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Who is the SSP Agent Covertly named Gonzales?

Written by Elena Kapulnik
This individual is half Italian – Spanish with a European heritage, he is in his mid forties – fifties. He has blue eyes, black hair, and is 6’2 in height. Pseudonym name: Gonzales, real name Stephan. Works for the Secret Space Program Alliance. Visits Austria on personal business, and sometimes still comes to the United States when he is on Earth. Work objectives: Prepare agents for missions, provide mission parameters intel, dress agents up for field work to fit in their environments, tell the agents how they need to behave, and trains them for field work, works on behavior patterns so there is appropriate knowledge for mission success. Works on secret projects, blends in with his surroundings very illusive not easily spotted in public, and has multiple identities so he cannot be easily identified.
Who is the illusive man who keeps an eye on Earth, monitors what is happening with the sun, and provides intel to SSP agents who are still located on Earth? This individual was a liaison for various SSP groups and other Earth government agencies, as well as being a master at disguises and changing his appearance/identity.
Stephan has a charming and charismatic personality, he is very persuasive and diplomatic when convincing people to find creative solutions for problem solving. As an SSP agent Stephan has training where he can blend into different types of environments without being noticed and he is a good dresser, trained in picking out clothing or dress wear that is complimentary to various occasions, and is well versed in mind control protocols in assuming different personalities. Stephan is like a profiler for knowing personality types and human nature. He helps to profile SSP agents in assessing their strengths and specialties in what they are capable of doing personality wise and what jobs they are best suited for. The SSP agent Gonzales has his own stealth cruiser ship assigned to him with a crew compliment of 120. On the ship Stephan has a set of private offices and monitoring labs for keeping track of solar activity and space traffic around Earth’s nearest planet like Mars and the Moon.
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  1. Corey always wondered why the guardians wanted him to be their representative to the 53 member galactic federation. He knew Gonzales had much more experience. The trouble was that in the process of Gonzales having so much experience he had deep soul scars and strong residual SSP programming artifacts deeply implanted. Corey only had some scars which resulted in him having not only form of guilt complex which resulted in a lack of personal confidence in his abilities and belief in himself. Some of his abilities from a higher aspect of himself was as a very competent federation ship commander (think of as a future timeline) with sizable crew was not being accessed because of these scars but could be, given time and healing assistance from the Anshar. The guardians saw and knew all of this and based their decision upon it. Gonzales in spite of being in a relative unacceptable state responded beautifully to the Mayan healing technologies and became a new man and a very usable asset. Their overlord officers were in such a shape as to be rejected right out of hand for most of the upcoming covert spiritual federation missions.


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