Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Update on Milabs from Jerry

James I have a drawing I would like to share with you I think you’ll find it as intriguing as the trip chair drawing.

This is the lab room at Edwards AFB. The tunnel on the bottom right leads in from the tarmac. Those tables on top where metal a lot like the picture Casbolt published.


This place was tied into all the most far out shit I’ve experienced. The metal door on the left goes somewhere I can’t even begin to recal.

I also astral traveled there. At one point an ET’s tried to block, but they can’t/couldn’t stop me. But now I just don’t go back there. Too much trauma to heal.

There was a path I’d used to go through that room to project quickly without being noticed, but I don’t need that gate way anymore unless I want to go there specifically.

I’ve tried probing that room and the “office building” but it’s like running my head up against a black wall. Don’t think it’s “their” doing, more like shit I don’t want to remember for whatever reason

The office in particular is very gnarly, it causes a violent reaction in me that would make me feel sick but only after intense rage. It was harder to escape from the building than edwards

I was moved to that building more after I stopped playing “the games” the way they wanted me to

The office was more “physical” that what happened at EAFB, more like an interigation, the base was more like piloting and reporting extracted intel

I don’t remember many faces from there at all. The little point of consciousness I had left in me then was all about escape; and I did still…kind of funny thinking about *that part although it was *really fucking hard.

This is what lead to me eventually just staying up all night till people where wondering about the earth so to speak. My friend remembers when we first got together and she’d wake up and see me just sitting straight up in bed.

Too tired to do shit, but I knew if I went out, it wasn’t going to be some dream shit that would happen. At the time I didn’t know what was going on. In hindsight it could have very well been me getting up and leaving too, because I do have expereiences that I relegated to dreams that I did just get the fuck up and walked out to do “stuff” or would go home and lay down after doing the same kind of “stuff”. Either way, I was tired of “the game” Success was never a problem, burn out I guess was 😀


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