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TRUMP Returns to DC – Current Situation Intel & (Video)

Mar 3, 2021

Mar 3, 2021

So this afternoon Trump showed up at the WH via a helicopter.

The helicopter left without him…so he is there for the 1st time since the fake elections. (not just a visit as the MSM fake news says)

The White House has sit empty.

Fake Biden was never there.

They are in California at the fake studio set owned by Amazon pretending to be president.

Meanwhile the real elected president returns to the helm today for an Inaugural event that is scheduled to start tomorrow. (Thur March 4 through Sat March 6)

Starting tomorrow (Thur March 4) there could be FBI/ CIA enabled false flag violence in DC that would be blamed on Trump supporters and [Q]Anon followers. (same as they did with the Capital riots by Antifa & BLM false flag)

On Friday (late) the Military will take over the MSM. So be ready for some real news for a change.

If the Internet & TV goes down…expect to get info via your cell phone on the EBS.

Rumors say we may hear the restored republic announced and that Trump won the election by a land slide.

Also the return to the gold standard and a new currency…along with new banking under the QFS blockchain system.

SWIFT is gone and CIPS takes the place.

Your money will be safe and ledger transfers from one bank to another will be instant and free of any fees to move funds.

When the angry left supporters learn that Trump is in fact in charge…expect riots so stay at home and off the streets until this is over.

The military will clean it all up fast this time.

Expect a period of a couple weeks of disclosure starting now.

The scamdemic is over now…no more bs.

Texas and Florida have ended the face diaper mandate and the public is open again. (other states will follow)

So if Trump is back at the WH…that means the swamp creatures have all been removed.

GITMO has been real busy lately.

Intel indicates expansion at GITMO went out of sight underground about 10 levels deep.

So from the air…the footprint looks the same.

Biden has an island next to Epstein island.

Oprah has an island there too.

Many islands in the area are connected via underground tunnels from an old secret submarine base from WW2.

For a very long time they have been using these islands and tunnels to use children for their satanic rituals and unthinkable acts.

97 of 100 Congress members have been arrested for treason and more.

Deepstate cabal arrests continue.

Children have been seen exiting the WH & Capital at night when the lights were out…escaping the tunnels under DC. (that run 200 miles and all directions)

Stock up on whatever you might need for the next 2 weeks…as there may be a lockdown and possible blackout?


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