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Update on Milabs from William 10-01-2012

James we and others are the only a few that stand up regarding them. Hundreds and hundreds don’t because they are scared for their lives. The thing is people cannot turn around and say but we were not told of these things. We are no hero’s but the thing that separates us from hundreds MILAB victims is that we stand up even in the face of losing our lives which of course we will in the end but at least we go down fighting.

People cannot say they were not told about the truth about MILABs and what goes on in there sick world. The thing is about time lines is that if half does happen one half may not but that other half will happen people cannot say we did not tell them so. This is important because there is going to come a time where a lot of people are going to be in camps and they are going to go through MILAB terrors. So if one of us ends up in a camp and someone says we were not told at least we can point out that yes there were facts on the internet etc.

And yes we tried our up most to warn people about what was behind the MILAB programs and it would lead into main stream life. To be honest James if it was not for you I would properly still be wondering what I can do to make people wake up and listen. If it was not for people like David Ike, Jordan Maxwell, James Casbolt I would still be asleep.

You as well as myself have managed to come this far we are still alive and yeah we make mistakes and if I make a mistake I will go back and see where I went wrong. At the end of the day the players that control the MILAB programmes are not going to be around forever. That goes for the reptilians and the stupid greys and all the sidekicks related to those groups and they know it.

But mean while we have to be brave and get what we can get with the very little that we have and know about. The thing is they are not mad at us they hate us with a hatred unforeseen that the MILABS programs foundations are made of a hatred of the Human race. So no matter what we say or do their hatred for us will always be there until there time is run out. And I mean there time is running out and the entities know this all to well.



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