Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tomas Alvin – Dark Fleet SSP Deep Cover Military Intelligence Asset

Tomas Alvin served on several 20 years and back missions in the ssp. During this time, he was a super soldier, deep cover military intelligence asset, a private contractor, logistic officer, maintenance officer, and a Dark Fleet Mechanic. He was stationed in Galactic Rim onboard the El Chappo, Hyperion Station, and the Horizon YNK (Yozora No Kyushu ) Command Carrier.

Today Tomas will be speaking about his time as an experimental cyborg, who went by the name of Raven. She now lives as a cleric on Mintakka. Also, he will be sharing his life as Tanya who was on the Corvette Class Franklin, which was the size of enterprise D, and served as a military intelligence officer. Additionally, Tomas will be making a shocking disclosure about prominent ICC executives who were given cushy jobs on the Fox News Night Team for their service in the ssp. He also is a graphic artist and will be showing some of his SSP drawings and share how he prevented an attempt on the Donald.

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