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Wildfires Hidden Problems

 by, Paul Collin ( UPI Guy )

LOS ANGELES – November 15, 2018 – Recently, I received an e-mail from a member of the Project Camelot audience on the subject of wildfires being started, not only on the Westcoast of America, but in many other places, and was asked to share my reply with Project Camelot producer Kerry Cassidy and her audience about what I earlier conveyed privately.

 The latter part of our conversation ( immediately below ), was based on my research and reports ( further below ), as follows:

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 8:19 PM M–‘ ———< ——-‘@—.—> wrote:

All of your points would fit nicely into the documentary – perhaps you and Kerry should “make it happen”?

I know …  I know …

She certainly is passionate about it after experiencing it up close.

Be Well


On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 8:19 PM Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <> wrote:

Hi M—,

Kerry’s got some interesting photos she’s shared with me regarding an earlier fire where ‘rocks ( with no brush nearby ) were on fire and smoke was coming out-of dirt-holes nearby’. Totally weird, and amazingly shot by herself, those captures were fairly alarming.

Then-again, M—, many years ago ( in Orange County, California ) the Laguna Canyon Fire I found secretly attributable to real estate development seeking cheap urban-crawl space that would make them billions upon developing.

What developers could not develop for huge profit gains earlier, facing hurdles of ‘legally protected raw country acreages ruled as technically hands-off land because of being the ‘natural home environment for an endangered species’ of owl or scrub-brush rodent, then all of a sudden – typically in an election year – from behind the scenes magically appearing are ‘young firestarters’; those receiving little to no prison time because Courts see ‘underage minor children’ disadvantaged by ‘psychological disturbances’ attributable to either ‘parental abuse’ or “other abuse’ where certain types of people are ‘clandestinely favored or paid to set such fires’ have been ‘hidden motivators dictating why such odd incidents occur.

Triggering Secret Hands –

Directed Energy Weapons ( DEW ) include a variety of Tactical High-Energy ( H-E ) Lasers ( THEL / HEL ), High-Power Microwaves ( HPM ), H-E Infra-Sonic Flocculators ( THE-ISF ) plus more onboard both ‘piloted’ aerial combat vehicles and remote piloted Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles ( UCAV ) have been in existence under classified deployments for decades, and there are ‘certain case situationals’ of ‘publicly unaware information’ government perceives “grave” threats where the publicly unseen ‘nature of criticality levels’ may require drastic measures.

References –


Threat Perception, Risk Reduction And Reactionary Mitigation –

An example of threat perception, risk reduction and reactionary mitigation should primarily consider human life’ physical and emotional impacts as well as socio-economic consequences primarily because such would ‘not’ be in the best interests of government to disrupt socio-economics.

In order to avoid a ‘major sociological disruption’ due to a “major cataclysmic event’ followed by consequential ’emotionally disturbing a large part of the population’, which would thereby slow ‘economic output’, the government may take secret steps to mitigate or reduce a major event from occurring by ‘relieving’ publicly unseen major problems kept secret.

An example of this would be secret deployment of specially equipped Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles ( UCAV ) utilizing secret High-Energy weapons capable of ‘shattering rock’ and ‘igniting fires’ in an attempt to relieve a larger hidden threat such as a secret ‘Methane Silicate Gas’ build-up underneath ridge-top homes and elsewhere, which could ‘otherwise be easily explained’ as “wildfire” break-outs, rather than an ‘uncomfortably uexplainable’ “Methane gas silicate explosion seeing mountain ranges erupt uncontrollably.

Such problems do exist and are growing but continue being kept secret from the public.

I earlier reported a couple of times on the Methane silicate gas build-up explosions and evacuations in California in addition to many other areas where explosive violent eruptions are occurring around the world.

References –


So, there can be a variety of reasons ‘why’, imcluding, but not limited to, ‘foreign-planned or domestically hatched terrorism, or just another case of a maligned and/or misunderstood moon-bat nutter getting their jollies.

Arizona has dry weather ‘horizontal heat lightning’, but along the Westcoast too much humidity exists.

The U.S. federal government can easily pull-up high-resolution film footage of all fires being started, by what or whom so, for the PTB or Powers That Will they already know while we never will.

Perhaps, we should see what taxpayers are paying for behind the scenes? Not good, for that type of knowledgeability to become public because if it does than there are terrorists whom will eventually figure-out ‘work-arounds’ ( countermeasures ) on surveillance technologies.

So, M—‘, we ( as, “sheeple” ) are damned if we can figure it out or damned if we cannot.

Such is life.

Okay, I’ll stop this e-mail before it becomes an epistle. ? Be well, and thank you.

Cordially your’s,


– –

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( UPI Guy )

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@GMAIL.Com








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