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Time Traveler Took This Picture of a Dinosaur 66,000,000 Years Ago

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This man claims to be from the year 2082 and has been on a mission in which he time traveled 60 million years into the past, and saw dinosaurs with his own eyes. We met up in an undisclosed location as he told us his story and showed us a supposed picture of a real life dinosaur.

Watch the first interview we did with this man:



  • Alexander Boyd says:

    Absolutely nothing of value! A different timeline, a parallel universe? We know about this but the supposition then is that it is not OUR past, or in OUR timeline unless he cares to explain with greater clarity. It is my understanding we have 12 parallel universes within our one Universe, & then there are countless others beyond that, each with their own parallels.
    The photo was a complete joke even if real. No preparation to keep it still in position, & most of all the photo itself appeared to be out of focus – using 2082 technology? Perhaps there are problems capturing a different dimension or is it density or is it timeline?
    This guy needs to do his homework & stop focussing on the big ‘effect’ of the photo, & start learning the correct use & meaning of specific words in the English language.

  • John Palczewski says:

    Hi there James! It’s John from Miesha’s tour thing in Vegas….

    I finally got to exploring your site. Excellent work! I am going to dive in head first.

    Take care,

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