Thursday, June 20, 2024

UFO investigator: Las Vegas Father, 2 brothers tell same story | Banfield

On April 30, a Las Vegas family claimed something crashed in their backyard, prompting them to call 911 about “nonhuman” beings. Several people reportedly saw them, too. Independent investigative journalist Doug Poppa, who has spoken with the family, weighs in on “Banfield.” #UFO #lasvegas Watch #Banfield: On “Banfield,” big-name celebrities, newsmakers and public figures join Ashleigh for a unique opportunity to sit down and talk. No debates. No shouting over each other. A conversation. Weeknights at 10pm/9C. #Banfield NewsNation is your source for fact-based, unbiased news for all America. More from NewsNation: Get our app: Find us on cable: How to watch on TV or streaming:


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