Hi James,

I hope you are doing good. I found you through a page I used to run for Aaron McCollum about 2 years ago. I have no health problems, no missing memories in childhood, but I remember experiences that I had in my childhood that are still vividly recalled to this day. My abilities in alter are telekinesis, I went through a short period of training in this, it was more like a dormant ability I feel, obviously unable to use that in physicality lol I tried. I’m literally going inside things to change and or dismantle at molecular level it would appear (visually). I’ve been away viewing, collecting info on certain ppl & things, have assassinated 3 people that I know of.

But a little bit more about the things that I have been doing. I feel they are using me to counteract certain moves being made by other factions of elite ruling that are more dire to humanity, this to date has included:

(In brief)…

Going undercover into state buildings for information.

Suddenly appearing before soldiers deactivating/ breaking down programming (most of which on some level actually want this, I’ve had some break down in front of me in relief, they want out of the whole thing. Others, just a few real tough ones hell bent & totally aware of what they do… resist, and they have turned into fight situations whereby I instantly took them out before they did so to me) <— I had some time being affected by this, but fine with it now.

I recall also being taken out to go and remote view a private party, small gathering of four men (well actually 3 men and one who can take form of a human but he isn’t) after the inauguration, which I have more detail of but don’t wish to make public.

I had one event where I was again in US government buildings,( I went to sleep with my mala beads on that night), and suddenly appearing in this building with maybe a FBI /CIA man standing with me waiting to see someone ‘higher up’ he was taunting me telepathically trying to fill me with fear before going in the office, looking at me up and down like a piece of shit, he reached for the guru bead of my mala pulled it off, he held it up taunting me again ‘saying’ “you won’t be needing this” I felt he knew that it is personally powerful to me in certain situations. I don’t normally wear it in bed but that night something just urged me to do so and when he did I just felt & ‘saw’ blue flame rise within me and so surrounding me (this happens in wake & sleep state when angered or in danger etc) I grabbed it back off him, punched him in the face, he was on the floor and I was blacked out from there whatever happened I don’t know.

Although I have much recall, there are certain times there is complete sudden blackout where I do not know what happened for example when I was taken to the Kremlin I recall vividly being surrounded by 4 suited agents, I arrived there with a male to my right hand side, Putin came out from double doored office and he looked us in the eyes, as he ushered us into his office the guy to my right hand side said something (I do not know what as it was foreign language) but his energy was of complete fear and protest, and then an altercation took place whereby this young man was shot instantly. I was took in the office, and as soon as I reached a large desk to sit down everything is blank from there, would love to know what was said exactly.

It is obvious that you and I are working for different factions. You are being taken against your will, I’m not etc… It’s probably US using you right? I know who I am pulled in for. I do not have all the answers for myself, I recall quite a bit clearly, most of these outings I am aware of being in two places at once, if I give more attention to either reality for example “oh im asleep in bed” ~ il come back to physical state etc, and vice versa. All very interesting, I wasn’t aware until through my own experiences that there are so MANY factions at this point, it’s crazy, sometimes they work together against another faction and before I know it I’m doing something which shows me we no longer trust that faction etc. I am not privy to all information on what I do, I just turn up and know what to be doing. twice so far that I can recall there has also been a off world connection in my experiences, 2 meetings held in a circle the 1st one seemed to be a gathering of people who were taken none of us seemed to be showing resistance to being there, a black Cobra snake being appeared in the middle (felt like highly intelligent being) he moved around the circle choosing people by looking in their eyes, he would bite the people he chose, he passed me two times on the third staring at me intensely I knew he was about to strike me, and he did, biting on inner elbow crease of left forearm. The second meeting I recall about a week ago now, there were less people now in the circle, a ET humanoid stands in the middle this time I feel he’s Nordic/ Pleiadian he has a positive focused/ leader energy, telepathic group communication it is explained that results are positive, he’s happy with progress, and I get laughed at lovingly for the way I have handled some of those more resistant soldiers I spoke of. I feel the ones using me (not against will however) are Nordic/ Pleiadians and the black Cobra snake being is rather important. I am aware they have their own agenda …but in my experiences so far I can see they do have general public best interests in mind.

I’m still trying to find someone who is having similar or same experiences as I, I had more recall this morning, a third meeting this time (these are reviews/ get together of the group, with this male who looks like a human but energetically I feel otherwise). I’m trying to understand more but hopefully finding at least one person experiencing similar, I do not know the faces of anyone in our group, not one.

I’m very keen to see what happens next, as in the review with the group, I was singled out and told by the human/hybrid male that I was one of the best he has ever trained and had working for them, this later evidently caused jealousy among 2 others in our group, who after the review I later walked in on one (female) having a conversation with a male on a mobile device, I could clearly hear him even from the doorway, in a bitter tone he told her “I hope ‘Barbie’ gets this next job, she won’t last with that one” …the female was not responding to him in front of me, so I went up to her and whispered in her ear “it’s ok sweetheart you can tell your little friend that after I do this next job, I’m a free agent” (said verbally) ………….. “and I’m coming for him next” (said telepathically). I instantly knew the ‘Barbie’ reference was about me lol ~ asshole, a bitter dig towards me. I walked out of that room into another where the remainder of our group was and they saw I was angry/ upset, they ask me what is wrong, I tell them that after my next job I’m a free agent, and they should ask Leona* why (*I said her name). Last thing I recall myself leaving, as around 6-7 of people engaged in an argument with her about me having decided to leave.

What about you, have anymore recall lately? I keep having to sleep a lot past 2 days very suddenly, today is no exception having woke up, got my son off to school, came back and slept which is when the above description happened.

I listened to James Casbolt’s part 1 interview last night, he touched on Nordics/ Odin/ runes etc all which are things I have either posted about lately (namely Runes & Odin’s 2 Ravens in cover pic) or things mentioned also in relation to my experiences & connections I find myself within. Of what he mentioned he seemed to paint a picture of Nazi’s  daammmnnnn lol …I started questioning myself like shit is it them I am working for …some experiences make sense towards that. However, I have never recalled doing anything which in either reality I would deem ‘evil/ bad’ excuse the labels, just for sake of understanding here. Which brings the thought, it’s possible that part of me is protecting self against remembering certain things.

For example, in 2011 I had a slightly older female on my list who was there for some time on my old page, we never spoke, and one day she messaged me, no beating around the bush she asked me straight up was I ever involved in MK Ultra, I told her no instantly, I actually removed her (fear based) thinking she was crazy. Several months later I had a dream which felt like a memory replaying, she and I (younger) were in a bland concrete basement type room, along the top of only one wall within that room was a glass panel, every time I heard footsteps coming she would come and hold me, as I was scared. The glass section only permitted to see lower body area someone in black trousers & a white scientist coat, with a man in sand coloured camo and light dessert boots stopped outside, don’t know anything more of that. I have tried to find this woman, I clearly remember her face, and just 2 days ago while making tea & thinking about her wishing I could find her, her first name struck me ‘Meredith’ so I have been looking again, no joy so far. Not 100% on this but think I saw North Carolina on her page when we were connected, I certainly know I was in South Carolina in 1992. I was 10 yrs old and sent there for 6 weeks, staying with the ‘Park’ family in Seneca as part of the “Irish Children’s Summer Program” …I’ve thought this over carefully, and do not recall any strange incidents, or missing time out there. Just a thought I had to work through.

Also I just saw a video with the name cobra. I was telling my partner just 2 days ago how I woke up saying a code name/ & number that is mine in what I find myself doing past several months to a year. The name & number was Cobra9673 …there are a few mentions of ‘cobra’ online etc so I know they aren’t all the same thing. Do you know anything about a cobra faction which works for/ in/ and around Russia in particular?

Anyway way long message! I’ll leave it at that for now, hoping you can shed more light on the cobra thing. I know so far it is connected to Nordic/ Pleiadian & Russia. (my initiation into all this almost a year ago I recall clearly & involves being in Russia) some of that went ‘wrong’ would love to share that too to see what you think.


You have one hell alot of recall. I recently found out the faction that is using me are beings that look like gremlins but more with a crocodile snout and walk around with their tail hanging outside their white lab coats. They view me as a science experiment and loan me out to others it seems.

I was told the Nordics did some nasty things to me. Do you think this group of pleiadians and Nordics are renegades. Also do you know what your abilities are in alter. It good to hear you are able to live a somewhat functioning regular life. Perhaps the fact you are able to recall more is a testimony that the beings you work for have your best interests in mind.

Sounds like your coworkers are jealous. Maybe they were in alter and being ugly towards each other is how they are programmed to act. I hate to see what my alter is like

No more recall but i noticed more cut marks one on my lip yesterday and again the skin was pulled back under my thumb almost as if a implant was inserted.


There seems to be a few factions of milabs some are connected to space command, some to the Nazi cabal and some to the reptilian Orion empire, then some who seem to be connected to the Pleiades and then you got your white hats and mixes thereof. Who knows you may have worked for all these groups for a time. We are all used and sadly there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this for the time being. BTW a few years ago a team of Pleiadians dressed up in blacks ops rescued my friend who was being held captive by the cabal in a underground facility in Venezuela so it’s good to hear some of our star brothers and sisters got out backs if need be.