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Update on Milabs with William Ross – Novemeber 6, 2012 – Slipping into other Timelines

James I drew this image, it is not much but it is of some beings that was encountered together with some nasty four legged bulk like creatures. Anyhow the being slips its head into a exo skeleton visor that is connected to a ceiling.

I am not sure what the mission was but we shot a lot of the four legged creatures or stunned them and had to deal with the beings.

The thing is when you are on theses missions you do not expect to see such beings again. However I had one turn up here a few nights ago. Nothing happened however it seemed let me know that’ well I am here so there type of thing.




Hope all is well at your end. Just wondering has there been any unusual grouped movements of MILAB personal that has been noticed by other MILABS that are being shipped away that you may know of it could be nothing but just wondering. PS the super storm that you had was generated by a HARRP weapons system. Unsure where is was based from so properly expect more of the same weapons systems to be used. The West coast of the States seems to be hot with HARRP signatures as well right along the coast lines which continues further along the coast line of Canada.

Prince Charles is coming here which is strange as they do not turn up unless there is something in it for him soon.

Hi James look up the movie trailer called Cloud Atlas. It is a bit like when we time travel well similar on how it is. Passing through many time lines.



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