Thursday, June 20, 2024

Timetables: The Destruction of the Deep State

Channeled from the Anunnaki  

It is important for one to understand the concept of timetables.

Timetables (as represented herein) are loosely based (loosely configured) and free flowing. Able to continually adjust themselves as required. Timetables are configured to operate in a state of flux. That is to say, that timetables allow for a changing, or shifting, landscape – an unfolding environment, which allows them to operate within parameters that are not fixed or ridged, but rather loosely constructed to allow for a continually changing environment or set of parameters.

So configured, timetables can then adjust themselves for the best (most beneficial) long term result or predetermined outcome.

So configured, timetables can adjust themselves to an everchanging environment, based upon the unfolding situations at hand.  The algorithm inherent within each timetable (its quintessence, if you will) sets the underlying parameters for it to operate in an everchanging, real-time, environment.

These timetables are result-driven timetables, rather than being strictly ‘calendar-based’ events, devoid of optimal results because of time constraints. Result oriented timetables are always best. Calendars may play an ancillary part, of course, but are not the main focus.

Time, of course, is always a critical or crucial component – but not the end all of any given situation.

A.I. is well suited to these types of tasks or endeavors. Being able to run many multitudes of scenarios, simultaneously, continually seeking out the best outcomes to an everchanging (i.e., quickly evolving) situation or landscape.

A.I.-based timetables have a life all of their own, and react and interact (with the circumstances at hand) as they are designed to do.

Becoming aware of the above timetables, then, enables one to clearly see them in action.

Before you are able to perceive something, you must first become aware (conceptually) of its possibility; so that you are able to conceive of it, and know what to look for.  

Becoming aware of the potential of something, allows for one to consider its possibility and thereby allows for perceiving it.

Ultimately, the various ET clans control human events. These various ET clans are in actuality, competing, or in competition, to see to it that their agenda comes out ahead.  Each side, with regard to human events, places different scenarios in the mix –which they hope to use to control human events– on a timetable (typically an A.I. –driven timetable) – thereby allowing their manipulation of events to play out to their advantage – or in their favor. Also, as far as ET clans go, it’s not always the more advanced clans that prevail.

But oftentimes the less advanced, more numerous (well-rounded, with regard to their members), and more dedicated clans.

This then, is what we are witnessing with the destruction of the Deep State: an A.I. –driven ‘stimulus and response’ at an accelerated pace.

by J.S. Horvath


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