The ILLEGAL SURVIELLANCE  (organized stalking) and sharing of MILLIONS of citizens personal, financial and health information, by Fusion centers and others (as stated in The Washington Post article ‘Monitoring America’), has become the CATALYST for non-consensual testing and evaluation of technologies developed for wars that do not exist.  The ‘so-called’ War on Terror’, as  Millions of citizens are coming forth and filing complaints with our government regarding the non-consensual human experimentation and torture testing by direct and ‘purposeful exposure’ to such technologies delivered by handheld weapons, Community Towers (now placed around all communities), Drones, Satellites, and Military Grade Hovercrafts possession in our night and day skies utilizing such weapons as; directed energies, dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, biological chemicals sprayed into our air, and more resulting in serious health damage (heart attacks in seemingly healthy citizens, nervous system damage, blood disorders, skin cancers and joint damage amongst many other damaging affects to our health), even death.  Yes death, caused by these various technologies developed for war, now being used for military PEACETIME training across our country as well as on the battlefields against our service men and woman.  

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Unlawful Non-Consensual Weapons Testing on Civilians and Military Personnel Must Stop