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Update on Milabs from William Ross October 23, 2012

I think we are making a difference as you have been the spear head to make the public wake up and be informed. Also you have to remember that with the many other areas that you have put yourself forward with an interview with project Camelot, continued interviews. Plus what you had done in your documentary, plus the first ever super-soldier summit and I hope there will be another one to come. As well as many people coming forward with the information that we all put out. So yes we are making a difference even though we are still enslaved.

They hate what we are doing but they stated it by drugging us and abductions and experimentations. So what do they expect from human beings. Remember they hate humans above all else. We can never know what is happening behind it all apart from that fact that there seems to be an amount of different agendas and factions at play here.

I have listened to the interview and K is very good. Hope Nathan as well as max is well and now protected James. And what he did he did to try and protect himself regarding killing that handler. K knows her stuff and will act on what needs to be done and is not scared to face reptilians or any other thing. Also as she has said MILABs need to become grounded in their lives or disciplined would be a good word. Which is something that I would want to see for MILABS even with all the drugs and alterations being done I feel it is time that we have to start pushing our self’s as much as possible because no one else will do that for us.

The ones that run the computers etc. think they are gods but James they are not. The rituals are a part of a whole heap. K is right on the nail regarding a lot of what she has seen. I think we can only take the good from the bad and some untruths from the truth. The thing is these people and beings are very good at manipulations and set ups. In saying this that goes for me as well. I am sure James that you are not a clone. Clones are smart but lack human quality’s. And they often make mistakes just like greys.

Our alters know about us and that is true when it through avatar work. Ohhhh that’s why they have a thing about stealing James now I understand. She may had been looking at your clone instead. We do have clones playing out as avatars. So she may had seen him involved in some things.

So when we are doing missions not everything is black and white even for them so if we come across something we can use it or take it to use against them there and then or at some time.

At Joint Base Lewis-McChord also there is a photo of a medical centre James now the Medigan Army medical centre is its largest hospital and headquarters. This western regional medical command overseas army medicine at 11 hospital in 20 states. Hint Hint.


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