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Trip Chairs

Note this list does not include the soul matrix chair.

Trip Chairs

There are four types of Trip Chairs; consciousness chairs, teleportation chairs, remote viewing chairs, and total recall chairs, all of which use alien technology to interface a person’s thoughts and feelings for manifestation purposes. The consciousness chair is found onboard alien spacecraft. If a person has the right DNA, they can navigate these crafts using a mind interface. The teleportation chair is the Montauk Chair. Basically users can open up wormholes into time or different places.

The remote viewing chair is used for intelligence gathering and assassinations. A vector is given, which is an encrypted code for a targeted location; the chair would then decode brainwave signals so what was being seen by the remote viewer could be viewed on monitors by technicians. If the technician wanted to assassinate someone remotely, they would locate the weakest chakra on the targeted individual and attack it psychically, resulting in a heart attack or death.

And this brings us to the total recall chair, located within the Neo-Lab, where MILAB and Super Soldiers are programmed and brainwashed.  According to the Peasemore DUMB security officer, Barry King, this device is more simply referred to as the “Trip Seat.” Just like in the movie Total Recall, memories would be uploaded and downloaded from a computer terminal.
Trip Chairs

Trip Seat” as shown by Peasemore DUMB security officer, Barry King.

The Trip Chair itself looks like a dentist chair which is hooked up to a computer. They contain $17 to $30 million dollars of gold and platinum precious metals. According to Michael Prince, once you lay in it, a foam-like material surrounds the body and locks it in place.

At this point, they may place a visor over the head and a computer would find their worst fears and use them in a virtual reality dream-like scenario to traumatize and shatter the mind into alter personalities. They have a name for this process: it’s called “uptime.” At this point the operative may say something like “give me your mind.”

Some victims even recall seeing a green laser-like light coming from the ceiling and scanning the head. I believe this is how they upload and download memories. Remember memories are holographic and are not stored in the brain but outside the body within the aura. And they can be manipulated just like a rainbow spectrum of colors can radiate from white light. So all they need to do is to shift long term memories around where the short term ones are and a victim would have no clue of what they have been doing, allowing them to upload structured programming skill sets such as foreign languages, weapons usage, martial arts capabilities, etc. at a very rapid rate.

From a Milab Victim……..
Trip Chairs
Here’s a sketch from my journal that’s dated. now as an artist I can’t take credit for the design; I’m guessing this was military and maybe Edwards AFB. Don’t know what they called it.

But I do know that the “screen” wasn’t just a screen. It was like when that thing came down you were emerged in whatever it projected I guess you can say. The chair itself didn’t do much but secure whoever was in it. It could tilt and such to load someone in upright as well as laying down. I remember one of the technicians yelling out “There’s too much time compression with this one!”. Not sure what that means, but I know I wasn’t the most cooperative when it came to those situations. I do have drawings of the “lab room” at Edwards AFB too. Been meaning to do updated/more detailed versions in the future too.

The screen generally involved killing people or watching people get killed; was one of the things that linked me to “the games” too kill apparently. This was all quite complicated and intricate to say the least…

Sometimes I would kill and sometimes I was controlling others which varied in numbers from a small group, to individuals, to battalions. Sometimes I had to just watch weird shit too, looking back now i’m sure part of it was shock training & ritual crap.

Not sure who my targets were it all depended really. Sometimes it was people in a contemporary present day time period (at the time which would have been when I was most active from the early/mid eighties til the early 2000’s), sometimes it was people from what it seemed like the future, sometimes the past. Sometimes I was in a body I recognized (or atleast an augmented version), sometimes not. Sometimes it was ET I guess you can say, sometimes it was what looked like robot/organic-life form hybrids. If it was war, it was espionage in the way of stealing shit from places, which could be objects to info from computers. I also remember something odd in the Lab Room that’s hard to describe, was kind of circle shaped in the room.

I remember greys in this facility quite often and other races,  I know the Annunaki where around but they never showed their true forms. I was used to interact and fight with various other ET’s though.

Images courtesy of Tyler Clark

Trip Chairs

I was taken down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs was tape on the floor which I was instructed to follow. If I stepped over it in the wrong way they would punch me in the stomach or threatened in some manner. There was guards nearby everything else is blurry can’t remember faces only clothes and weapons the hallway is cold but the room itself is warmer. You follow this line till you get to the room with the trip chair.

Trip Chairs

Now this room contains the trip chair. Here it can change into one or two or even three screens center or in the corners, also on the ceiling theirs some sort of Stimulating laser that shoots into your pineal gland they also have a tray with needles or a tranquilizer pistol… Also there is only two people in the room with you one observes and the other walks around doing things can’t remember to well but i think there is a two sided mirror or window with an control room or observation room may be a computer console in the room just can’t remember it.

Trip Chairs

This shows a ceiling shoot there are 4 to 6 racks on the ceiling which contain arms that have orb like lights attached to them, but these lights may be levitating not sure. The circle thing is where all the wires and fiber optic cables coil up and go into the ceiling which then connect into the AI computers. In front of the chair is a screen which shows different images. There also seems to be some kind of blacked out window in which someone else is watching in another room. The computer laptop is not connected to any other computers and no one ever uses it. The drawers contain drugs they give us and there are medical instruments nearby if needed.

Trip Chairs

The blacked out windows looks just like the one seen here from s4 and the doors and walls all look the same.


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