Thursday, June 20, 2024

Trigger Puller

James when i was watching one of your videos i was getting the info before you were talking about it. Happens alot so i never paid much attention on what you were talking about, sorry. LOL Your a pure soul, i felt no deception at all which is very very rare. You were on one video and I saw you change personalities, eyes, facial expressions and voice. I wasn’t paying much attention then it was like WOW…wonder who that is. You were talking to someone and was a bit frustrated about trying to get an answer, asking a few times…I saw your eyes get black as ice and cold. Frighting to be honest. Has this ever come out in your home life?

One thing i did notice was your wrists, you have thick wrists. I learned that its a sign of being a “trigger puller” huge wrists are.


Well if i do get triggered in my home my family is usually the ones triggering me because they are controllers and that’s there job so its not like they are going to point it out to me. But thanks for making me aware, its a bit sad what they did to me but one day i will get the justice i deserve. No one has ever mentioned the wrists things not sure what you mean by trigger puller?


Trigger pullers are expendable men used to kill people as in shooting them. They have bigger, thicker wrists from carrying a gun ect…from the job.


i don’t know how to shoot a gun lol


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