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Vaccines – Samples Analyzed – Aneeka of Temmer shares the findings



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Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 15, 2021

New Analysis – Vaccines – Samples Analyzed – Aneeka of Temmer shares the findings

(Originally in Spanish)

Anéeka: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna inoculations decoded and studied on board Toleka laboratories. They are vaccines against SARS type viruses, they are harmless, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, and they are even of high quality. I recommend them (JOKE!).

I’ve been gathering strength since Saturday to say this. What’s in there is so horrible that the samples ended up inside a high security Bio-Hazard container. They were subsequently disintegrated with high energy. What is in there we can’t even share with you, because I have no way to explain it as it would need to be explained. For example, if Dr. Alex wants data on what happens and the bio-chemical processes caused by the vaccines, I simply cannot give it to him.

I see this as extremely serious because people will not understand what is there, they will see it as fantasy or inventions. The same doctors against plandemic will not make sense of nano bots, because their labs are unable to detect or understand the functioning of nano graphite, at the atomic or molecular level.

Gosia: Why is there no way to explain it?

Anéeka: Because the technology present there in the samples from the 3 factories exceeds human understanding, so what I say sounds crazy science fiction and over exaggerated. Perhaps even hurting credibility. I don’t even have the medical vocabulary to describe it, because there is none. It can be described on a… layman’s level but it will NOT help the awakened doctors, for example.

The technology there is not human. It is Federation level and is known here and forbidden for use by a score of treaties including Orion’s with the Federation. It was not manufactured by humans.

Gosia: It fits with what Yazhi just said in the Astral War video. That it was all planned by NON-HUMAN beings.

Anéeka: The nanotechnology present there can only be manufactured with printing technologies like those of inserting things into realities. That is to say that the nanotechnology present there is achieved by manipulating specific atoms and putting them where they should be.

No doubt that came from outside. I say that the Cabal has hidden technologies, but this already exceeds everything. It is the same technology applied to the Med Pods here when genetic engineering is needed. I mean it can be used for good, but obviously it won’t be in this case.

Gosia: Ok Anéeka, explain everything you know first. Questions later.

Anéeka: Ok I go. In the components of the 3 kinds of vaccines we found basically the same thing, but in different quantities. They are direct samples sequestered by Alenym Special Ops last week. The Hashmallim brought the samples here. Vaccine research was conducted by Senetre, Kara, Rhys (new Science Officer) and me, Anéeka.

Inside we found a number of organic traces congruent to what was said on the net, from human, bovine and simian aborted fetuses. We also found a high content of Mollusc DNA.

Among other things found was a huge amount of RNA proteins contained in nanotechnological graphene of a single molecule thickness. The RNA proteins we found have human encoded information from DNA parts of the same human genome congruent with classified diseases of viral origin.

We also found RNA that forms, so to speak, human stem cells. Graphene is nanotechnological, smart dust, or whatever you want to call it. It is created with very high non-human technology, congruent with that of the United Federation of Planets level, that is to say, equal to ours in level of development. It can only be created with the use of frequency replication machines. Like the ones that manufacture the polymorphic metal here.

What that graphene technology does is to enter through the cells of the body, enter the cell nucleus and mitochondria…

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The graphene will de-code the DNA of human cells and attract in its corresponding place the code to replace it with the RNA contained in the other nano graphene’s. Called on Earth as spike proteins, detected in vaccines.

Nano bots can be controlled remotely. They are remote-controlled, waiting for an activation. With this they replace parts of the DNA with others contained in the same vaccine to alter the cells as they wish.

Then, as viral diseases are already contained within the cellular DNA code, they only need to be activated, because a virus does not work like a bacterium or a staphylococcus. A bacterium invades the body, the virus only activates what was already present or latent within the human genetic code. So, at will they can give or provoke epidemics to the population as they see fit, be it rabies, smallpox, whatever.

It also has the ability to replicate human stem cells, so they can cause a misplaced growth of tissue of any kind. This would be used in provoking cancers for example, if it’s for malignant purposes.

So, the nano graphene decodes the human DNA and with that information the other nano graphene will replace in the corresponding places with the RNA patch that they have inside the same vaccines.

By this they can sterilize and they can change the structure of the brain with the creation of artificial neural networks created with the use of replicated stem cells inside the body of the vaccinee. This leads us to see that they will be able to control the world’s population as cyborgs. They will think what they want them to think and behave as they wish, and the population will think they are their ideas. This is beyond mind control and beyond synthetic telepathy. They will be able to kill at will a particular person by remote control, or a population, and it will be seen as natural. Because of other causes.

What is infecting the unvaccinated people is that the cells of the vaccinated start producing more RNA proteins because what they are injected with can basically be categorized as synthetic viruses that have the purpose of invading the whole organism of prepared replicated RNA. That is to say, not only does it use the RNA contained in the vaccine itself, but it also causes the vaccinated person’s cells to replicate more of these viruses in the form of exosomes that the vaccinated person will release with his breath and through his skin and liquid secretions and so on.

The RNA in exosomes produced by vaccinees is a message like any exosome, and it can only be effective or validated, (have an effect), in another person (such as a non-vaccinated person), if the receptors in the cells of this person coincide with the receptors in the exosome viruses.

The vaccine causes the human body to go into a state of total alarm due to high toxicity, which triggers the production of exosomes that will contain the toxin (invasive RNA from the vaccines) both as an attempt to eliminate it from inside the body and also as a message to other cells and those surrounding other bodies notifying them of an invasion. The vaccinated subject will be an altering RNA exosome virus production plant that will by design and intention spread this RNA wherever it goes.

The unvaccinated subject will have strong immune responses to this causing rejection symptoms.

Reports of pregnant women miscarrying: this is because the invasive synthetic RNA is designed as one of its priorities to attack the reproductive systems of males and females alike and will therefore cause a disruption of cell duplication or replication of the developing unborn infant as it will also stop the production of stem cells (the building blocks for a baby) and replace them with stem cells “hijacked” by the invasive synthetic RNA.

The form of cellular genetic alteration depends not only on the invasive synthetic RNA but also on the graphene that introduces it where it should go, which causes strong rejection side effects in the unvaccinated, but can hardly alter them genetically as is the case with the vaccinated .

In other words, synthetic RNA depends on nanotechnological graphene.

Graphene has been found basically everywhere, from chemtrails to industrialized food, so it is fairly safe to say that in small quantities the entire population on the surface of the Earth has been contaminated to one degree or another. This is difficult to calculate since graphene is used for countless things and in its pure state it is harmless and non-toxic.

Nano technological graphene is basically enriched and purified graphite at the atomic level, with a specific ordered crystalline structure that is magnetically programmable. Graphene as a material is stronger than steel and more atomically stable and highly magnetically conductive. This makes it perfect for this destructive task.

The strands of magnetic graphene-material reported in countless places already on the net, are in themselves the main cause, if not the very cause of Morgellons disease. Where the excess magnetic graphene molecules, i.e., those that were not necessary to use to infect all the cells of the body, will tend to clump or stick together because of their magnetic properties. And the body will naturally try to expel it by any means necessary, including through the skin, creating those well-known black threads.

That is to say that what you see on the skin is not the purpose, but the excess of the infection process of the cells by the nanotechnological graphene.

The most easily recognizable parts or components of the “vaccines” are fetal tissues and other organic proteins. This is intended to collapse the immune system of the subject, as a “distraction” so that the macro-phages, T-cells and other components of the immune system do not interfere so much in the genetic engineering process.

As a by-product of these tissues, they will also cause a myriad of infections and autoimmune conditions and cancers that will drain the resources of the infected, as already discussed.

The “vaccines” are remote controlled. Microwave networks will be used to turn on or off the desired effects on each social group at will. This goes into 5G but need not be 5G technology to activate and control each individual person separately.

The graphene will be inside the subject’s cells in unique and subject-specific ways and amounts which will give it a unique frequency also identifiable by Bluetooth-style microwave networks. Which we see congruent with calling it “Chipping” of the world’s population.

I have not shared this at this level before. And the part not understandable is the exact process of replication or bio-genetic alteration to every cell of the individual with the use of robotic nano-graphene. It is one thing to say the latter and another to explain step by step at the medical level how it is done.

Robert: Thank you. Mollusk DNA?

Anéeka: That mollusk DNA is used to accelerate the creation of artificial stem cells inside the human body.

Gosia: Thank you Anéeka. You also mentioned the technology used to insert realities. What do you mean by that? How has this technology been applied to vaccines?

Anéeka: Yes, nano graphene´s are made with that technology. So, it is above-human. So, it violates a variety of space agreements.

And Earth doctors won’t be able to understand the whole, they’re just running around trying to understand what the graphene is for and what the RNA proteins are for and what the fetus cells are for. They won’t be able to see more than graphene, because they won’t be able to see it at the atomic level. It’s that they are remote-controlled micro robots controlled by 5G and other frequencies made with graphene as a material. It’s not just graphene.

Gosia: The fact that this is above human level is important! It is a legal clause that can be used against those who have manufactured it!

Anéeka: Since Saturday night Alenym reported this to both the Alcyone Council and the Federation, local headquarters. She sent them the complete results from our labs and signed by Senetre and myself as Doctors.

Both the Alcyone Council and the local Federation Council expressed their total repudiation of this finding. As expressed at the Viera Federation Council meeting on Sunday, October 10, 2021. It violates the anti-invasion and genetic alteration sections of the Orion and Federation Council meetings and legal agreements.

Robert: The Federation was unaware of this data?

Anéeka: The data indicates that the people in the Federation who were given the test results did NOT know about this.

Gosia: Which race is behind it exactly? Who manufactured it, is it known?

Anéeka: They have been able to hide well, we believe that they are not here but that they enter and leave through portals. From the type of technology, we can see that they are Reptiloids. .
They leave a trace because they have used this before. And as always, they tell people everything, because in the movie Prometheus at the beginning you can see this.

Gosia: Yazhi says they are Reptilians and other beings difficult to catalogue as they are HALF astral. They use biological bodies only.

Anéeka: Congruent with my data, yes.

Gosia: When did they use it before?

Anéeka: In the remote past, on Earth it is the first time they use it. It is not unknown, this technology, for us or for the Federation. It is even contained in space laws of the so-called Orion agreements. They are another set of agreements and laws similar to the Prime Directive, they are of peace and cooperation.

Gosia: Ok. Anéeka, do you think that with this legal petition to the Alcyone and the Federation local level, the Federation and other races will do something about it?

Anéeka: I can’t know because they haven’t done anything before. Just that this time it is so dramatic and invasive that if they don’t do something about it, it will expose them as not only permissive, but as the ones who have created this problem. That is to say, either they intervene in one way or another, even if their direct intervention is not seen, or many races that already know this, such as those of M45 and those of Avyon (Urmah) will know that they have done nothing, and time or temporal slip will have little validity as an excuse. In other words, if they don’t do something, they will be exposed as regressive and there will be consequences.

To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive statement on the content of vaccines that there is, at least at a basic level understandable to the public.

With this information, I also see that the unvaccinated, even if they have strong reactions, do not seem to have their entire DNA changed, even though the very design of the “vaccines” indicates that they are designed to be transmissible from person to person and thereby forcing the entire population to be vaccinated.

However, the virulence rate thus indicates that the unvaccinated are probably strong enough to defend themselves against what the vaccinated produce, although the vaccinated are emitting or contaminating everything in their path with RNA exosomes and nanotechnological graphene.

Gosia: A question, have you found in the vaccines any parasites, some people comment it. Living organisms.

Anéeka: We see components that could be taken for living beings. Direct parasites like worm eggs, or worm, we did not see but considering the zoo of things that are there, I see it highly possible that some batches of “vaccines” do have them.

Robert: Anéeka, and the nano robots can replicate themselves?

Anéeka: In the presence of more graphene, it seems so but it is limited, to the degree that it is doubtful how they replicate. It remains a suspicion, a suspicion only because what was once just graphene suddenly wakes up to be a nanorobot, but it could be that it was just turned off and the presence of others has turned it on. This is because they are designed to react in the presence of others and to receive simple instructions from each other. What does replicate is the RNA or “spike” protein.

Robert: So the electromagnetic pulses are of no use?

Anéeka: To a limited extent, I still recommend them but they will not deactivate graphene nano, they will only stop it for the moment.

Another point, what the vaccines have is a variant of Black Goo. It will isolate humans, it will transform them into beings controllable by the Cabal that is under the control of the Reptiles and Maitre, because the frequency of each person will no longer coincide with that of the Original Source, with their Soul signal. It will no longer enter them.

And here we clarify another point: that the Federation IS in control of the Earth and everything that happens on it, whether those who love the Galactic Federation of Love and Light, like it or not. The UFoP directly or by omission or by whatever is guilty of what is happening on Earth.

Gosia: But one thing Anéeka… the fact that you have found this NON-HUMAN technology, and that you are asking for legal help from Alcyone… could it not mean that the ET races could intervene more to stop this? If what you have found is ILLEGAL, they could intervene.

Anéeka: Yes, however, there is already long list of things and reasons why the Federation or the benevolent races would have to step in. Because the list of outrages and irregularities against the human population is very long. The list of space law violations is miles long. So, this just adds to all of the above and we all know that they have done nothing about it.

My point is that this is not the only serious breach of space laws, and they have done nothing about the previous breaches. Why would they take any notice of this one?

Gosia: But this situation is more serious than others perhaps?

Anéeka: For me it is the most serious one because it guarantees the genetic destruction of humanity, for invasive purposes and for the benefit of those who apply it, without humanity being able to see or detect what they are doing to them.

And the Federation, there is no justification or excuse I know, but my point here is that they will NOT give help to humanity in the ways they expect. They have to take control themselves, the humans. It is the only way; everyone must understand that.




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