Monday, April 22, 2024

TR3B Base Intake Port

The following is from a memory as told by Michael Spinler and as drawn by Jody Hargreaves


James I remember myself at a nuke bunker that contained a TR3B  Base Intake Port that was just offloaded and then a huge reptile walked out in front of me and into the elevator shaft.  I remember standing in the doorway with the machines behind me. I was facing the other way than how this drawing shows it. But its very very good, looks just like it.

I was standing with 3 other men, workers or guards. They wore guard uniforms and we were waiting for him to pass before we entered the elevator when it came back up to us. The reptilian had on a black short cut uniform on with a purple patch on his arm. He was a colonel. I don’t know why I know that, I just knew he was. When he walked the earth would tremble, he was so damn heavy and muscular. 8-9 feet tall at least and broad at the shoulder. I felt like I was like an ant to him.


  1. Amazing to read science fiction and then read these testimonials, and think how the lines between what is fiction and imagination and what is reality and people’s experiences (even if sometimes possibly mostly spiritual) is beginning to blur.

  2. Not blurring but the we are expected to accept these tall tales, recall all these newbies have had access via internet for past 15 years or more so they gather all whats out there and then comprise their little stories around that, using the buzzwords bounding about the alternative media. They all want their 15 mins of fame. Poor souls, should pity them really.

  3. the sad part is there watcher, i dont want, nor need the fame. i tell my story because there are others out there like me. maybe one of them will watch this, or happen upon it and their world can open up to the realities. i dont want to be on tv. i dont want a talk show schedule. i just want to help those like myself. so keep your pity. and be glad you are not like me. ill just assume because of your previous statement that your not in the programs. but i respect your opinion. as wrong as it may be.

  4. Yes I am late to the post but ……


    I believe that the “program ” you were in had you belive what you thought you saw.

    The reptilian dude wasn’t really there.

    They f***ked with your mind. Psychological warfare.


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