U.S. Unveils New Weapon System; Gravity Craft with Pulsed Plasma Weapons (VIDEO)

May 8, 2014 — (TRN) — The United States has deployed and used a new Anti-Gravity-Attack Craft armed with Pulsed-Plasma Weapons and used it against a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan during this past March. We have video of the craft, and its silent, devastating, weapons attacking a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan.

TRN has obtained footage from the United States Marine Corps showing the first combat use of a new US weapon system: The Anti-Gravity Craft (AGC) with Pulsed-Plasma Weapons (PPW)

In the video below, you will clearly see the triangle-shaped AGC, silently moving over a Taliban camp, silently hovering there, then unleashing totally silent Pulsed-Plasma Weapons from BENEATH the craft. When fired, something similar to a muzzle flash can be seen from beneath the craft, but no gunshot-type explosion is heard and no missile contrail is seen. Upon impact, the weapon utterly destroyed the enemy.

The Taliban saw the craft overhead and opened-fire on it with at least one rocket-propelled grenade. In an amazing feat of technology, the AGC weapons systems acquired and, using a separate, side-mounted weapon, detonated the RPG in mid air before it could reach the ship. You can see the separate, airborne explosion seconds into the attack, as “something” is fired-upon by the craft and detonates in mid-air.

This is just some of the latest weapons technology available to the United States, and it is utterly immune from enemy attack. There are some glitches in the gravity system that need to be worked out, but in its first combat deployment, the AGC and its silent pulsed-plasma weapons performed in an awesome manner.

The London “Daily Mail” newspaper is reporting this as a “UFO attacking the Taliban” with a similar video, but their story is not accurate. Take a look at the one minute video below.