Monday, April 22, 2024

Visitations from Extraterrestrial/ Dimensional Beings

My name is Anonymous for personal reasons. All events and information is from my personal experience. This information is not verifiable through any evidence. I do not come forth to gain any publicity, thus my anonymous status.

Hello, my name is anonymous; I have been subject to multiple visitations from Extraterrestrial/ Dimensional beings. I cannot tell the difference because i have not been fully conscious when these have taken place. There is memory lost, time lost, also could be explained through scientific means. I have seen Extraterrestrial beings through my third eye during the night when i sleep. I see them while in paralysis ; seldomly i become fearful and they leave. When i am in a state where i feel calm they tend to stay. This cannot be explained by scientific means. There is a variety of situations where my mind is in multiple places ; in other words, im extremely confused of what is real and what is not. I am not a dementia patient nor do i show symptoms. It is a confusing place to be in.

Recently, i have had what seems to be a visitation from a small extraterrestrial race of which are very intellectual despite their size. They came to me in my dreams, but something odd happened. I woke up that morning, i woke up to a amazing sensation of traveling. That morning on my regular routine to a destination not mentioned i noticed a circular indent in the ground. The grass was dead, flattened by something, not quite sure what. The grass around the dead grass was healthy green.


The circular pattern was quite small. Was it an extraterrestrial craft? I cannot verify that although i do believe it was. Why was the circle so small? Because i was visited by tiny extraterrestrial beings. The only thing i do not understand from this experience is why i felt like i had traveled and if i did travel, surely they did not stuff me into a tiny craft to fly around with them.

My experience is mine alone, i present it without much evidence because i do not have much. I present it without my name because i do not want publicity, and want my privacy. I present this information period, because i feel as if others see it, they will gather enough courage to present their stories regardless of their identities being released or not.


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