Hello I am Susan Martin and wanted to make an update about my video and some new things that I have discovered recently. Someone commented on my video with James Rink about the tea incident.

When I was very young I lived on a farm and was isolated from visitors. This woman would come visit me. She had a driver drop her off from an expensive limo which was very unusual sight in the country.  She was obviously from wealth due to her fine clothes, fine jewelry, and painted red fingernails which you don’t see in a farming community.

My mom would dress me up for these visits. We would have a tea party on the front porch, but my mom would leave me alone with her. This lady would ask me questions and talk to me.  It is my belief this lady was a relative of Adali Stevenson, who was a Illinois senator on the functioning member board of the mkultra program.

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When I became ill this woman never came back and her visits stopped. Something about not being perfect anymore made me less then suitable for further grooming. This is very common with monarch programming.

What makes this even stranger is, immediately after talking about this at home and on my phone; I got a referral from someone on linkedin from someone who sent me a reference from Adali Stevenson’s “The Black Book.



Comment from James Rink

Its possible this women who visited Susan might have been her mother who had a baby out of wedlock. Back in those days it would have had to been kept silent so chances are she gave up her child to these surrogate parents. Another possibility is this lady could be a low level Illuminati programmer assessing her suitability in the program before she is handed over to someone else to be traumatized.