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Time Traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit

Hi James I have never told anyone publicly this but I think I been experimented on by the Nazis. I have been remembering more of when I was in jail and a short time after we talked on the phone. In jail I remember the guards being real nervous around me, and the memories I have of the dreams I had when I was there some about time traveling, the MiB, and some other crazy shit.

The dreams seemed so real to me I just couldn’t let it go; I think I was getting into something the powers didn’t want me into. I am not sure what I was used for but I think there is something special about the way my brain functions or the way I perceive spiritual boundaries. If I am not crazy, which I think I am, I think I am somehow connected to the reptilian plot to harness our spiritual abilities.

It seems like everything was stripped from me. When I was in solitary confinement I remember looking at the walls as if I could see though them, and every direction I looked, at the instant I gazed at someone they spoke. I would try to do the Silva mind control on myself and I would go into a very deep dream, and when I woke up I would feel stronger and more powerful.

In the dreams I would meet this gray haired old man who wanted me to show him what I could do. The main guy was real tall, had a very stern face in a Nazi uniform with a cross on his shoulder and it seemed like I would dream about that very often. They would shoot quarter sized projectiles through a rail gun and I would dodge them and slow time down through a ritual. I kept walking into dungeon cells where I found soldiers in Nazi patched uniforms performing experiments on people and when I would blow a breath a transparent wave would stop time, and I would go in the middle of some type of medical transplantation and take the subject out, and later I would see the Nazi all deformed and incomplete because they were harvesting body parts from the subject.

The Nazi would have his chest open and some organs removed waiting for transplant or something and I would go in and heal the subject and take him out and the Nazi guy would stand up all messed up. I don’t know if he used me for surgery, but I think I was saving people they were performing on.

I also had dreams of predator type aliens picking me up and working along with the marines to train people to be like them. They look like reptilians but they seemed to be against the run of the mill aliens on this planet hell bent on world domination. They were warriors, and they were giving us the ability to fight for ourselves.

It is separate from the Nazi thing. They found out the Nazis wanted me, and took me into a ship, and they had these training programs like the matrix. It was a series of programs; the first one was to test what you were capable of. They would hook you up to a machine in a chair where it was equipped with electrification apparatus and a gas mask and then hit you with modified nerve gas. The nerve gas was supposed to increase the amount of pain you could take before you passed out or went into shock.

In the program which was like the matrix. You could feel everything, which I think in part was because of the electric tools they hooked into different parts of your brain stem in the back of your head. The program would run for weeks at time, and when I would wake up from the dream or find myself in my bed there would be a fresh plate of food, I’d eat, fall back asleep and resume exactly where I was last.

Overall it would consist of different things like poisoning tolerance training, electric shock treatment and molding my skull.

I also believe they put something behind my eyes probably for monitoring my targets. That’s why I just chalked it up as me being insane. But I don’t think I am insane anymore because I don’t hallucinate or have delusions any more. It all stopped when I left jail and got into the mental hospital it just all stopped.

To be honest I think I was experimented on in jail. I thought clones were walking around and stuff, and I that I visited mars. It seems like when I breathed the air from the vents in deeply I would get high and I saw the history of mars in some water I spilled on the ground, and I saw this crazy ass reptile bird flying around me and my spirit getting sucked out.

I think they made a modified clone of me. I don’t think it was a cyborg. But I think they removed some of my unique personality traits so that it could be controlled easier and be more effective. That’s what all the matrix training was for. I don’t know if you remember the Andy Pero story about jumping out of a plane and bouncing and landing right? It was shit like that we were being trained to do. I don’t remember any faces, but I know I wasn’t alone. But it’s all misty now.

Also I have been having an urge to do something deep inside of me but I can’t figure out what it is. I want to go out in survival mode, and train myself for something, but what that is I can’t figure it out.

Of everything I just told u, what is your take on this James? Do you think there is anything behind what I went through, or I was just temporarily insane? I couldn’t tell the guards because I started stuttering really bad and couldn’t seem to get anything out.


I think your alters where bleeding through due to the trauma of being imprisoned. I think they experimented on you there. Maybe another faction wanted to get a hold of you and prison was a good way to do that. I highly recommend start taking notes and putting together a timeline. And in time you will find your story making more sense.


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