Thursday, June 20, 2024

Super Soldier Summit 2013 Tickets on Sale Now!

Join us to learn all about milabs, super soldiers, monarch programming, mind control, and more. Come meet James Rink, Max Spires, Jo Anne Richards, Tyler Clark, Alara Blackwell, Kerry Cassidy, and many others share our testimony and our own self healing from the horrors of mind control. May 17-18-19, 2013 Henderson, NV just outside of Las Vegas! PURCHASE TICKETS NOW! Click here to either book your flight or share a ride!

If website is not loading please call Lorien Fenton and she will run the card for you ….415-895-6069.

 TO MAKE YOUR DISCOUNT HOTEL RESERVATION. Fair WARNING: there is a 15% Tax per night per room, another fee of around $8, and, if you want it, the internet is discounted to around $5 a day from $10. Be sure to click on the drop down button for the 2 Queen bed room if you are sharing. Make your reservations ASAP! Rooms are limited.


To contact Denise for a free regression click here


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