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Titan New Nuremberg Major German Colony

Written By John W

Titan, New Nuremberg colony. Major German colony. Solar Warden personnel also present.

Titan is a moon of Saturn, inhabited by the German SSP for about 700 years, through time travel. It is home to numerous naturally occurring portals/wormholes, leading to numerous places in the Milky Way galaxy, and several neighboring galaxies, making it a very important transit location.

The German SSP first colonized Titan in the 1920s, but at some point went back in time, so that the colony, known as New Nuremberg, is currently around 700 years old, with a population of around 40 million.

I don’t have a clear memory of the native inhabitants of Titan, but | believe them to be a plasma based life form. Numerous ET races have also set up bases and colonies on Titan, both on the surface and underground.

The topography of Titan is that of an uninhabitable desert. The colony is under an electromagnetic force field dome, or magnetosphere. The natural atmosphere is highly toxic, with very high levels of sulfur, giving the sky a yellow color. The temperature is hundreds of degrees below freezing. The landscape consists of bright red rock, with yellow sand, streaked with black sand, which seems to indicate that Titan was once a volcanic world. There are also huge lakes and oceans of methane, which reflect a rainbow when the sun shines directly on them.

The colony itself was built not by the Germans, but by the so called ancient builder race. At its northernmost point is a massive pyramid, which has been converted to office space. As a general rule, New Nuremberg gets poorer the further south you go. The poorest sections of the city are at its southernmost point, where the living space is carved out of the sides of cliffs. These areas contain no electricity or running water. The city is surrounded on all sides by a massive wall, from which the magnetosphere is projected.

In it’s southwestern point is a military establishment, over a hill from the city itself. From its northwestern point is a 300 mile long covered highway, which leads to the ET inhabited areas.

I lived in the northeastern portion of New Nuremberg. I was in what was called an apartment, but really more of a hostel. The bedroom itself was completely private. However, the bathroom and kitchen were communal. The entire northern half of New Nuremberg is home to both German colonists and various corporations.

Transport consisted of two things, the first being a maglev subway. This was open 24 hours a day for military personnel, but less for civilians. The second transport method was through portals. A few of these lead from one area of the city to another, a few to the ET colony, and some outside the city. Having a car or dune buggy was necessary for transport in the countryside.

Outside the city are numerous mines,bases, and ancient sites. Far below the surface is a major ancient site built by the race native to Aldebaran. I went there once and found several artifacts,most notably a looking glass and a diamond pendant. When looking through the diamond one saw a map of star gates across the galaxy.

Due to my rather limited recall of my time on Titan, I am unable to provide more detail. This will be added to when and if I receive more memories of this phase.

Read this. They found the city on Titan! The one I lived in! I know it’s the one, because of that pyramid. I feel so vindicated right now!

NASA Recently Found a Huge Structure On Saturn’s Moon – This Mysterious Structure Shouldn’t Be There

The North Polar Seas are massive constructions left behind by a highly evolved extraterrestrial civilization, probably the Anunnaki.

Color is used to enhance the clarity of these wonderful photographs. We can plainly see a city complex tower and a massive building that is approximately 300 miles long in the following video.

Let’s take a closer look at Titan.

Titan is Saturn’s Moon, and it is one of our Solar System’s most well-known satellites. However, something weird has lately been uncovered in regard to it.

Titan has a massive ice belt around its equator, according to recent findings. The majority of Titan’s surface is entirely frozen, but a large portion of it is coated in an organic material that falls from the sky.

Simultaneously, this satellite’s atmosphere is dense with organic compounds, making it much more difficult for scientists to investigate its surface.

In addition to the ice belt, geologists discovered Doom Mons, a massive peak named after Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings. However, these places have been examined for a long time in the hopes of finding traces of cryovolcanism.

One of the numerous explanations for the existence of the ice on the belt is that it symbolizes Titan in the past when its structure, composition, and nature were quite different from what they are now.

This discovery is significant because it allows scientists to not only learn more about Titan’s past but also about the history of its atmosphere.

Now I have a serious question for you: does that structure appear to be natural?

Take a look at the video below.





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