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Update on Milabs from William

James had a flash today of a large supersonic ship I saw an image flashed today as I was resting and the second flash was the crew coming into a large open doors leading out from the ship. They were wearing red gear a cross between an astronaut and something else little bit more slicker. When they flash images I know I am about to be involved in it somehow. The ship had large wings and very bulky at the bottom of it I suspect that is wear the drive is. I find that human made ships are tacky so even if it were state of the art to me it looked tacky. If I find a close enough image of one I will send it to you. I do not recognise the crew I think there were 6-7 of them as they were coming through the open air door way.

How did the Andromeda’s go did they pick you up in the end. That was an interesting interview by the way. Hope all is well with you and that your keeping fit. Have to say keeping fit for us is very important even when we get sick and tired due to what they do to us and with the cocktail of drugs and implants etc. So keep doing what you do even when you get unwell.

I am just going through my notes to see what is new. That’s right they have done something to my forehead. There is a slight pattern like a crises cross type union jack pattern. I seem to be doing more and now this is with in me. I am also more in tuned to events over the last so many centuries. If I see a photo of something like in the 1700s 1800s I am very in tuned to those periods.

Think I could be in another time travel assignment again soon as I had a flash of Hermon gorging and Hitler and other high rankers of that period and a few others standing together looking at me so unfortunely I will be dealing with them.

I have meet Queen Victoria and some of her closest advisers of the period.  I recognised some of them from paintings I have seen of them after wards. I first meet them and had a meeting with them in private and then went on to meet the queen. When we both meet her eyes were went very wide when she saw me. She nearly went white and then she composed herself. I bowed to her and she bowed to me at the same time. Now James I do not bow to monarchs I am not supposed to that for some reason. I said to her your majesty as I bowed and she bowed back at me at the same time and she said to me your majesty. She wore black a historic piece of that time period and had very intense blue eyes very powerful woman she would had been in her middle 40s. Then we walked together and then she started to ran forward towards the landing and said Christmas carols she said’ I love the Christmas carols’.  Her hair was tied back at the back as she was. She was not a large woman but she had a bit of weight behind her. She had penetrating light blue eyes.

We came to a landing and looked down and watched the choir in the palace looking down stairs I think I know where that landing is it is still there today. I had just walked into something a little latter I did not see and it went everywhere. And she said don’t worry about it but it is just as well all the lords and ladies and court is not here it would give them something to talk about for a long time. Anyhow she was very easy to get along with unlike the queen of today.

Now I have found out and seen that there is a MILAB court. The court as far as I was told was used to prosecute people who were stealing from milabs. I am not sure what but James they have you do anything anyhow you are not in control of what you do.  I think it was as you said practicing terror against MILABS in the project for the sake of it. I was not impressed by any of it. It was a court situation where they were hold in booths standing up right with the head sticking out.  I have also seen the termination area were people are put into theses booths and the head is showing. Then with a switch a bolt goes through each head as the bolt travels to each individual. Some get decapitated. When all is done they are set free and as they run out of the booths they disintegrate into nothing. As I looked to my right a guy who was short in a hooded black uniform said to me this is just one court. But by 2045 we will have 4 more as he smiled at me. Then I walked away down a corridor with a female behind me I think I may have been training her for something. I was not happy with what I saw or the court and more of these courts to come. I thought the 2045 was strange as my number is -45.

Also Somewhere in the states my name is Roy ray Alberta another female MILAB called me that. Anyhow interesting aye so it is just as well you got me to take notes and record most things. Which I have been doing and just as well. I seem to be involved in a lot of deep high level situations. And the time travel periods seems to be even more high ended and a lot of intrigue. I have a devise in the middle of my arm when it goes off I know that I will be in a time travel assignment of sorts. Why because when there is to be a major time travel assignments come up the devise goes off at least 12 to 8 hours prior.


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