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What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia?

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By William Ross

Pine Gap, Australia is the largest CIA NRO facility outside of the USA. Located deep in the outback near Alice Springs the base staffs up to 1000 people including members of US Army, US Air Force, 704th military Intel, and 743rd Intelligence Battalion Marine Cryptologic command.

Hillary Clinton owns financial holdings in major military contractors including Honeywell, Boeing, and Raytheon. No wonder she holds clone keys for activation. (Note she is probably a clone herself) Pine Gap is the largest and sophisticated satellite ground station in the world. The facility bores 28,000 feet deep or 5.3 miles into the ground where a massive underground antenna array is positioned to create gigantic standing wave fields around the entire planet and to play havoc with the inner earth. The National Reconnaissance Office uses this antenna to monitor all communications not only of civilian and military channels but extraterrestrial as well.

The area around the base is a natural dimensional doorway or star gate for incoming crafts. To manage this traffic Pine Gap uses a nuclear powered UFO guidance system transceiver to direct ships that are flying in a straight line to and from the base. Alien liaisons embedded with military and government is standard issue.

Pine Gap has a sister station in Guam. This complex contains spaceship repairs, laboratories, glass houses, food storage as well as your standard teleport and jump rooms. The place contains IBM super AI computer system on floating platforms. Staff wear color coded IDs to match the ribbons running along the corridors walls deep inside the base.

These bases are connected together via maglev train lines which also link with bases in the Philippines, Krugersdorp, South Africa, and Amundsen Scott Base Antarctica. All alien decipher communications, language, and established dialogues ends up at NASAs headquarters in Fort Meade Maryland.

The Triangle for mind control is centered in a massive beast computer center in Alaska, South Africa, and in Pine Gap. The prime purpose for Pine Gap is to destroy visitors that pass through dimensional portals throughout the planet. The four prime earth gravity focus points on the planet is Pine Gap, Easter Island, San Diego, and Brookhaven Laboratories in NY New Jersey Area.

(Though I heard there are giant ancient machines under the ice sheets in the South Pole which serve to stabilize the gravity around this planet to prevent pole shifts. The cabal has been drilling into Lake Vostok in attempt to try to tamper with these devices much to the horror of the inner earth’s people and the guardian ETs who are monitoring this planet. – James )

NSA operated Menwith Hill UK listening station is exactly the opposite of Pine Gap. It is free from electromagnetic interference which is necessary to manifest computerized time portals to Mars created by radio waves. Additionally the New South Wales cape transmitter in Western Australia is exactly the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle.

Lop Dor China where the Chinese have their space program is connected to Pine Gap. Additionally a splinter group of highly connected cabal members from China, the EU, and the US have created another project known as Echelon 11 located near the equator. It is not a US government funded project. As the EU super bloc rises in power EU aerospace will come more to the forefront to counter the west. Ehelon 11 will be a part of this new development.

From Pine Gap there is a 1400 mile long tunnel to North West Cape Submarine Station where Submarines can travel deep in the interior of Australia in Pine Gap to refuel. The Pine Gap base has 9 underground levels and an escape tunnel for workers. The base is designed to survive three nuclear weapons strike making it the number one target in Australia which it will be when the time is ripe. The base also houses a Nuclear weapons construction factory and also has nuclear missile strike capabilities.

In Australia there are 3 major bases Pine Gap. One in South Australia Nurranger near Woomera and another in New South Wales and the third by far the largest is within 230km of the geographical center of the continent not far from Alice Springs, Pine Gap at the foot of the southern slopes of the MacDonnell Range. These other bases are also completely underground and operated under the Defense Space Research Facility. Further secret constructions continue on in and around Pine Gap till this day with little or to public oversight a recipe of disaster for freedom and liberty.


  • guadalupejoe says:

    if you get a chance James…pls do a piece on Mt Ziel, Oz..and what is inside of that complex…tks

  • Cindy says:

    I wonder what the DOMES are – I will look it up – thank you..

  • annonymouse says:

    we should stand up as aussies and march in there and take it over fuck all this what if crap if this is as realas the concpiracy says it is why are we talking i mean this is fucking australia and we are free humanity i say hostile takeover expose this place full military style

  • Matthew Parsons says:

    You are a very suspicious person mate. Get a psychic check up fella. Pine Gap is a Treasure of my beloved country. I am an Aussie and proud to be host nation to my brothers in arms spy station… Without it we would all speak another language than English, that base has kept this whole worlrd from nuclear whiteout and dare I say, mankind obliterated. As for your assumption that the base is an alien porthole, please go and see a good health care professional and let them help you out man, I believe you need some. Paranoid people with delusionally pursuant mind frames will not be able to discern truth from fictional bullshit, tunnels under the earth that travel thousands upon thousands of miles that are interconnected for the purpose of alien and government deceptiveness, please! If you need some money for the psychological evaluation and treatment.. Ask me… I will give it to you.. The government pays me very well.

  • Richard Harris says:

    To Matthew Parsons,
    So you want to go in and take over the place huh?
    Don’t forget that you guys gave up your guns, as did Britain.
    How are you guys going to do that.
    good luck.

  • Richard Harris says:

    How are you assies going to take anything back, you gave up your guns. You have NO Second Amendment.

  • Penny says:

    With this much time on your hands, some fact checking wouldn’t be out of line.

  • Wally says:

    Whatever you smoking I want one.

  • Robert Newitt says:

    having been in the military, a lot of people talk of Pine Gap….but how many of you have bothered to go there??….you can see more on google earth than you can from the ground….and no one seems to know about Harold E Holt….he isn’t just the Prime minister that disappeared……and you can forget all those theories about a portal or whatever you may think….it’s just not there….I don’t say trust me……..but you can believe me when I tell you this……and as for all those white domes you see…..they house radar and communications dishes……but don’t believe me, do your own research…….

  • Andrew says:

    Halliburton built the Darwin to Alice Springs railway. Dick Cheney was still Halliburton’s CEO when the company lodged its successful bid with the AustralAsiaRailway Corporation.

  • Rick 88 says:

    After reading the article my conclusion is that It is complete Bullshit, I spent years underground on Tunnels, Mine Shafts, and Construction, something that size you could not hide it, pure fantasy, a 100.000 work force, cement, concrete, steel ring supports, timber and materials, underground machinery, Mole, drill and blast drilling jumbo’s etc,etc,! over 1.500 klms long, give me a break , air conditioning shafts every half mile , water, power stations every 10 to 50 klms. water locks to bring a Submarine in, our many locks! you would need over 2 to 3 thousand men just to service the bloody thing, different ground conditions, getting rid of spoil, aggregate plants, the list just goes on and on. it could be done, may be 50 to !00 years time, even now but its too big to hide, even for the Outback,
    been there everybody knows everybody out there, and they are not stupid.

  • Mr Bruce says:

    Richard Harris … there are now MORE guns in Australia than before semi autos were banned..THAT is according to Geverment statistics of guns imported since the hand in of our semi auto’s … PLEASE, gets your ”facts?” right

  • Theodore Braidwood Irwin says:

    Funny that the History Channel did an extensive doco on Pine Gap which included footage of advanced anti gravity air craft taking off and landing at Pine Gap. These craft have been observed by local indigenous populations. Also FYI the missing MH370 was followed by an AWAC observable on the radar footage prior to MH370 disappearing from radar. The AWAC came right up next to it just before it disappeared. Aussie Dept of Aviation told me that it flew for just over 5 hours and Barbara Starr, Pentagon’s classified reporter, on record said the plane flew in a South EAST direction for some distance. I have filmed her statements and played them over the phone to Dept. Aviation who told me to contact the Malaysians. Flight time from KL to Alice Springs is just over 5 hours. ‘Others’ confirmed to me that the passengers from the plane were ‘happily adjusting to their new inner earth home’. What a waste of Aussie tax payers $s looking for a plane that was housed within our own heartland. The Freescale scientists no doubt would have been given two options – slow painful death and viewing their own families being murdered or work for free on the nano micro chips they had originally owned a % of in.

  • Dave Hill says:

    I worked at Radio Station 8HA back in the late 70s. We were officially instructed by the Australian Government never to mention on air the words Pine Gap. We were to try and ignore the biggest employer in the town, I was told over 600 people worked there. Being a small town I did meet people who worked there and I naturally used to ask questions about what happened at the ‘base’ I was told by my American friend a Sargent in supply logistics don’t ask questions or seriously I will have to report you and there are CIA in town.
    My other friend whom I had some beers with once was more forthcoming he said he was a technician, he told me only a select few who worked in the ‘inner circle’ or clearance area actually knew what went on there the rest were in circles 1 and 2 who were just support workers, when I asked just what his thoughts were on what happened in the inner circle he told me that he was once taken there to repair some equipment, he was blindfolded taken to the piece of equipment, repaired it then blindfolded and taken back to his level.
    Goff Whitlam the Aussie labour leader back then campaigned on exposing what went on at the base. After being elected Prime Minister he went to Pine Gap for an inspection, I remember he came out visibly shaken and was quoted as saying ‘somethings we cannot change’.

  • Pine Gap | says:

    […] What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia? […]

  • Drew Pike says:

    what a load of …….. I worked for years in the MacDonnell Ranges only thing in the sky is stars
    as for
    From Pine Gap there is a 1400 mile long tunnel to North West Cape Submarine Station hahahaha ok can I have some of what you are having it must be really good stuff

    apart from the mining of such a tunnel as inland Australia is below sea level where are the pumps to stop flooding central Australia from all the incoming water a tunnel would produce…..

  • John says:

    Stargate. 😉

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