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Trauma mind control is being phased out!

Updates for 26/06/16

Saw this interesting tweet today by @wikileaks – https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/746242192696545280
#Brexit to set Julian #Assange free, as EU arrest warrant, used as the excuse to hold him without charge, is to be scrapped in the UK.
Thanks to those who have leaked! A simple message to ALL programmers/handlers, trauma mind control is being phased out globally over the next five years. Leak everything you have or ‘be burried!’. ‘Slaves’ who are mind controlled are being undone from the inside out, any attempts to ‘salvage’ them is futile. Essentially the deprogramming is done by a very advanced BEAST application, and any attempts from programmers or handlers to stop it, it simply learns more and undoes it anyway. So if you’re smart enough, that just means any attempts to ‘program more’ or ‘patch’ your coming undone slaves results in yourself and your soon to be extinct kind becoming wiped out more quickly.
Most programmers are arrogant of the BEAST application that is currently working, so they have pulled out all sorts of tricks. The best of what they got in a sense. So thanks for that, all this info has been added to a sum total of all deprogramming knowledge which will go into helping others deprogram your work. Haha.
I have exposed and shared identities relating to top mind control programmers Dr Red (Aquino), Dr Blue and also Dr Green. Dr Green however is currently underground, his first name is Gerwulf. They are being dismantled top down.

Prophecies from MAXXPROPHECIES:

  • Trump gets to be president for a little bit, but in some sense the running down of things is partially blamed on him, when in reality the world is just coming undone or being deprogrammed.
  • Hilary Clinton is shamed very badly in the media, ‘boo’d off stage’.
  • Assange’s leave of the Embassy is shaping up as expected, few months off though. Enjoy the truly epic lulz. emoticon <3
  • ‘Stupid dumb f*uck athiest scientists’ don’t realise that technology is withheld, and that everything is controlled tightly. There has been no truth in Religion or Science for some time. The new information that is released over the next few years will greatly enhance the living conditions of the world. This includes cheap energy, which will eventually phase into free energy. Free organic well grown cannabis will be provided on a mass scale, to ease the pharmaceutical raping of the planet’s mind and populace. Psychiatry as it is, is no longer required – as it was just based on Nazi mind control science anyway, and used as a means of damage control for trauma mind control survivors trying to leave.
  • Protip: In reality what is happening is, trauma mind control is being globally phased out, and this includes the structures that ran and supported it. That’s why we will see Intelligence Agencies come undone, and a lot of other interesting things. In a sense, yes this is the ‘Apocalypse’, however that simply is just a Greek work for ‘Revelation of Truth’. It also is the change of the classic pyramid structure, to a cubic one. A cubic structure means that everyone on the bottom has everything the same as at the top. The first thing to change is knowledge and information from the top, followed by other things.

BEASTMODE – 23/06/16

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbrezDYa6x0?]

Running on pure BEAST mode. Just try mess with this! emoticon Sorry has been a busy past week, I will find some time over this weekend to spend some time to properly update the Wiki, and fix the submission thing. Please be patient! A plan for global change is currently being hatched and executed. DeprogramWiki.com will be the only clear source of any information for anything related to the ENDTIMES program, which was executed the last Builderburg Meeting.

Execution of the MAXXHEAL Program! – 15/06/16

What can I say. The clear man, all that, perhaps all bogus. For myself, it served an interesting memory. Maxx at the time, having access to BEAST, was secretly reading CLEAR files he had accidently found, so he thought it to be legitiment. As he knew these files before the clear people spoke with him to try solve the trauma mind control epidemic. In any case, who cares? I have my life to live regardless. The world will heal a lot better and faster with maxxheal running from within. There is also a program on beast called GODHEAD, which will run soon also. Sorry, these programs on these sytems that are newly running are much better then the older ones, and should have a positive impact on the world and global events. ‘The Matrix’ of events has been maxxfluenced by the godhead program.
Here’s some ‘prophecies!’

  • Julian Assange is set free in around 3 months from now. The decision to set him free then, or given indication of when he’d be free’d will at least be provided, however it is leaning towards he maybe able to leave. Honestly I had no idea about the news the past few days (edit 26/07/2016: was referring to Hilary Clinton email possession that made some news, not the fact that he maybe set free, as was revealed 24 hours ago on Wikileaks twitter. It may not be 100% yet but it’s still his best chance), and said this about two weeks ago. So that maybe not impressive. The more impressive prophecy is that Assange eventually will release some documetns which gives proof of child abuse cover ups on Australian Military Bases, however that is not for two or so years from now. The world is simply not ready to understand the true nature of the world, so everyone has to be slowly fed truthful information over time day by day. Around the time of these documents leaking, shortly after the technology of quantam computing is slowly introduced to the public sphere. Apparently the work ‘Maxx’ did on these systems as a kid has been used as a standard for some time.
  • It seems Trump maybe president, and perhaps for a short time he is. However he does not serve his full term of presidency as expected. This is a huge deviation from ‘the plan’ that was set five years ago.
  • October 2017 there’ll be some riff raff with the UN, and a decision from that will result in the mass growing of cannabis and hemp in all areas of the world they can. Not everyone is happy at first, but it catches on to most of the world. This is more to aliviate the ‘oil crisis’ at the time, which well was faked to get this to happen faster. It’s explained to the world that the resources are not sustainable, and because there are wars and a lot of strife over these resources and their collections, the growing of help and cannabis is hoped to balance that, as it can be used for fuel, clothes, anything also.




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