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Whistleblower Exposes Alien-Human Hybridization Programs

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Every once in awhile something truly amazing occurs. Late last week we received an email that contained a image of something out of this world, literally. I had to promise the sender that his name and email address would remain anonymous. I don’t really know if it is a man or a woman, but for this narrative I will call him “David”. He never stated it directly but I infer from his email that we are not the only people he has forwarded this information to. Others are probably pondering his words at this moment and planning a similar disclosure. The following is our take on David’s correspondence.

David is associated with the medical professional and for the past few decades has worked for deep black projects for the United States government. He has had the deepest most covert security clearances imaginable. The only thing that matches the intensity of his security clearances is the intensity of his bravery. He has truly put his life on the line to leak this information.

He has been working on Alien-Human hybridization programs in an official capacity. He explains that he works or had worked at one of the many highly secretive research facilities scattered around the country, but you would never know by looking at him that when he wakes up in the morning and goes to work that he works hand-in-hand with non-terrestrial intelligences. Over the years he has been able to piece together a big chunk of the big picture, as by design his environment is highly compartmentalized so that you only know your little bit of the puzzle. But given enough time, working and interacting with people even in a compartmentalized environment things get out.  A piece here and piece there, over lunch or in the wash room you hear things. I don’t think David would have been able to gather all the information he had if he did not hold such a big piece of the pie to start with.


David would not confirm or deny if he works or worked directly with the department involved in the leak or not. He may just be relaying information from someone else. He knows enough about the department so we will assume that he works directly in it.

He works in the radiology department and is tasked to x-ray the genetic experiments, usually post-mortem. He has seen all manner of  creatures come and go.

Now here is what David knows to be true in regards to the goals of the hybridization programs.

The entities that are ultimately in control can not exist in our environment. It is their practice to breed or manufacture workers for whatever environment they want to act in or influence. They are an extremely old race that have designed workers (for lack of a better word) on many, many worlds with all kinds of environments. That is just how they do things. Biological life as a means to an end, the end being whatever they want to achieve. When they found Earth they found the biological jackpot. All the diversity and tenacity of the life forms on Earth apparently is a rare thing in our corner of the Universe.

Earth is a machine shop to them. Life being a machine they can design, build and implement. David believes the survival instinct earth creatures have makes our genetics a good starting point for whatever kind of creature they need to design for whatever worlds they want to influence.

They are truly alien to us. They have no such concepts of war and destruction. That seems to be a concept foreign to them, or at least one they do not explore. They could grab the materials they need to build their chimeras by force but the don’t. In their own way they value life, just not the same way we do. They do not think like us, they do not value things like us, they are alien. You have to try to step out of yourself to see a alien perspective. I think most humans lack this ability innately, which is probably why there is so much war and destruction created by human hands. These aliens do not war, which is lucky for us. The faction of mankind that is working with them are obviously getting something out of the arrangement but he does not know exactly what it is.

When considering the situation we are in we have to stop trying to think like a human. I personally have no idea on how to do that, but I guess he means to be open to other ideas of motives and means.

The extraterrestrials collect biological data in all its forms. In Davids initial job briefings he was told they have collected and catalogued all life on Earth. When they said all they mean ALL. Every type of animal, plant, archaebacteria, eubacteria, fungi, protists, and a few types we have yet to discover. Literally millions and millions of life forms were and are being gathered. Since life is always changing it is an ongoing project. David believes that this magnitude of collection has been done and is being done up to today. David believes that if a UFO is sighted it is most likely on a collection run of some kind. They collect from the atmosphere , oceans, seas, and every land mass on the planet. No corner is missed by such a completist type of intelligence.

Alien abductions and the reports of genetic experiments on unwilling abductees are unfortunately true. He has analysed many of these poor offspring, dead and alive.

The aliens that the general population know as the “Greys” are just one of their designed workers for here on Earth. They are not the intelligence behind the UFO phenomena but are just a product of it. The Greys have perfect symmetry in their design. They have redundant organs for everything, including their brains. Unlike humans they have two completely separate but interconnected brains inside their skulls. The extraterrestrials for some reason like symmetry in their creations. He guesses they view it as a better more durable design. Which it probably is. The creatures they are creating by utilizing human subjects are their emissaries for other worlds they want to contact or influence. The “Greys” for other worlds as it where.  David knows this to be true because of the types of entities he has seen first hand. Entities that are far better suited for lighter/heavier gravity environments, or for much hotter/colder worlds, and creatures that could not be removed from pressurized tanks of exotic gases. The variations he has seen has been humbling and terrifying at the same time. The times that bothered him the most was when the subjects were still alive and showed a glimmer of humanity. A look, a sound, a familiar mannerism that chilled him to the bone. Something so different but somehow so familiar. Disgust is not a strong enough word.

In one of David’s more rambling paragraphs  he was describing how lost and isolated he feels. He said he has seen things that nobody should ever have seen. He had to let his story out or it would destroy him. He knows he is not the only one that feels this way, but I guess he is the bravest for actually doing something about it.

David provided to me a head x-ray of a human alien hybrid. Highly symmetrical with dual spinal cords running down each side of the entities head.  This is an example of a creature that he believes has been created for a much heavier gravity environment. The creature was larger than a full grown male silver back guerilla. The creature had a small snout and low set eyes. You can see the two orbital sockets clearly in the image.

Here is the image he wants the world to see…

Human - Alien Hybrid X-Ray


He did not advise how he was able to sneak out the x-ray.

The last paradigm shaking thing he wants us to know and perhaps the most important is that we “humankind” are their productions as well. A creation from a very long time ago, but still from a very alien hand. Back from a time when we were just one of the early hominids they had their way with us. They gave us purpose and intelligence beyond what we would have attained on our own. In a mechanistic way the “Greys” are our brothers from another mother. They have the ability  to plan and implement courses of development that span aeons. All life on Earth is related not by chance, not by God, but by an alien intelligence much more advanced and strange then we can and probably imagine.

David did state he had more information but did not tell me what kind of evidence he was able to smuggle out.



  1. Oh James, where do you find these guys?? The radiograph is a normal (ie. human!!) panoramic X-ray that any dentist can show you. You are funny!

  2. Ziz iz Not vat ve made in ze labratratoriez.
    Zis vas Found Outzide, 3 yearz After zome Ezcaped unt Procreated by zemselfz.


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