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Urgent Situation – Request Help

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Dear listener, my rent is due tomorrow and I have no money to pay it , the utility bill, or for food for that matter. So far there has been zero financial support from supersoldiertalk listeners this month. If you believe this operation or the work I have done has has helped make a difference in your life please consider helping out this month.  Our primary sponsor is neologicaltech and If you enjoy supersoldiertalk and would like the interviews and website to continue updating please consider purchasing a neo meditation device here.


Please make a tax deductible donation to my 501c3 nonprofit :


Healing Soul Survivors helps assist veterans and soul survivors with PTSD by utilizing new and novel technologies in programs to bring about wellness and integration from trauma. I have personally put $10,000 of my own money to make this happen but this is not enough, we need your help. Even if you have no money but would like to participate in the projects send us a email of your qualifications and you will be added to our list of candidates, when funding does arrive. Learn more here

Thanks Everyone,

James Rink


  • mike jaworski says:

    Why don’t you get government assistance ie. money, and food stamps. Takes a day or 2 for it to come? Maybe I’ll donate to you.

    • James Rink says:

      i was on it a few years ago and they wont approve me for another round. I dont want you to donate money to me. Please make the donation to healing soul survivors. thanks

  • Edgar says:

    You have made a big difference for me. I hope very much you can keep operating. Looks bad for me here also. (I will work only 3 days next month.) I do have much food here. Too bad I’m too far away to share. 🙁 Near Nelson, B.C. Canada.

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