Monday, April 22, 2024

Threat Level Assessment

Hi all,
Important message here, USGS & Dept of Interior met today about April 13th, 2016, FEMA Emergency Action Plan set in motion,… The Emergency took place April 13th, 2016, West of Cedar Rapids Iowa, but is spreading towards the Mississippi River, molten lava & Sulphur Dioxide are reaching the surface & are now in the prevailing winds East by NorthEast, & have been for 6 days.
Also following the short Synopsis of this meeting video below, you can view a Threat Level Assessment of 2+ hour video of Classified USGS & Military REAL-TIME Satellite Feeds of multiple activities, just so you can calmly prepare for what you see.
I will send that TLA ASAP when I receive, should be no less than 1-2 hours to process, as soon as I receive it, I will disseminate to you all,
Love & Light, & I think things will work out well, for most surface dwellers, so Here We Go, Enjoy the Journey,


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