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Hi Steve,

Thank you for all you are doing.

I am a physician.Last fall, I had a very interesting
conversation with a patient who is a trucker. I asked her if she knew
anything about deep underground military bases, and then I played ignorant
to see what she would say.

Without further prompting, she informed me she is an independent contractor
trucker, driving 18-wheeler rigs cross-country. She said the bases are real
and are located all over the country, “especially under the mountains out
West”. She said one of her main contracts over the last few years has been
with DHS.

She said there are underground roads running all over the United States,
connecting the underground facilities.

She said she has personally delivered many truckloads of supplies to the
underground facilities. For each DHS shipment/delivery, there was a stack
of non-disclosure forms about (by her description) six inches thick she had
to sign.

DHS would attach a tracking device to her truck for each of these shipments
and monitor her truck’s every move. She would be told where to go to accept
delivery for each shipment. In each case, she would be escorted by guards
“with machine guns” away from her truck, so she could not see what was
being loaded into her rig. The truck would then be locked by a large lock
with a ring ‘as big around as your finger”, which had to be torch-cut off
at the time of delivery.

When she would make deliveries, often within underground facilities, she
would again be escorted away from the truck by armed guards, the lock would
be cut off, and the goods would be unloaded.

She said the only shipped goods she ever saw in these DHS shipments were
stackable black plastic things that looked like coffins.

She told be the gov’t is getting ready for a collapse, which she told be
she expected might happen as early as late 2014.

She also told me she thinks the gov’t has just about everything is needs
stored underground, because the number of DHS shipments has been

I asked her if she would be willing to have lunch with me and tell me more.
She replied, “yes”, but afterwards when I contacted her, she had changed
her mind and would not talk further about it with me.

Another pt of mine, whom I saw within about a week of this lady, is a local
trucker, but he told me that he has lots of friends who are truckers, and
through them, he said he had learned that there are “thousands of miles of
underground roads” running across the country, connecting underground gov’t

He had just recently, in fact, heard among his trucker friends of a
shipment of frozen meat being shipped to one such underground facility,
totaling four million pounds of meat.

Be strong.

Keep the faith.


Apr 5, 2015


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