Today we have Veronica, her spiritual name is Kum-Ru. She was in the SSP as wells as Monarch, Montauk, Project Mannequin, Kruger, Nacht Waffen, Project Crystal Gates working with dolphins, and Stargate-1. Her civilian life includes titles of former police officer, realtor, and Ph.D. behavioral health tech and recovery coach from trauma. She had a near death experience in 2010 and was dead for three days. She has been in a few bodybuilding competitions. She believes she has dolphin and Draco DNA.

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I am inside, but there is also an ocean but it’s an indoor swimming pool with a dome over it. We are swimming with large black fish that look like whales. There are people waiting in line to jump in. Veronica and Me are in the water. We look about 14. We go out of the water with towels then we are escorted into dolphin looking bodies. We are outside in the ocean. There is some kind of antenna on our head. 6 of us there all humans in dolphin bodies. We descend into the ocean, we go inside this underground shinny smooth but bumpy too metal looking, we are inside it , we come up the stairs and we are human again. There is a fence and water. We are going inside to talk to some people. Ridgeport its place of experiments. Human hybrids telepathic growing something? They are treated well and fed well.   They been here many years. They know about the Jackson facility.

They are trying to find a cure for regrowth program something to do with an underground stargate. There are people in uniforms. We find a man who is open to talking to us. He says he’s a sergeant and his role are to gather the right people that can communicate and guide participants through the stargate to find other forms of existence in the water, were we can communicate with them about the regrowth program.  They are trying to regrow legs, body parts, finding cures for humans through the participants DNA. These children are happy and can see certain things others cannot, mathematics, numbers, feelings, they can see without doubting themselves. They play, they are happy. They can see the future.

This is a good program; you are here to help. Please do not be afraid.

They put us to sleep after, our consciousness into another body that’s why we don’t remember. You will recover memories; you must practice in your dreams and mediation. When you were a dolphin or whale practice talking to a dolphin and ask them for guidance. You can echo locate and see your family as a dolphin. We were captured in nets when we were little. They took a wild dolphin and converted into a human.

The dolphin is on the table asleep, then there are other boys and girls in there. Its like a tube they have the blood of the children going into the dolphin, the dolphins consciousness is going into the kid. They are being one. They are assimilation. The child has a soul and the dolphin has its own soul and they are merging them together.

There are fins on the child, they are growing parts so the child can breathe underwater as a human. They can see underwater, they can talk, they can breathe, they can swim.

Memories of a dream in which veronica must practice breathing in the water. White Tub.

We participated in this project for one year, then they gathered our information.

The took a little girl and put her in a freezer. It’s a slab, frozen like so she doesn’t remember. All the kids are being put in these things and the dolphin bodies are released into the sea. They are still down there frozen. Looking Glass Project. Underwater Glass. Portals to other worlds.

Veronica dolphin half came through said her name is Mya and she remembers the kids and is sad what the humans did to them. Name might be Osiris. Keep loving yourselves. There are solutions to everything. Keep talking to us when you are afraid. We always smile and we are happy.  Keep loving have fun and explore. Enjoy the rain and thunder.

Some humans are really nice and some humans are mean and disgusting because we are too happy. They retired too us because we were becoming too sad. We would not participate anymore. I see your memories located in a circle, green, submarine. We need to find someone not about money.

Your going to be free, going to be happy, going to be married, don’t worry about money. Your memories you don’t need money for, you going to have to trade for at least half this trip. Your cubes going to sell more, going to write another book.

There are experimented underneath Sandia National Labs. The ocean goes deep under there. Its very deep numerous kilometers. Its very pretty here. There is this blue plant that we eat. There is so much food, if you would know they want you to think you don’t have food and water and electricity. You got to dig deep. You want to be all by yourself. Stop fighting over stupid shit. All have a connection. There is a common ground, peace and who we are and work together for those who are coming. These babies that are being born, telepathically they are talking to us all. You guys are awesome. The projects have to come to pass.

We go off world, there are other ocean and worlds and natural portals they can go too but we wont tell them. We know where we are. Because they cant take that information. They can not take it , its in our spirit. They think we are dumb but we have secret frequencies. We as humans dream the numbers its frequency and vibrational. In the dream. Numbers and sounds of music we are your higher self.

We are going to cause a earthquake and take them out, there will be a shift in Atlantic, new Mexico and Canada. Something going to happen to south Africa. I am sorry there are going to be people that will die but they signed a contract. They got to remove the dumb ass politicians it will happen under water. Mia says there has to be something that needs to be done something needs to be done about 5G. Other super soldiers who think they have no future, they do, we need the ones need to wake up. You guys have each other.

They don’t like SeaWorld and dolphins in captivity. Osiris wants us to view him with spiky blonde hair. We are all one, all the other clones, we can telepathically communicate with me or the other clones.

How do we assimilate, you can’t get rid of us we love you? We can forgive all.

1973 that’s the date of experiment.

You can talk to people in your mind, heal yourself, travel, they worry about their children. They forget they solutions.


Sees huge screen, sees a computer. Telepathically communicates.
Sandra is her name.
Compound C
069cu 77058123
Mixture of bloodstreams – quailed vial of mu blood combine bioluminescent compound c, contains nanobot compound goes to the brain to make you a puppet to make you think and do whatever you want. Sometimes we can resist it depends on how strong you are. Your consciousness goes into a holding cell. Looks like bright green light like a garden. They give you happy memories.
See people white lab coats, some are human some et. Some of these beings are spider like. See reptilians in cages. Some are spiders in lab coats. One human is 5”7” 250 lbs., he’s looking at my file. His nose is reading my file. holding a manila file envelope.
Red. C// URE – it’s a formula they inject me with. Emerald Green and yellow vial rounded shape on top and bottom. 4” tall thin cylinder.  The green and yellow compounds are moving up and down. When it goes in the body it attacks different parts.
Sees a darker folder brown color. Something about medallions and awards which I received for certain things. I passed so many missions. They are fascinated by what I accomplished.
I am on a table with a black shirt on. I unconsciousness asleep, black-T shirt, green pants with pockets no camo, I am a solider. Looks muscular, short hair. Look about 6’5”. Might be a tattoo on right bicep.
Rob – Project Richter – Portal Mission
Doctor views me as very important test subject. He does care for you, but he is creating a master piece in my body.
There is a green and blue line are dim around the room. There are ETs next to us but it is dark around the table. Bright white light on the table. Table is an aluminum tin color. Long rectangle slab.
Start to shake head, ask what am I doing here? Hand is on my head. Ask how many times have I been here.
Telepathic message from me
Please be patient, with yourself. You have gone through so much. You think your journey is over but it has just begun. You are more than enough; you don’t need to prove yourself to anymore. you know who you are and I am with you. We find strength together. You are my brother; you are my confident and ambassador James Rink. you have promoted yourself and you keep quick pace of yourself. You don’t back down ever for anything.
It sucks man, but I will be okay I can handle this. You don’t worry about me brother ill catch you on the other side.
Goes by the name Rob.
Remember the vault, keep your eye on the vault.
Memories are wiped so you don’t extrapolate. They want me to fall on my face and not remember.
Possibly Project Blue Ranger.
After injection on right arm near the elbow, my arm turns yellow and body turns green teal color with patches of yellow. It hurts like hell but can’t move or scream. No pain killers. It hurts his head, downloads of information in his head. Takes 5 minutes for transition to take place. He is screaming inside. Possibly injected me 12 times like this.
My clothes rip apart as my muscles grow and I feel nausea too. I want to cry but can’t. My hair is green, face is muscular and big, eyes are black. My face and body are yellowish green. I am 10’ tall possibly.
The reptilians are in the cage step to the back of the cage. My jaw is huge and I am smirking ha ha.
Wants me to do something with caves. They don’t bother giving me new clothes, they want to show me off to be the big man. They did a deal something about the future.
See off planet ships, then planet earth, something to do with hollow earth. New breeds. They want to make a stronger human to be more suspectable to their control. Slaves.
I feel pain even after the transformation. I am in a ship going into dark area of space with other ships all going to this other place.

Have possibly 27 alters
You are given instructions for a mission.
What is the name of the process to describe the shapeshifting with compound C?
Are there any side effects in my physical vessel or to the clone vessel after being exposed to the compound?
Are the effects permanent?
What is the name of the organization or group doing this to me?
What is the location this was done to me?
How come I am unable to remember the missions?
What is the vault


Veronica is near a waterfall. Happy place. I am trying to remember ss experiences that will be calming. Veronica ends the construct and is now on another planet. On a mountain, see dead trees dried up. The whole forest is dead. She sees tiny lights inside a cave.
We are wearing a black suit, with a helmet, have guns. Our bodies are weapons from our sleeves, we have a shot gun behind us, knives sword on the back.

There is water dripping inside the cave. Constant drip.  She is now in front of a little girl. There is something around her mouth. She is tied up and her hair is black. Telepathically she is telling us there is more and to be careful.
We have to go find more. There are secret bases here in these caves.
Veronica see cages, many cages, single line. One giant cage with multiple chambers. Sees thousands of children and women and animals. They are crying help us help us. They are going to eat us. I am hungry they are going to eat us. I am bleeding. I want my mommy. Where are we.
Our team is around us they are invisible and cloaked. We been planning for this. We are going to get them out of there.
There is a lot of fighting, screaming. Some of us are opening cages. We are getting them in lines, getting them together. We are fighting reptoids. We are getting the kids out; we are taking to the ships to a safe place. Then we plant bombs which go off on a timer.
Some of the kids got killed in the process of rescuing them.
Then we go back to Sandra A.I.
Sandra says this is Operation Homestead. This happened recently probably.
Working for Dark Fleet.

Sorel – might be her name.
This mission is now complete you fought well but you will be called for more. There is much more rescue to be had. Parallel lives you are living proof we need more of you. Even though you are confused you have been chosen for this. Do not hesitate do not fear. You have been questioning the pain in the body, the pain in the body is due to these missions. Yes you have different alters but the alters wil help in future missions. Though you question yourself stop being so hard on yourself. You are protected there is no doubt. There is more to do.  Thank- You.