 feet away and it had two red two amber two white lights. It was silent and maneuvered around the trees They first saw what I saw with bill once. Its like a lantern being lit ( Colman fuel type ) then a military laser designator was pointed to it ( like I have ) and it got glowing brighter but after 15 min it turned off then two white lights came on then others it drifted then rose up ten feet and began to leave.

The weekend before this I had three men with me hunting at the cabin as well as a friend who is about 38 Was sleeping. Around 2:30 am one of my sons, Sammy woke up and went to the front door as he was in a trance. I know this because i was still up reading a book.

It was odd. .. He rubbed his face hard five times and his back was arched straight ( I thought he had back problems ) then he put his new boots on with military precision ( they took him ten min early on as they don’t fit ) and he sat three more minutes and then got up and walked to the door and opened it ,.i woke up the other guys and Sammy could not get screen door on cabin open because I had it roped shut. I said “Sammy u want me to go with you?” He did not Answer then I asked two more times and then shook him ! He tried to cold cock me and I grabbed his hands ,. He said what ? He said my name its being called I have to go ! They’re it is Again ” Sammy come here ! ” I said Sammy no one is calling you bro I been up all night reading in my bunk ! He said there it is again its Akraim ( the other guy there but He is sleeping. ) I said Sammy no one is calling you trust me ,. He said there is is again !., Angelo said go back to bed Sammy ,..

We had to take him physically and put him down and he sat there for five more minutes saying his name is called ” Sammy come here ” he said there ., there see !? He did this again at 420 am. ( no one uses drugs or drinks )

One minute before all this happened ,. I felt this energy over take me and I yawned fifty times ( I don’t sleep til 43o am any night ) my head felt as if it was filling up with clay and I passed out and one second later is when Sammy sat up and his cot made the tell tale creak sound that a Aluminum frame bed makes and I woke up and I felt like my head was thick with something like water or even clay; which is was I thought of as I never felt this before.

Something I believe paramount to what is missing around 4:11 am they wanted all of us asleep to make their abduction on Sammy.

In the morning Sammy did not even recall awakening once .. At lunch I told the story and he said I ( we ) were playing a trick on him and he was actually getting annoyed .

Angelo said ” its true Sammy ” you were a problem for us all last night and its like you never stopped hearing the voice until we made you lay down again. If I did not have the luggage and gear all piled in front of the door the second time he would have at least fallen off the deck or down the ten foot steep stair case and killed him self as Angelo did not wake up until he was yanking on the rope of the door., making the metal screen door clank.

I beleive Whoever influenced sammy are not physical beings trying to take us. They are some sort of interdimensional being that are maybe taking people under ground ?

As those who were retuned in missing 411 claim. , a being that can take physical form I.e a shape shifter skin walker type of evil entity . They use some sort of chi energy and induction ( chi then induction ) which is so strong you cannot possibly come out of the trance unless your awakened by another ,. Its like when Bonnie called me from 80 feet away I was hearing my name five times in a deep sleep then jolting awake ..this is when I looked down the trail and once again felt for my hand gun and it was missing ( it was just getting dark ) and I looked down the trail and saw this pink eyed being and it turned a 90 degree turn and walked into the forest .

Well James just trying to make sense of this. Any input would be helpful . Ok off to do some fishing ! ;))


  1. This is incoherent, makes references to assumed knowledge by the reader, has poor grammar and disjointed sentence structure. Basically it is hard to follow for a plethora of reasons. Clean it up, use details, explain better, use spell and grammar check, and maybe it will be interesting. Assume the reader does not know anything about any of your subject material or people. That will help you to make it better for the reader to follow.


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