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Update on Milabs from William 9-10-2012


Hi James this is one of the pictures for the MILAB court. This is just one of them they I was told that they will have four more by 2045. But James they are not going to get to 2045 they are going to be cut short due to sabotage.  There is an operation platform that is manned before the pens. Once they pull a switch a bolt is released and goes through each MILAB and through to the next in concession and so on. Some have their head decapitated but most it is done via the bolt. Then the MILABs run out of each holding pen but disintegrate into nothing. Each pen has a door and an opening at the top to let the head through then you are them locked.

To kill a MILAB you can decapitate them. Or shoot at the top of the head down into implant chip. Bullets of course is supplied by the Vatican there must be seven of these bullets to be effective. They are special made of silver with runes embedded on them to which they are embedded with ritualistic dark magic. The Seven bullets is needed otherwise the programs in the implant may recognize the impact of the bullet round and stop it this is due to all the mucking around from both the military and alien DNA change. Or you can have a bolt run through the individuals this will take out the implants and whatever else they have with in one’s head. Not very nice but brings me to another point. I will get to that latter.

However MILABS are not accountable for their actions since all function’s, work, tasks, operations are all done via avatar/mindcontol and other areas such as remote view war fare, etc. Even in stealing something which the handlers have a fetish for seems to be there number one objective. Example they will have you steal something so you can be punished as though they own you but they don’t own you they own nothing.

Also I drew this ship it is big , about 600 feet long all silver in color and has an engine drive at the bottom connecting to the back. Just before I landed on a large space platform I remember seeing a crew of 6-7 people to greet me. Such ships being made have increased up to 75% over the last so many years. These ships have a huge the intense magnetic field which reduces its weight by 89%. This could be an old standard the use of Biefeld-brown effect which creates large electrostatic charges which reduce the weight so that more conventional propulsion system such as scramjets can give it amazing speeds way above Mach 18.

For a 600 feet ship this make for a size of an aircraft carrier. However to me it is a human freighter ship for optional use. The space fight support team assists NASA vehicles to avoid space debris. The support team is part of USAF which probably is under Strategic Command which merged with Space Command. Strategic Command is responsible for a range of space, satellite, missile, nuclear and intelligence activates.

Vehicles with advanced particle beam weapons helps destroy debris and other unwanted objects. Sweeping aside anything getting in the way of a constant used flight patterns.


Update: Head Quarters for space command is still with the states but Head Quarters for all space based Systems Is Geneva. Now remember I said that there will be a double cross coming up which will be much latter. Already space command had invited a certain section of a once enemy nation, Germany, to be invited to participate and set up near moon bases and mars bases etc. The German aerospace command were invited via the Nazi underground movement which will go main stream soon for Germany and Europe which is connected to the German high command and is part of the space systems command in Geneva.

To which all information and hidden technologies and MILAB scopes will be shared with this section. It is interesting to note that that nation is working with in the scope of Geneva and its interests in getting into and invited through back door. Which will help that nation in the future for a trick and treat. The thing is with all Illuminati family’s jostling for power is that they will fight each other latter openly and anywhere that there is an opening beforehand can be used as an advantage this is why what happens on the geo political world affects us. This brings again the point that the United Nations will be moved to Europe in the near future.

Dulce reconciliation was two years after the confrontation of Dulce wars since Dulce never went away just got stronger. Thought that would be interesting for many since sinister things continued to take place to where we are today it seems many were brought out and everything continued as it was.

As for the Milab alien abductions with the aliens not the military, we will leave them out of it for now. Your DNA structure were changed not so much to be a better human but part Nephilim to have human and half Nephilim or half Nagas: Greys, Reptilians, Draco’s, Hybrids etc. they are all part of that family tree. This is also why babies are important regarding MILAB babies and children although the military has their part in it as well. This is also why the military is so keen to have you on their team because you have what they don’t have.  This is not something new it has been going on like this for a long time now. So be of mind that you have with in you that extra that the general population do not. This is also why the name super soldier sort of fits in a way. I am not saying this is great as most have been mucked around without any consent what so ever.

They did not want you to have any sexual relationships James which is a shame because you need to have a relationship with a female it is natural. And also it would be good for you to have a great relationship but the controllers are very self-centered and selfish so what they do is take what they need and implant into female MILABS. The transition from baby to young adult is very rapid. I know this all too well they have done this to me with female MILABS. These females are deep within the working sections of the MILABS programs. They may be tech workers of high up in the fields which work and are not programmed or controlled so the baby becomes part of their family. It is a bit like Illuminati family’s where babies are brought into family’s. But the difference is that you the baby is fully integrated into an already advanced civilization.

Alien Hybrids

The transition from alien/human hybrid is 10 time faster than anything human and they a fully developed with an adult mind when the hybrid is a baby. I know this all too well as I have special DNA extraction ovals two each side of me that the aliens take via teleport to create a hybrid from embryo. Which is rapid. This is from the right side of me to the left side there is a signal that lets me know when the babies are ready and in full development. So you have a baby with a fully developed mind and fully developed ability’s.

The babies are fully aware and have adult minds and are given toys liken to small flying disks and they fly around on them as well as other equipment. Then they go and are trained up to be part of whatever it is that they are a part of. Hope this is not confusing James.


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