In this ongoing series Veronica and James discuss the Hulk program which started out as Project Blue Ranger. He was designed as a cowboy type super soldier, but there was an explosion, mutations occurred, and the incredible hulk was a result. The project was then replicated on other super soldiers including James Rink’s clone Rob Richter and Veronica’s clone by the name of Shelia the She Hulk. While in the SSP, Veronica went by the name of Solel and served on missions to rescue children. In today’s video she will be discussing how these children are recuperated in an orphanage on Saturn. We will also be sharing more information about her transformation into Shelia the She Hulk and the Blue Ranger, and the magical land of Siberya.

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We go into another facility in Antarctica. She sees a blue and green water in a tank which fits inside a submarine. She sees the blue ranger he is wearing a black suit, there is a respirator attached to very heavy equipment, looks very old like steam punk era. Black suit around his head he is chained and anchored into the tank. He can see through a screen. There is water circulation in the tank for his body; and his soul is human consciousness. He was also tricked into this program and he wants a human body. The SSP can transfer him into a human body but they don’t do it so they can keep him a slave stealing treasures and sinking boats. There are many bodies here, they are doing the same thing to other people. Lots of experiments. It’s under the ice sheet and under the water at the bottom of the sea. There are millions of genetic experiments in cryogenics chambers in an ice cave.

To the right of the cryogenics there are labs where there are men and women in white lab coats. They are looking through microscopes. The scientist are also slaves, can’t leave. Working on blood transmutations. Even the scientists are cloned. She sees a female with black hair, she has a pony tail, glasses, white lab coat looking at the microscope. She thinks it’s safe to talk to her. They are inside an ice cave with big windows which let light in. They got seismic scanners to monitor earthquakes.

We ask the scientist if she could assist us. She says yes. They are working on tissue, blood, organs, bodies, mind, cyborg. Black blood, black goo blood, soldiers. Not super soldiers, high tech for new world order. Cyborg humans. This base is Nordic facility but the Nordics are not using this facility. Taught Nazis eugenics, racist philosophy, transhumanism.

They used 3D printers to create implanted augments to create the cyborg babies. They put black goo into these 3d printed children. They even looked blue. Transparent skin underneath were augments. much more enhanced then modern era, circa 1900. They play with time with help from monarch. Face looked like spider eyes which would glow, he/she could also shape shift to look human. They are battle ready around age of 21 days; they look 21 years old though. They told these kids they were the chosen ones, most of them were female. By 1900 they found the perfect one, but she was unstable due to superpowers. They could control her but only very little. This is the Blue Ranger. Since then they replicated the program, there are males now. Adam and Eve type couple. They can’t age as they are Licthsoldaten. Once they hit 21 years, they stop aging. Their genome code was stolen from Atlantean bloodlines who live up to 150,000 years. Our 12 strand DNA was unplugged, its dormant waiting to be awakened. Surface dwellers were an experiment. First people were naïve and tricked into having their DNA damaged. ACIO has method to reverse the damage but there are consequences of releasing immortality tech to a brain-dead public. Most of our spirituality, technology, cultural belief systems are based on lies.

We have been in this base as part of the Ultra Soldiers. It’s designed to create Licthsoldaten Super Soldiers but it was only producing Ultra Soldiers. The scientists are trying to improve on Licthsoldaten. The soldiers can read minds, mind games, targets. They can create huge wormholes.

The last time Veronica was in this facility was 1890. 1886 for James Rink. They have clones of us there. But they do not have DNA as we know it. There are no fingerprints. They fed us the black goo which enhances programing easily controlled, it makes people more cruel and aggressive. The chips to control femtotech, helped us to make the left side dominant, more bionic man, woman, stronger knees and bones. The chips are biobots to go through entire body. For bionic man or bionic woman project; Ultra-Bionic Eugenics Program. During third Reich they failed with eugenics so they pursued a program eugenics at dark shield. Mengele was at this facility a few times. The name of the facility is called Black Shield. It’s now under the control of Nacht Waffen, they used time portal technology from monarch and mobius to teleport the base into a pocket reality around the facility and move it through time, space shifting, and bend time and space into loops.

She considers herself German Polish and Swedish. She asks if we are happy and if we can free her. She wants to go back to surface to join her family. She misses her family; they don’t know where I am. I was taken and miss my husband and children. Covert Operation 99, she wouldn’t tell me what that meant, there is a number missing and she is scare of telling us.

She says her name Jeanine Klavozki. She wears black shoes, white lab coat, glasses, 5’8”. White skin, black dark hair, toupee, bangs. Dimple on right check. She is from Sweden; her family is living in Australia now. Her husband name is mark, she loves him and he is still alive and somehow, she will see him soon and her children. “I hope to see him soon. Keep looking for me. Tell the children I love them and we have a dog.” Even though she is a clone and original is living with family she still wants to go home and has dreams of home.

You and She were in many programs. 99 is very important but cannot tell you yet. Working on profiles. She sees German flying disc to assist in terraforming earth and other planets, mars, Venus, Saturn, moons, and throughout solar system. Chemtrailing to cover up what is happening with terraforming. Mentioned something about the Soviet German police. Soviet Secret Space program with Germany, Russia, United States, China, South Africa. Soviets are still in business off world. They used others like the blue ranger to steal diamonds from South Africa, asteroids, and off world


3rd Reich Light Soldiers from mirror reality in which Nazis won WWII. “Licht” is “Light” in German. In that reality they were not a victim of the Nordic ET’s who promoted eugenics and destruction of certain undesirable races. Nordics chose to stop supporting that reality for some reason as they were being ignored and came to our reality instead.
These soldiers were first enhanced during WW2. They are coming here through portals from that mirror reality. In that reality there is no poverty, no hatred, no jealously. You can live in huge mansion, drive fancy cars. There are no oil products, hydrogen cells to run their vehicles. In our reality there are parts of our world with extreme poverty but in the mirror Nazi reality, they helped all these people. Problem is the regime was under Nazi control one world government. Abilities: After they shapeshift, they look human still.
The most elite Licthsoldaten are here in our reality and are doing bad stuff; but in their reality everything is fine. Terrorism, suicide bombers, mayhem. They work with Monarch. Dark Fleet don’t want to be a threat to 4th and 5th Reich, nor do they want to confront the lichtsoldaten issue. Dark Fleet is part of Planetary corporations which is controlled by mobster families who are part of the 5th Reich.


Veronica sees her body in a tank. She sees herself in a standing position asleep as a beautiful female floating in green, blue, and yellow looking water. He hair is reddish blond hair and her body and skin are perfect. She is waiting to be awakened. The tank is a big cylinder, 6’ wide and 20’ tall. They give her shock treatments to wake her up in the water. Her eyes are scared she is in pain. Them they will leave her there to sleep for many days. She thinks this clone has metal bones. She thinks been in project mannequin, worked for the CIA, she is now being taught how to shapeshift.
Eventually, they take her out. There are these scientists nearby, Jeanine Klavozki is there. Her clone is still asleep; they cover her body with once sheet that was grey with blue lines around it. They move her onto a metal slab table. They disconnect wires from holes in her back which she wore in the tank. She has these tubes which go down her nose and throat. They are pumping the tubes with a green and black substance. She is coughing and they have her tied down now. They are telling her “calm, down everything is okay you were chosen because you would not give up on the tests, we gave the tests to others; they did not survive but you did.”

On the table it is clear that she looks like human. She has long arms, fine nose, big eyes, big lips, hair is long. They give her shocks because she was resisting the injections from Jeanine. So, they require more people to restrain her. They are now injecting her with that Qualude of green-yellow goo. She is screaming, she is mad. There is yellow phlegm coming out of her nose. Shoot up 16 times over 24 hours.
The bones in her face start to shapeshift. Her chest and temples are growing better. Her skin has already changed to green and yellow. Her feet are getting bigger. Her nails are red too. Her breasts are insanely large and her butt looks like a body builder; especially her legs and calves. She has this bra that is ripped and has holes from the transformation. She is also wearing ripped up shorts. She appears to be about 6’2 tall and asks “Why? I don’t want to be here.” She feels she hurts people in this form. She doesn’t want to hurt her loved ones. She is there for some kind of mission. She is there to help Rob, as well as others. But the others are not here at the moment, only her. Her back is now hurting and she is standing up.

Nearby we see other beings such as a short grey ET with the big black almond to the side eyes and small mouth. There are spider scientists nearby as well as other Nordic human looking doctors and scientists.
Jeanine is holding her right hand trying to get her to calm down. Her right hand is now getting warm now. She tells Veronica “It’s going to be okay; you are here to help us. We are sorry this is needed , but it’s for your final transformation. You can always transform back to your human form but we need you for such a time as this.”

The mission has to do with Operation 99 which is a collaboration with other factions, realms, beings, entities forming an alliance. There are some explicit stages of plans by this covert alliance. That’s all she is willing to tell us about that. We also sense there is a connection with secret societies, portals, cern, loops time travel, and a DNA centrifuge. Australia , Denmark, and Suffolk, Virginia underground base connection. Need to suppress technologies underground. Black out. They are seeking to change timelines and help the greater. There are positive people within Neurocore, CERN, Umbrella Corp, Black Shield that are involved but they are highly rare and secretive.

The name they gave her is Shelia the She Hulk. They don’t want to get her mad. She and all the other hulks can even make the earthquake. She messes with electromagnetic shields, electricity, fusion; she can crash systems. She can manipulate sounds, time, and light. She can shatter physical matter through vibration. She can break the sound barrier at any time and run and fly and use our minds for whatever.
Her message to us was “We always win brother, no mater how hard they hit us we always win. It has nothing to do with ego but it’s about making this earth a greater place to live. We bear down with our brothers and sisters in the ssp. We know you are tired of waiting, but don’t give up. We got slowly but surely.”

Saturn Base

Sees marble tiles to her right. There is reception area in the right. Sees a tall grandfather clock. This is a fancy mansion. She sees friends in the reception in the area. 2 friends, and other people nearby. There is furniture, in this area. On the side is a wall but it opens up to secret stair case. They are very tall white stairs. She is playing around inside the secret compartment. She opens the secret stair case and closes it. She goes up stairs. on the right side of the stairs. Veronica, James, two more Females, two other males. We look 21 or so. We are talking about having something to eat. then she says do you hear that. Then she hears children singing. On each side of the mother of pearl white shinny staircase on the first-floor tons of kids here.

Veronica turns to me and says remember when we were here, we were not allowed to sing, play, or be loud and now they can. There are three lines each of kids on each side. They are wearing bunny suits getting ready to perform. Its free now, different classes, teachers were all students here at one time.

Don’t want to go into the basement area from the staircase. Its dripping and wet. Singing is in German. Kids know all the languages but mostly speaking German.
There is someone downstairs who is charge of the children and she might be able to help us. Veronica introduces herself and she known who she is. Her name starts with a S. Asks why are we here?
We are here to change the future. To take care of the children, the proper way not the way we were children. These are the children you and the rest of us have saved. We worked really hard to save these who are here. They are safe, they are being rejuvenated and being cared for properly. Some will be returned to their homes some will not because their parents have not treated them right. Some are being given medical assistance some are being healed. There are sychaogauses in a lab to rejuvenated just like were in the SSP. They are given the right foods and allowed to play. This is the present day. This facility is located in the rings of Saturn.

We were taken here all our lives since 3 years old. We were here years and years. Taken, brought back over and over. They want to keep doing it children but it will not happen here. We were taken because of our abilities, genetically modifying, taking our cells, DNA, blood, sperm and ovaries, we were probed tortured. Some have powers, some can bend air time, teleport, clairvoyance, invisibility, We didn’t want to do it but our abilities were tested time and time again. We took over the facility 2-1-2011 (Dec or Feb ?) and the facility was put under new management. The name of this facility starts with a (f) Freight something. We took these children from a base where they wanted to make these kids evil.

We ask how do we get our memories back of our service… keep doing what you are doing, regressions, write down dreams, service to others. Eventually they will come back. Working together, be mindful of double agents that are trying to infiltrate our group. Question everything even if you feel you trust these people. Confide in your own intuition and experiences.
Veronica ask about this other dream a friend of hers has. Reoccurring dream of little black boxes under a cave. And they are trying to fix these devices to unlock the maze of the circuit board where our memories are stored. The boxes look bigger than a bank deposit box. I have black hands. Veronica, is here and there is other people in our group. Every time we do the project when we open the last box it explodes. We are fighting our handlers to get our memories back. We must keep working together to help one another service to others to get our memories back. To be able to make sure the box at the end is complete for all of us. These boxes under the cave are in dark fleet. Something to do with a activation code. Some of us are activated but we will get upgrades, memories become sharper, with time travel we can exist in all realms and forms we just need to work together.

There is so much chaos is because the dark side is still trying to fight us. The AI robots will fail. The program will be shut down because their intentions are not real. They only want for their advantage. Elon musk is involved beware do not buy into that program. They are trying to copy and fight us but all they can do is mimic and not be us. They are spending billions of dollars and many peoples lives and energies to try to beat the original group, but they will fail each and every time. They want us to all be fearful because at the end they will fail. They are tying with time warp technology. Elliptical lines, ley lines, elite lines, they won’t succeed. We can shape and warp their quantum physics. that’s why they are mad. They can see into the future but we can change the future. We are more then that we can change time.