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Update on Milabs from William 9-24-2012

In the future the Nazi cabal faction plans to be more open about things as time goes by. We just had your Leon Panetta, United States Secretary of Defense down here in New Zealand. Your country is very very worried about the Chinese here in the pacific. It is the second time in only a few weeks that we have had a high profiles down here. Prince Charles is also going to be turning up down here soon for his birthday. Very interesting James.

So there is a lot of stuff happening at this part of the world it has go your country spooked because of the Chinese, but the Japanese and Russians will follow as a backup to chins soon. What is important is Antarctica that is also a key in all of this.

The Nazis will be using the EU to spear head all their agenda this is where the European aerospace comes into this. As for the Windsor’s they are going to be bulldozed over by the elites in Europe. Expect Britain to be kicked out of the EU in the months ahead.

Also have to say that there is going to be an alliance in the middle east. The country’s involved in this new federation will be Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Philistine of Gaza. To head this federation will be Germany and Europe.

The country’s that they are going to go head to head on will be Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Eritrea. Egypt will have the man power and weapons needed it will be the spear head that will support Iran and the other country’s will follow.

Germany has for years allied its self with the alliance for decades and common ground had been established. As well as massive trade and weapons drive to the alliance.

The USA and Britain will not be involved is this but the little nation of Israel will be targeted. The first move has already been made by Egypt as with that new government put into place. As time goes by these nations are going to start to running the oil at their whim. This is what will spark things up there.  Expect the oil flow to be cut from the US and Britain in the future.

Israel will probably survive another 20-30 years but its going to be up lifted and taken away that is those who survive. This federation wants to wipe that name from the face of the earth. Keep an eye on that region. Because what happens there will have vast implications for the US.

The vendetta against Britain goes back centuries. It is payback time. It is going to be payback time for a lot of nations some nations are not going to make it through. That is what this is all about power and getting ones back at certain nations. Decades can go by but the national characters and traits do not change. It has been said within the EU ministry’s to wipe Britain of the map when the time is right as they are the only nation that will stick up to oppose them.

It has not been missed by some powerful groups including enemies of the nations that hate the US and Britain anyhow. We are being watched and listened to by these people. So really they are on show for the world too see.

Europe will not stand by as this new federation with Germany manifests. This is not going to happen right now but it has started to develop. So keep an eye on middle eastern affairs with Germany and also overtures from Rome.

Sounds a bit like us we are the only MILABS that will stick up and fight against something so big that is the international aerospace alliance for MILABS and they know this all too well. It actually shames them and puts them in the public eye like never before. They hate what we do but the thing is when you take people without consent and drug them to do everything under the sun to them or in our case under many suns and do all manner of traumatic things to people this is what they are bound to get. A come back in the form of putting it out there for the general public to see.


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