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Was Bobby Joe Excluded from the Super Soldier Summit?

Was Bobby Joe Excluded from the Super Soldier Summit?

Of interest:

Now things come to light…this Super Solider Summit is in Marin County, Calif, June 23…and coincidentally Bobby Joe Clone’s “Survival” seminar is 45-60 minutes away in Sacramento.

Is Bobby Joe Clone (and Lady Corso, who will be there) miffed that he was not asked to be included in this seminar, so he set up an event nearby at the same time? Maybe he will crash the summit with his katana sword, with Lay Corso in a nice summer dress behind him, and scream how he is a “Graywalker” and Rink and Spiers are bogus, etc.

What I know: Aaron McCollum and James Casbolt will pay a surprise visit to both events, coming into Marin County in a TR-3C breaking the sound barrier at Mach 4, and really shake things up as true super soldiers who have broken from the Cabal and work with the Uncomporomised White Hats (whether they will be in synthetic bodies, projected as holograms, time traveling, or originals from this timeline is uncertain right now).

Given the crappy and rude way Bobby Joe and Lady Corso have treated people at past conferences, it is no wonder they are not asked to speak at any, not to mention the psychic attack battles between AX and her black magic vs. Rink and his alters.

Woody Brockbrader was supposed to be at this one…but, well, looks like he will have to be present in astral form only.


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